Music City Wrestling Tribute

Tribute to Al in Music City Wrestling

There seemed to have been two factions in Music City Wrestling,one faction was MCW Tennessee which was run by Bert Prentice,who at one point fired,baned.or whatever Steven Dunn and Reno Regins,The Tennessee Volz,and Brickhouse Brown. In comes Bill Behrens who runs MCW Georgia,who has come in with MCW Wrestlers and rehired the Vloz and Brickhouse Brown,and is doing whatever he can to screw up Bert! Behrens is in some way in "Cahooots" with the WWF and is the person that got Al to Wrestle in MCW.

Now the Match between the Colorado Kid and Al has already happened with Al losing,I watched Music City Wrestling Saturday nights on a special feed station that i got on my Dish,MCW T.V. shows were around a week behind anything that has already happened,so this is an interview they had which happened before the match between Al and the Kid

Michael StJohn:For Music City U.S.A. I'm Michael StJohn along with my broadcast partner Al Guest for MCW Wrestling,the Colorado Kid the north American heavy weight champion,NWA version is here today plus we have some special footage from WWF and Al Snow,the man who is coming after that belt held by the Colorado Kid!

fade out-fade in

Michael StJohn:And with me the NWA North American heavy weight champion,your man with the gold belt the Colorado Kid!

Kid: I tell you what,all my friends out there,right there baby,this is what it's all about,and it's all for you.

Michael StJohn:Well Colorado I know for a fact Vince McMahon and the WWF are quite upset that that belt is around your waist,Al Snow is coming here to go after that belt,we have a tape of Al Snow,lets take a look at him from the WWF

They show some clips of HEAD on top of the car,Al smacking the King and parts of the King of the Ring match against Too Much

Michael StJohn:And ah,all of a sudden now as I say that we have been joined by MCW's Georgia's Bill Behrens,Bill obviously your out here to say something so whats on your mind?

Bill Behrens:Well I have been listoning back stage on the monitor and I understand your talking about Al Snow and HEAD coming in and I could'nt be happier,but today I talked with my good friend Mr.McMahon at the World Wrestling Federation and you know he was'nt very happy,and he was'nt happy because his belt,that NWA belt that rightfully belongs in the World Wrestling Federation is down here around your waist istead of Recon,instead of Al Snow,instead of another superstar up there,and Ill tell you right now I will be tonight in Nasville to make sure should you lose,and certainly with Al Snow in there,theres a very good chance that you will that that belt go back to where it rightfully belongs,right back to Titan Tower,right back to the World Wrestling Federation!

Kid:Well let me tell you something Bill Behrens,this says NWA there and your standing in NWA territory,this is where this belt belongs not in WWF,it belongs right down here and it's around the rightfull owner because I'm the North American heavy weight champion and if WWF wants to send someone down to take it,well they can send Al Snow,and they can send his HEAD,but I tell you what,if he comes down there Saturday night he might be better bringing two heads down there because I hear two heads are better then one,but it dos'nt matter because the odds can stack up against the Colorado Kid,when you crawl into the ring with me tonight Al Snow,it's going to be another story and this belt is staying in the NWA where it belongs,around the Colorado Kids waist!

Al meet Colorado Kid on 8/15/98 and after a nice 30 minute match the Kid pined Al

Al then went on and meet Brickhouse Brown on 9/1/98,Brick House had his own HEAD which he called bro but it wasnt enought and Al pinned him Al meet Flash Flanagan on 10/3/98

10/18/98 On Music City Wrestling tv show which I watched 10/17/98 The Volz ran in on the Al Flash match and attacked Al which set it up for a match the next week Al and Flash vs the Volz But first let me show you the play by play of the Al vs Flash match when it aired on 10/17/98 This Replay starts 27 minutes into the match Flash is laying on the mat,Al kicks him once,twice,three times,Al picks up Flash to toss him out of the ring,Al jumps out of the ring after him,Al gets a chair from a fan,Al hits Fash on the back with the chair,Flash lays in pain on the floor. Even the 200-300 MCW Fans chant;HEAD!HEAD!HEAD!

Al picks up Flash by his hair hits Flah on the shoulder,Al walks Flash across the room and slides Flash into a rubber garbage can,Flash lays on the floor,Al picks up the can and throws it on poor helpless Flash's back Al picks Flash up and hits Flash on the back,they make thier way back to the ring

Al hits Flash in the tummy with a chair Al sets the chair in the ring and rolls Flash in,Al rolls into the ring,Al hits Flash in the head,Flash gets up and is backed into a corner,Al kicks him in the tummy then headbutts Flash Al walks over and gets the chair,sets it up in the middle of the ring,runs to the other end runs back jumps onto the chair into a flip into Flash in the corner Both men lay on the mat

Al is up first and flips Flash to the mat,Al goes for a cover and gets a two count,Al chin locks Flash,Al gets up and leg drops onto Flash,Al gets up,picks up Flash by his hair,Al sets Flash for the ride and picks up Flash on the way back and gives him a backbreaker,Al goes for the cover and gets a two count.

