Recap of 1,000,000 Tough Enough

The One Million Dollar Tough Enough DVD

Hello Guys and Gals, Its Robby Babganouch Reporting on the Tough Enough 3 DVD.

This DVD goes threw all the episodes of TE that was shown on SmackDown plus audition tapes, some elimination interviews, behind the scenes, and confessionals of some of them....

I'm going to take you through most of this DVD.

Oh where do we start off.......when ya'll first turn on this dvd..ya'll will find out that it starts off by going from when we first saw them at Venice Beach to the end when Puder was announced to be the winner, but what you didn't see is the how fed up the TE contestants were with Puder. Since Mike was runner up I thought it would only be fare for him to go first:

Mike:One time we ALL ganged up on AL...trying to pin him..pull him down. Everybody was all doing's like 6 guys on Al. Al is fighting....and Puder comes over and takes us off....Its like were supposed to be a team here...were supposed to have fun here....and Puder is trying to get us off of Al..trying to help Al out...

( Mike makes kiss sounds)

Mike: Another insistence we were at Waffle House, it was Al, Puder, Rodimer, and myself. Al's talking about how he just got his new house...and how he's painting spackling, and Puder goes if you need help with that I'll fly down here after this competition is over and help you spackle...I really like spackling.Rodimer and I just looked at each other and was like is he kidding...Is this a joke?.

We all should remember this comment from a Smackdown show when Mike said ,

Mike:"Puder has his head so far up Bill and AL's ass that it's turning he blonde hair brown."

(I believe as long as Puder baths we don't have to smell or see ass.)

Al comments about Puder:

Al:Knowing how to work are charm people can come across as being a bit of a suck ass...There were times I thought if I stop to fast that Daniel's head (Puder's head) would be so far up my rectum that I would need a glass stomach so he could see where he was going.  

(There are comments that go back and forth from the contestants about Puder and Puder's comments about them through out this DVD here is just a sample for ya'll)

....Provided by Justice...everyday we hear good I am (talking about Puder)....and how bad we are.

Puder: Every single day Justice has a reason why he can't do something. Then Bill or Al get on him and start hitting on him...then he gets mad at me because they never beat up on me.

Justice: Confidence should never be verbalized.

Puder: confidence level is not arrogant. I'm not cocky at all...I go out there and get the job done...AND SHOWS CLIPS OF HIM WINNING.

In all Tough Enough shows you see most of the ribbing going on...however in this DVD you hear most of them with a few shots of footage. Even though your listen to the TE contestants tell the storys it is still very very funny like Nick's rib....Nick starts off by saying:

Nick:Al, Bill, and the rest of the TE staff I want to thank ya'll for this experince...but I don't think this is for me..ahhh...I'm cutting myself. It just to easy for me...Al ugh...thank ya'll for everything that ya'll have done...but there's only one thing I came here for. That is to kick ass and chew bubble gum and I'm all out of bubble gum....You want big time ya'll got big time.

(that's what he told Big really late one night however the next day they played a joke on Al and Bill)

Nick fills us in on how it went down....

Nick:I thought I was going to be in trouble with Big because I called him so late. That morning Big calls me in to the room...He's like get your ass in here and shut the door...So I go in there and shut the door. I see Big laughing, he starts cutting up his shirt....I'm like mmmmm whats going on? Big says were going to play a joke on Al and Bill. I said I was sorry for calling him so late...Big said don't worry about. So we decided to throw some chairs, break a few chairs, and we start yelling. Big is yelling for Al and Bill...nobody comes. Were laying on top of each other feeling stupid...Big says mabye there outside...So Big runs outside..huffing, puffing, and he's sweating. Big's shirt is all ripped up...I lean up against the wall, looking sad, and pist off. Bill and Al come over they were like What Wrong? Big tells them quickly that I hit him...I'm done...I'm out of here...That he can't believe this guy (talking about Nick)...this kid.Al and Bill gets their evil eye and comes towards me...Bill held back, he told me to sit down. Big kept making it LONGER and WORSE......I'm thinking oh crap there about to whoop me. Finally at the end Big tells me to go grab my clothes.... as he is telling me to do that...Big starts laughing. We got Al and Bill got so worked up....(Nick gigles)...We got them good.

Another good rib was done to Rodimer...when they were all traveling to do a show...Somebody had placed cat poop underneathe Rodimer seat. (Cat poop stinks BAD) Well, Bill was sitting next to him... Bill thought it was Rodimer that had stunk so bad...Bill was reamining Rodimer hard. By the time Rodimer realized what the smell was.... the poop had already been removed...(I wonder if Big or Al had anything to do with this mmmmmm)

 During the Tough Enough 1 hour special...There was a spot about Ryan Reeves eating...Well Al was asked to describe Ryans appetite...Uncaney. Al goes on to say:

Al: If they were able to film that..they would be able to sell it to "When Animals Attack" or "Ripley's Believe it Or Not." The guy is increditable..he breaks a sweat eating..thats how much effort he puts in a meal. It's not just a meal...let me tell you something..when he sits down at a table at Bennigans and eats it could feed a family of 4 in Afganstan for a month. He has a salad, a huge plate of chicken wings, bread sticks, etc.

(Al mimks Ryan)---->

I gotta eat..I'm hungry. The first night I saw him, he had like 3 plate full of chicken wings. He's sweating, his face is red, he's breathing heavy, and I'm like Ryan are those hot?

Ryan: no I got mild.

Al says but your sweating... I figuared it was the hot sauce.. it's comes from the effort he uses to consume food.

Its a on-going joke with Bill DeMott, everytime he looks over..he sees Ryan a point were in an airport...Ryan's eating rice crispy treats. Bill threathens him, Ryan if you eat that rice crispy..if you put that in you mouth.. I'm going to punch you. The reason Bill says this is because he has just seen Ryan eat a month worth of food.

Ryan says: Come on Bill...

and Ryan puts it in his mouth. Bill hits him in his face. Now most people would wrap it up and stick it back in the bag...instead Ryan gets up and we watch him pass on the moving side walk...back and forth..back and forth...while Ryan is eating all the rice crispy treats he can until Bill gets up and chases him. It's Insane...We go to a shoot, of course there is Balance Bars, Rits Bits, protein bars... We look over and Ryan has this look on his face like...I didn't get nothing...Ryan had his hands in his front pocket.

Bill: What do you got in your pockets?

Ryan: Oh nothing Bill.

Bill: Ryan what do you have in your pockets?

and Ryan pulls out one protein bar.

Bill: What's in your other pocket? and Ryan says I can't lie...he pulls out a whole handful...4 Balance Bars, a couple of Rits Bits bags, God Only Knows, cookies, mints.....Bill tells Ryan to put them back. Ryan, just like a kid, says Bill do I have to?

Bill: Put them back.

About 15 minutes later, Bill looks at Ryan and asks what do you have in your pockets? Ryan reaches in and takes out 2 protein bars.

Bill: And the other pocket? Ryan pulls out a handful of cookies.

When we went to the Penthouse Boutique...Thats all I heard was I'm hungry, I'm hungry, I'm hungry. I told him when we get done here we'll go to Cracker Barrel. Ryan responds Cracker Barrel I've heard about that...we don't have any out in Las Vegas...I can hardy wait. Ryan was excited about Cracker Barrel...For God Sakes...this was his high point for the evening. We have 2 men dressing up in drag...he's not finding any enjoyment out of it....other than the fact that his going to Cracker Barrel.

The One Million Dollar Tough Enough DVD still has loads more info... behind the scences... I just told ya'll a hand full...If you want to see more you can find this DVD only at Best Buy or on I hope you enjoy.