HEAD's Novel Chapter 19-

Chapter 19:Don't Waste my Time

HEAD: We hide out in and around Lima till November of 2002 when we show up on Raw where we find that somehow Chris Nowinski from Tough Enough One somehow has himself a WWE contract

HEAD:Al in the kindness of his heart keeps an eye out for Chris who tells Al that he does not need Al's help and tricks Al into having matches with him in which Chris takes Al out with a book even......

HEAD:This went on till one night Chris calls Al out........little did Chris know that Maven was all healed up.....Chris found himself taken out by Maven who attacked hm from behind as Chris was in the ring telling Al that he was not Chris's Dad......but then again Chris beats Al in a match in New Delhi

HEAD:We were even asked to do a talk at State College whch was great fun

HEAD:Tough Enough Three soon started no thanks to Kelsey Grammer who didn't want the show being filmed in his neighborhood......which put us behind but we found a better house to use in the long run

HEAD:We picked out 25 kids this time and worked them down to 13 one of which was not Wendell who I had to stop Al from killing......the 13 were....Matt,Justin,Jill,Jonah,Eric,Chad,Nick,Jamie,Scott,John,Kelly,Jesus freak Rebekah,and Lisa who has a psychotic breakdown and had a HEAD of her own that only spoke French......we took a trip to Iceland in which we cut Kelly and made her walk all the way home......

HEAD:And the winners of Tough Enough Three was Matt and John who wrestled on Raw one night and then moved on to OVW where as of the Summer of 2003 were still there.

Chapter 20:Heat 4 Life and Back the Indy's

Head:The first of the Year Al wrestled here and there with Tag team matches with Maven and Dreamer.....Al worked a 20 man Battle Royal match on Raw but was tossed out by Batista

HEAD:We then moved on to win matches against jobbers and what not on Heat

HEAD:Around this time Al then signed an Announcer's contract and joined Coach for a second time doing color for Sunday Night Heat......or shoud I say"Stevie Night Heat"

HEAD:The Announer contract left Al free to take Indy Bookings in which Al worked with his long lost pal from Tough Enough Three Jonah who was now Champion in WWA ....they beat the Phoenix Brothers in a Tag Match.....

HEAD:I questioned Al as to why he was being such a pal to Jonah......so Al turned on Jonah after the match

HEAD:So it was on.... a match was set for the end of July for the Championship...........

More to come