Tribute to Al and Maven


It all started at the 2002 WWF Royal Rumble......

Al:'My boy'Maven, he's in the Royal Rumble, and I have never been more proud; but Maven, I'm gonna teach you one more lesson, and that's that this match is about every man for himself, if we happen to be in the ring at the same time, I'll do what I have to do!'

During the Royal Rumble Al entered as number 6 and tossed out Lance Storm,but Al and Maven never meet but they both ran into the same person in the Undertaker who once into the Rumble tossed out all those in the ring,one of which was Al

The next Wrestlers out happened to be first one Hardy Boy then the other,along with Lita they took on the Undertaker who showed them that it was his yard....

Little did was know that the next Wrestler out would be Lita got on the ring apron getting into the Undertakers face from behind Maven drop kicked the Undertaker over the top rope....Undertaker not to pleased about that took Maven up and out of the Arena and beat the crap out of Maven who never made it back to the Rumble and was never tossed over the top rope

After that every chance the Undertaker could get he was beating up on Maven,till on a Smack Down in Feb.,Maven got his match with the Undertaker......

Smackdown! 02/07/02

We first see Al giving Maven a 'pep talk' in the lockeroom, pre-match..Al says that, 'This is it, this is what you have been waiting for'..and not to forget, but not to let what the Undertaker did to him last week affect him tonight. He warns Maven that 'Tonight is not a regular match, tonight is a HARDCORE match for the Championship!' He stresses that ''Taker is a tough old dog, and it's his yard, I know..If he beats your *ss, let it be a MAN'S *ss, you understand? You do whatever you have to, you do whatever it takes..and you know, no matter what happens, you know I'll always be proud of you.'

He hastens to add, 'And, hey. If things go really bad, I've got the car running, it's gassed up..I'll get you out of there as quick as I can and get you shoved in there and get you off to the hospital'....

After the break, we are tr eated to a shot of Paulina sitting in the front row..

The cool 'Tough Enough' theme hits, and out they come to a nice pop. Maven has a cool entrance video, Al does his crossed arm gesture..and the boys are looking fit.

Maven is only 220 pounds? It is announced as such, and Al is announced as 'his teacher'..They hit the ring; Al is all paternal smiles, and Maven climbs the corners as they review the Royal Rumble incident that started it all..

Taker's music hits, and out he comes on a gorgeous bike, to another tremendous pop. As he rides around the ring, they remind us of what took place two weeks ago, and that hideous chin onto the dreaded steel chair move that Taker did to poor Maven.

Taker climbs into the ring, and throws down the Hardcore belt. Al takes his place outside the ring, and gives Taker a few hard looks. The bell rings as Taker oh, so casually removes his shades..

The two men size each other up, and Taker stares Maven down, hands on hips, shaking his head..(gulp!)

Taker starts to back Maven into the corner as we see Al behind his back, holding up a trash can lid---as if to remind Maven that this is a hardcore match..He slides it to Maven, who scoops it up and starts to clobber Taker with it---One! Two! Three! Four!--before Taker clocks him with an elbow. Maven turns around and away, then walks into Taker, who grabs him by the throat and tosses him into the corner.

He delivers a coupla chops and a knee to Maven's midsection before threatening the ref, and then whipping Maven into the far corner.

Maven bounces out of the corner, and right into a clothesline by Taker which takes him down. Taker pauses to yell at Al, who is yelling at Maven to get up. Taker then misses an elbow drop, and Maven is catch the trash can fed him by Al.

Taker drops Maven with a punch THROUGH (lol!) the trashcan, and picks it up himself...moving slowly, deliberately, he lifts the trashcan and..MISSES, as Al pulls Maven out of the ring, glaring at Taker.

Maven sells all over the barricade, as Taker drops the can in disgust and goes after him. Maven throws a punch, which is blocked by Taker, who pops HIM one, and then bashes him into the ring steps..The audience is pretty into it. Cool.

Taker beats on Maven a little more, tosses him back into the ring, and grabs the trashcan again...with a totally psychotic look on his face now..(Hmmm..Gimmick infringement? First 'Moppy', now this..Lol..) Al gets up on the apron in an effort to distract Taker, and Taker comes over and he jumps back down..

