Al Visits Home Shopping Network

HSN studio cuts to Dok Hendrix for final thoughts. DOK: Alright, thank a lot guys. You know I think it's very appropo that we just heard from some of the fans who had the time of their life tonight at W----.

Al and Head pops into frame and blocks out DOK, but Dok continues his speech.

Dok: --WF SummerSlam. And I think the fans should give themselves a hand because...

Al interrupts.

Al: Excuse me. Pardon me. Excuse me!

Dok: You're not scheduled for this.

Al: I'm not scheduled for a lot if you haven't noticed Dok. We have a little question here. I noticed your selling some merchandise, right? We wanted to know where the Head's merchandise is...where my merchandise is

Dok: Uuh...I couldn't...?

Al: Come on answer the question Dok, we ain't got all night.

Dok: (looks at Head) Looks like my ex-wife.

Al: She got a better body though.

Dok: Uhh..that's true. I can't answer that question for you, Al. Al and Dok speak simultaneously.

Al: We've got ideas for merchandise..we've-- Al's cut off.

Dok: I think you need to go see Vince McMahon.

Al: I've been trying to go to Vince McMahon...and he won't meet with me--you know that. I know "they" want the meeting. "They" want the meeting...I don't want to talk to him. But I've, we've got a great idea for merchandise. What don't you sell Head. Everybody loves a little Head.

Dok turns away in awe and the HSN crew behind the camera is heard laughing because of the head "pun".

Al: I think there is a great market (Al holds Head up to his ear and points to the sky and yells: "Haw-Haw!"...then continues) for a little head. What do you think?

Dok: Well, uh, sure in some circles that would work fine---

Al interrupts.

Al: I mean we all want it, we all need it, we've got to have it...

(Oh no I lost audio here----don't know what the last mini part was--there's not a lot, like a couple of words. It goes back on.)

Dok: Alright, we rejoin J.R. and the King at ringside. Zooms to only a closeup of Al's face. Al: I may stop by there never know. (Al smiles.)

Back to J.R. and the King at ringside talking about Al.

King: I tell you that guy is an idiot.

Ross: Which one, Dok? King: No,...ha-ha...the one with the little Head.

Ross: Dok's a nice guy.

King: He should never be allowed on television.

Ross: Al Snow?

King: Al Snow. He's know...just a...

Ross: Folks let us remind you of a couple of things while King is trying to psycho-analyze...Your not Fraiser Crane here tonight, are you?

Lawler: Well, he's a few beers short of a six-pack. You know what I mean.

Ross: I know what you mean. I smell what you're cooking.