Flash on his knees hits Al in the tummy backing Al into a corner,Flash gets up and hits Al in the head,Al sets Flash for the ride put its reversed by Flash,then its reversed by Al who kicks Flash in the corner Al gets up,jumps out of the ring and talks to HEAD,wanting to know what HEAD had for breakfast,Al climps the top rope and leg drops onto Flash Al gets up and talks to HEAD again in the corner,Al picks up Flash The Fans chant;HEAD!HEAD! Al walks Flash over to the corner and beans Flash's head into the turnbuckle,HEAD falls over in the corner

Al stops the match to set her back up Al walks over and gets said same chair,sets it up in the middle of the ring,runs to the back of the ring,jumps off the chair but this time Flash moves and all Al gets is ringpost,Flash runs to the other end of the ring turns and runs,jumps off the chair and kicks Al on the back sending Al Flying out of the ring,Flash kicks between the ropes knocking Al on his ass

Flash tells the fans in the front row to move,Flash sets up the chair runs to the other side of the ring and back,jumps off the chair to the top rope and down onto Al to the floor,Flash gets up and rolls into the ring,sets the chair in the corner,Flash goes outside the ring and picks up Al,Flash hits Al in the head then slaps Al on the chest,they fight out into the fans Al gets tossed into some folded up bleachers,Al falls to the floor Flash picks up Al

Al pokes Flash in the eyes,Al then smacks Flash in the face,they start walking up a flight of stairs,Flash trys to toss Al over the railing,Al hits Flash in the tummy,Al trys the same thing and gets nowhere,Al hits Flash in the chin,Flash goes tumbling down the stairs,Al walks down after him,they fight over in a corner were the camera can't see him Flash gets a chair and hits Al in the back,Al laught at Flash so Flash pokes Al in the eye,Flash walks Al back to the ring and slides Al in,Flash rolls in after him Flash bodyslams Al to the mat,Flash jumps off the corner rope,off the chair and leg drops Al,Flash goes for the cover and gets a two count Flash takes the chair sets it in the corner,folds it up and sticks it between the ropes

Flash gets Al up off the mat and elbows A to the corner at the other end of the ring,Flash then set Al for the ride,but its reversed by Al who sends Flash flying head first into the chair

But whats this? in run the Volz!Why?because early in the night Al made a run in when the Volz were beating the crap out of Robert Gibson,and the Volz did'nt like it when Al got in the way of their busness The Volz knock Al to the mat and started kicking him

Reno power Boms Al,Steven Dunn knee drops onto Al then starts kicking Al,Flash runs to the corner where the chair is set up and pulls it out of the rope and goes after the Volz who take off like the jobbers that they are,oh did i say that?

Oh sorry Reno This set it up for a match the next week,the Volz vs Al and Flash,this is what the Volz had to say

Reno;Well if all you nimrods were not at the Nashville Sports arena last saturday night let me tell you what happened,and bring you up to date,Robert Gibson and that inbred nephew of his teamed up and took on the tennessee Volz,that inbred nephew I got to give you a little more credit,he didn't show up because he didn't want to....

Steven Dunn;He no showed baby!

Reno;He no showed,and Robert Gibson the nimrod he is,he thinks little old Rober Gibson washed up never had a chance anyway,wanted to take on the two most dangerous men in Pro Wrestling,ha ha,Robert Gibson we gave you the beating of your life,but the next big so called thing in Pro Wrestling desides to stick his nose in the Volz busness and that is Mr.Al Snow,Al Snow son let me tell you something,right now boy,your not dealing with a couple of little punks in ECW,Extreme crappy Wrestling,you come to MCW to deal with what?(editors note:Jobbers!)the best there is baby,thats Mr.Reno Riggens and Mr,Steven Dunn the NWA North American champions,so Mr,Al Snow,you suppose to be the next big thing the big new Icon in Wrestling,the next big riseing star Hey when it gets right down to it Mr.Al Snow your only getting to where myself and his man has already been

(editors note:I was trying not to laugh at that statement) Dunn: Let me tell you something boys I have said it before and I'm going to say it again,we got a couple of flying Squirrels,the Tenessee Volz you know what we are going to do,we are going to crush some nuts baby,and this saturday,this Saturday afternoon 1:30,just short hours away,Al Snow and Flash Flannagan,boy you don't know you have bit off more then you can ever chew,you want to get extreme your talking to two guys that just love it,you want to bleed,we want to bleed,you want to swing chairs,we'll swing chairs Al Snow you think your crazy?you don't know the week I have had,you don't know the month I have had,I can't wait ,today at the fairground to take it out on you two knotheads,cuz I'm telling you something I'm feed up with life,Im feed up with Bert Prentice and if you think your going to take out titles

(editors note:this was for the belts??)

Steven:You got another thing coming,and you know why? Because when you are the greastest tag team in Pro Wrestling today and you beat up people and you take titles at will

(editors note;oh please)

Steven:what do they call you Reno?

(editors note;Jobbers?)

Reno;The Tennessee Volz baby!

Dunn;Thats right!Beat us if you can!

Well its pretty funny that Reno said all this because he never showed for the match so it was Wolfie D and Steven Dunn vs Al and Flash........ I read it was a very bad show