Just as Maven is getting to his feet, Taker bludgeons him with the can, and knocks him back down..then hits him again, and again..Once more, he is dragged out of the ring by Al. Al is checking on him when all of a sudden, he is smashed in the face by Taker, almost sending him sprawling--then Taker grabs AL by his ponytail and tosses him over the barricade..Someone must have stepped on a wire or something then, as the picture went a little odd..but then Taker snatches Maven up and into the announce table and then on into the ring.

Whoa! We then see that Maven is all a-juice, droplets running down his little bald head..He is prone on the mat as Taker looms over him.

Taker picks him up (again, all casually) and prepares to send Maven on 'The Last Ride'..But it is not to be, as Al gets back into the ring and guts Taker with the ring bell, and then pops him in the face three times..prompting Maven to attempt a roll-up, which Taker gets easily out of--then gets up to give Al a boot in the face, sending him up and over the ropes to the floor.

Maven takes to the top rope to attempt to deliver an axe to the Taker's head, but lands 'just so'---right in chokeslam position (nicely done..)!

The look on Taker's face is priceless---Good Lord!---as he prepares to send Maven crashing to the mat---and then, down he goes. Taker gloats triumphantly..and then forfeits a three-count to grind his forearm into Maven's face a bit---just for the fun of it..Maven struggles to regain his feet, and Taker slaps him with a sort of reverse DDT hold...grimacing menacingly all the while..'s the ROCK! The crowd completely lose their minds as the Rock runs down the ramp with a chair---slides into the ring, and BLAMMO! He downs Taker with the chair---yelling smack at him as Taker dizzily gets to his feet. He delivers a 'Rock Bottom' to Taker---and then is apparently, on his way...(Huh?)

Both men are down and out, the ref is counting---The Rock is on the ramp glaring--and Al is beating the daylights out of the apron to get Maven to snap out of it----and then Maven crawls slowly, Taker and covers him--and One! Two! Three!---The crowd is on their feet roaring as we have a new HARDCORE CHAMPION! MAVEN! (Jerry Lawler screams, 'What the H*ll?', hahah)

Al helps Maven out of the ring--really quickly, I might add; so the Taker doesn't have time to recover his senses, hahah---and Al but drags him (grinning from ear to ear) up the ramp as the Rock continues to glare...Al raises Maven's hand in victory, Taker looks shocked, and the Rock continues to glare..I guess our boys made it out, as they closed on Taker now returning the glare, and the Rock walking away...Senseless? Bizarre? Does it matter? They won!

Now, we get to see Al at LEAST once more before 'Tough Enough 2' gets underway, as Maven defends his title!

Mean time work had started on the filming of Tough Enough Two,there were adds with Al in them promoting Tough Enough Two,one where Al hit a garbage can over the head of an olympic winner,and one where Al beans a chair over a Hockey players head......

Smack Down 2/28/02 Maven vs Goldust

Maven out first, Goldust is out next, looking super as ever...

Goldust flies out of the corner with a lariat, then whips Maven in and hits him with head, I guess? He nails Maven w/ right hands twice, then a snap mare and an Austin elbow for a two count.

Maven fights back by reversing a whip and nailing an inverted atomic drop, but he charges and Goldust pulls down the top rope, sending Maven a-flyin'. Goldust throws some garbage cans in the ring and pounds Maven with a can lid.

Goldust throws Maven in the ring and strokes his nipples for no good reason, then gets another 2. Goldust nails a DDT, sticks one of the cans in the corner and slingshots Maven into it, then brings him back into a bow & arrow.

Goldust scores with a suplex and brings a fire extinguisher into the ring, but Maven grabs it, sprays 'dust, rolls him up & gets the pin!

After the match, Goldust kicks Maven in the head, and then the Undertaker's music hits! Goldust heads for higher ground. Undertaker circles the ring and slowly enters. He kicks Maven in the gut and throws him into the corner, before nailing him with hard punches and an elbow. He chases off the ref and continues the assault until...

...OUT RUNS AL!!!!!! Al attacks with punches and clotheslines UT over the rope! The taker actually looks intimidated, but he gets back in the ring and the bell rings!

Undertaker whips Al into the corner and plants Al with a clothesline, he tries another whip but Al slides into third, he ducks a UT clothesline and hits some shots, then a superkick, UT out of the ring again!

The Undertaker drags Al out and smacks him off the barricade, then throws him into the steps. Al gets planted on the steps again but dodges UT chairshot. Al chops UT and goes for a chairshot, but UT nails Al with a hard chokeslam on the floor.

Undertaker puts Al in the ring and into a dragon sleeper, out runs a PO'd Flair, with a pipe, and he starts blasting the Undertaker.

He says, "When it comes to WrestleMania, the answer is still no! (yeah, right) But if you ever touch a friend of mine again, I don't care if it's in the church, the alley, wherever, I'll show you why they call me the dirtiest player in the game!" He then railed on UT w/ more chairshots. So Al didn't really J.O.B.

Later on, they show Maven on a stretcher, Goldust shows up with a referee and pins him for the title.

All Hail the New Hardcore Champ!

03/11/02 WWF Raw

Hello, Al Snow fans..this is Indigo, and yeah, I got to say that this all came as a total surprise to me tonight!

I was only kinda half-watching as Goldust enters to his usual drama-rama..and I go back to my dusting. But then, what did I hear through my near-toxic cloud of Lemon Pledge? The opening of Al's classic entrance theme! Thankfully, I had a tape in, and only missed a slight bit of his entrance..No HEAD, but a hefty pop accompanies him (in blue tights) down the ramp.

Al gets to the front of the ring, and Goldust lobs a golden trashcan down at him, and Al ducks it. Goldust gets out of the ring, to be pummeled by Al and Al kicks him and pummels him some MORE, and then tosses him back in the ring.

He gets in the ring, only to be treated to a bash in the head with a golden trashcan LID..

Goldust grabs him by the hair, and throws him in the corner. G-Dust slaps him down in the corner, then whips him into the far corner. G-Dust then pulls his feet up onto the ropes until he is doing a split practically, and then smacks him again...G-Dust then tries a low-blow, but Al raises up and he misses.

Al then grabs the golden fire extinguisher, and blasts G-Dust a good one, then grabs up another golden trashcan and positions it while G-dust staggers around, apparently blinded..

Al then hits G-Dust with a brainbuster, brain-first (well, sorta) onto the can---for the 1!--2!--3!!! AND THE HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP IS BACK WHERE IT BELONGS, BABY!

A coupla nice shots of Al celebrating, holding his head, and raising the belt aloft as the crowd erupts!

As he makes his way victorious up the ramp, there is a quick shot of a 'Michigan Loves Snow! (Al, that is)' sign....All hail the Crown Prince of Hardcore! And we are out!

Smackdown 3/14/02


Al comes out first, sporting the Hardcore title, he throws his imfamous bowling bag & some weapons into the ring. The Big Show comes out next, looking big as ever.

Al slides through the ropes & catches the Show with a baseball slide, then nails him in the gut with a broomstick and snaps the broom over his back, the big guy no-sells this and blocks Al's punch, then nails him with one of his own.

The Show does a BIG gorilla press to our cult hero...ooohhh, and drops him face first on a garbage can...that's gotta hurt...He then whips Al into the stairs, then smooshes his head on the lower part of the staircase before trying to smoosh it even more with the other part of the stairs. Fortunately, he misses.

Al scores with a kick to the knee, then hits the big guy with three Stop sign shots to the head, and gets a two count. The Big Show shoves Al away and throws him into the ring post, then *FWAP* nails him with a chop to the chest.

In the ring for the first time, Show tries a kick but misses, Al scores with a low blow., Big Show is down in the corner.

Al picks up his bowling ball, plays to the crowd for a second...the wind up...the pitch...OOOOHHH, 7-10 split! A DDT later and Al gets another two count. Al then hits the Show in the head twice with a trash can.

The Show apparently gets tired of this and chokeslams Al. One, two...Goldust breaks up the count, and gets a two of his own. Show clotheslines Goldust and in comes Maven, Goldust attacks with a gold can lid but Show clotheslines him out of the ring.

Maven then does a nice dropkick to the Big Show, and just like the Undertaker, Show goes a-flyin' over the ropes. Maven then looks at Al, and covers him, one, two, three, Maven is the new Hardcore champion.

Here's hoping Al gets this one back on that ungrateful little son-of-a-b!+(#.

3/17/02 WWF Wrestlemania-In a Hardcore match between Maven and Goldust Al gets into the action but does not win the belt...Spike wins the belt,then Hurricane wins the belt,then Molly beans Hurricane over the head with a frying Pan to win the belt,only to lose the belt to Christain who losses it to Maven and Maven rides off into the Sunset with the belt

On 3/18/02 Raw in a Harcore Title match between Al and Maven it become a no contest as Brock Lesnar staged a run in and kills them all....even Spike

Later Maven and Al are drafed by Vince for Smack Down,Maven was drafted becuse he had the Hardcore belt.....but on Raw 4/2/02 Maven losses the Hardcore belt to Buba Ray.......Vince is not please so on Smack Down 4/4/02 Vince gets Bob Holly to teach Maven a lesson.....After Bob Holly (looking balder by the hour) gets his instructions from herr McMahon, Al & Maven are in the back:

Al: "Just think, one year ago, *one year ago!*, you were just a school teacher! (Heads up teachers reading this, I think yer still important!) Now, you're the Tough Enough winner, you've wrestled Chris Jericho for the WWF Title, and you're the three time, *three time!* Hardcore champion!"

"And a year ago, you would've had to go to the worst part of town, & find the wierdest stranger, & get him to *mug* you to get an ass-whuppin like you're gonna get tonight!"

"All I can tell you Maven , as you face Bob Holly (Al makes sign of the cross), God is always with you (Al gives Maven the Kiss of Death) & you'll need him tonight! Good Luck!"

Maven goes out & does the J.O.B. to Holly

Al and Maven then joined to wrestle as a tag team at these WWF House Shows....

4/8/02 WWF House show Yuma Az Bill/Chuck d. Al/Maven-Hugh Morrus/Chavo Guerrero

4/7/02 WWF House show Fresno Calf Hugh Morris/Chavo Guerrero d. Al/Maven

4/6/02 WWF House show Davis Calf. Al/Maven d. Hugh Morris/Chavo Guerrero

Smackdown 4/11/02

We start out the evening with Maven drinking a slurpee (*plug plug*). Billy, Chuck and Rico walk up.

Rico: "Oh my God, this is unbelievable! You see gentlemen, *this* is how you're gonna end up! Look at this cheezy (HEAD cheezy?) shirt! And boring pants! Eeeeeuuuuu!!! And *what* is up with those eyebrows?!"

Billy: "They're hideous!"

At this point Al walks up to Rico: "Woooooooooah, Wolverine, where are the rest of the X-Men? *rowr!* (this was a mutton chop joke to the non-comic book inclined of you out there)

Rico (sounding very much like The Model Rick Martel): "Very funny Snow! However, I find it very hard to laugh during such a fashion emergency! Maven's eyebrows are in *desperate* need of a waxing!"

Al gasps sarcastically. Maven: "Well you'd be the expert on waxing!" Al laughs and bows: "Very good grasshopper!" Maven: "Thanks!" Billy smacks the slurpee out of Maven's hand & gets in Maven's face.

Rico: "Wait a minute Billy, hold on!" Billy: (whispers): "You're not so tough!" Rico: "Back up Billy, you're gonna mess up your hair. (Chuck and Al stare down) "Chuck, Chuck! Just save it for the ring."

Chuck: "So I guess we got a little date tonight. Don't be late" Chuck then blows Al a kiss! All looked PISSED! C'mon guys, no homophobia! AL SNOW vs. CHUCK

Chuck comes out first to his boy band music (pretty annoying, in a good, heat-getting way), with Billy and suave Rico in tow. WHAT DOES EVERYBODY WANT??? Al comes out w/ Maven.

Al runs into the ring and gets knocked down by Chuck's punches. Chuck picks Al up and whips him in, Al ducks a clothesline and hits a cross body, he hits some punches and throws Chuck a little kiss-tease, before knocking him down with another punch. He hits a clothesline before Rico gets up on the apron and Al runs at him.

Chuck nails Al with a clothesline, then whips in Al and hits a double-underhook belly-to-belly suplex. Chuck whips Al in again and does the same thing before getting a 2-count. Chuck tries for another suplex but Al hooks his arms and nails him with headbutts to the chest. Al whips in Chuck and backdrops him, he signals for the Snow Plow (they finally called it that again), but Billy tripped up Al's leg.

Chuck landed on Al and got a 2-count. Chuck picks Al up and whips him into the ropes but Al reversed it and hit a sitting powerbomb. He got a 2-count because Rico pulled the referee and Maven chased him away, jumping over the rail in doing so. Pretty cool.

Billy took this opportunity to clothesline his old WrestleMania opponent out of his boots. Chuck poses for a second so he only gets a 2-count. Chuck hits a stomp and nails his Jungle Kick finisher, but Al kicks out at 2 1/2.

Chuck picks Al up for a powerslam but Al slips out the back door, pushes Chuck right into the buckle and nails the Snow Plow. Billy tries to hit the ring but Maven stops him and Al gets the three count.

Cole: "They'd make a pretty good little team." Tazz: "They'd make a pretty good BIG team!" Right on Tazz!

WWF 04/15/02 Denton Texas House Show Tag Team Championship Tornado Tag Match Billy and Chuck d. Maven and Al d. Hugh Morris and Chavo

Smackdown 4/18/02


Well welcome to the Smackdown report, I'm your Smackdown reporter Greg, here we go again...

Billy and Chuck out first, accompanied by Rico, who looked THUPER (thanks for asking) in his little suit. Albert comes out next, looking like an unholy Baby Huey/Yogi Bear hybrid.

For the opposition, Rikishi is out first (and my roommate estimates him at about a 65 pants waist). WHAT DOES EVERYBODY WANT??? Tag team gold! Al and Maven out last, with Al hitting the ropes.

Chuck attacks Al from behind and scores several punches, but Al scores with several kicks, a right hand and a side headlock. Chuck sends him into the ropes, goes low and tries a leapfrog, but Al turns that into an inverted atomic drop, followed by a clothesline and a regular atomic drop. Chuck sells and Al mocks.

Al cinches in an armbar and tags Maven (and listen to the girls scream!). Maven comes off the top rope with a shot to the arm. Chuck pokes him in the eye and sends him into the ropes, he tries for a backdrop but the Tough Enough champ kicks him in the chest and scores with a deep armdrag.

Maven holds onto the arm and tags in Al, who also comes off the top with an arm shot. Chuck counters with a clothesline and tags in Albert. He punches Al in the corner and whips Al hard into the other corner. Al sells it hardcore and Albert nails a double underhook suplex. He then gets a 2-count.

Billy comes in, and hits several punches in the corner, Al slinks down and Billy hits a few kicks and holds a knee to the face. He whips in Al but he slides into third and hits a clothesline.

Al slinks over and tags in big Rikishi. Gunn nails several punches but Rikishi no-sells them and flattens Billy with punches of his own. Billy goes for a sunset flip and quickly changes his mind when he sees Rikishi's ass (shouldn't that attract him? ;-) ). Rikishi then powerslammed Chuck

Rikishi knocked Albert off the apron, Rico got on the apron and Rikishi brought him into the ring, he gave Billy and Rico a reverse splash. They both went down, Rikishi did a sloooooooooooow turn and raised the roof. Here comes the stinkface...

NO! Albert comes in w/ a bicycle kick and gets a 2-count. Albert with a kneelift and some trash talk, then powerslams Rikishi! He attacked Al & Maven but Rikishi countered with a Samoan drop.

Maven & Chuck come in, Maven goes psycho with punches to the tag champs and dropkicks Chuck out of the ring. Billy reversed a whip and nails the Fame-asser but Al pulls him out of the ring before a pin can happen.

Rikishi kicks Billy in the face and Albert clotheslined Rikishi, full 360 style. He kicks Rikishi out of the ring and Chuck punches Al and sends him into the ropes. AL reverses and scores with a sitting powerbomb. Rico sneaks in and scores with a nice spin kick but Maven flies off the top with a cross body and gets the 1...2...3!

Winner: Al, Maven & Rikishi. That's great but it's two wins for Al & Maven so I doubt they'll go over Sunday. Fade out.........

WWF Backlash 4/21/02-Tag Team Belt on the line

Al Snow/ Maven vs Billy & Chucky w/Rico

Al and Maven storm to the ring and the pretty boys are on the run,Al and Maven clear the ring.

Al finds of one of Billy and Chucky's headband and makes fun of Billy and Chucky....."Your so silly"Maven may have said to Al

Billy and Chucky pull Maven out of the ring and double team him.... Al is being held back by the damn ref......

In the ring Billy and Maven start going at it........ Maven whips Billy into the ropes and hits Billy with a DDT....... och they both go down (Billy more then Maven perhaps....get it?....please note webmaster snickering)......

Billy gets the best of Maven and Maven is thrown into the corner. Maven gets some kicks in but Billy catches his leg, but Maven hits the that spelled right???

Al is tagged in..... Al worked Billy into the corner but Chucky attacks Al from behind. Billy hits what could have been neckbraker and gets a near fall.....or a two count or something

Chucky got tagged in and puts Al in a chicken wing.......the Chicken wing????.....what would Bob say?.....

Chucky gives Al an overhead belly to belly.....that's got to hurt.... Billy is tagged in and throws Al into the corner.

Billy misses a splash in the pool..... Chucky comes in and Al gives him a drop toe hold. Al then tag Maven in......

Maven comes in and dropkicks Chucky out of the ring........Ahhhhh look out Maven!...... Billy gives Maven the Fame-asser..... Al pulled Maven out of the pin just in time..... Rico comes in and accidentally hits Chucky......ooops

Maven goes to the top, he goes for a top-rope cross-body block and gets a near fall.......ugh

Rico in the ring(editors note:this all reminds me of the Bodydonna's and Cloudy).....Al chases him out and they go messing around outside the ring....... Chucky comes out of nowhere and gives Maven a superkick and gets the pin.........Damn it!

Winners and STILL Tag Team Champions Billy & it is dark

Backlash Interview

Al & Maven Interview Part One from WWE Backlash DVD

Maven: I've been in the WWF now for six months. (Al mouthes six months and shows 6 on his hands with one hand and a thumb)

Maven: Six months.

Al: Six months, seems like an eternity to me, but six months.

Maven: And think about it in that amount of time I've been a three time Hardcore Champion, I've...

(Al mimicks Maven talking about all he's done by mouthing what Maven's saying)

Maven:...been able to wrestle at Wrestlemania the biggest show of the year, and now tonight I get to wrestle with Al Snow...

Al: Quit touching me. Backlash. It's been overwhelming, it's been unbeleaveable, and it's just another dream come true.

Al: The most overwhelming part is getting to work with me. WOW.

(A clip of Al and Maven entering from the back for their match at Bascklash is shown.)

Al: Well you know, have you ever seen that placke, you know footprints in the sand and about how you know, you look back over your life, and you can only see one set of foot prints, and thats when you know god carried ya. Thats basicly what I'm doing here uh the whole six months, for Maven have been just one set of foot prints and cause he's been riding my back like a mule. No I it's, it's (chuckles) In seriousness, put all that aside. It's been, it's great you know I'm mean it's, it's, um it's it's great too be able ta - quit staring at me. (Both laugh)

Al: Ya Makeing me nervose, (puts his hand over Mavens face like a claw and makes a whushing sound) sometimes it's story time. It's good... Maven: I want to know what you've got to say about this.

Al: Well I'm getting to it. To you know, take somebody and train them, and um basicly you're creating - quit looking at me - um creating a legacy, something that will carry on in the business for good or bad. And ah and then - quit touching me - and then you get a chance to finally you know, get to team with that person, be involved in a big match like this at Backlash.

WWF House Show Valparaiso Indiana 4/22/02 Tag Team belt on the line Billy/Chuck d. Al/Maven

WWF House Show 4/20/02 Topeka Kansas Billy/Chuck d. Al Maven

Smackdown 4/25/02

Al & Maven come out first to a sizable pop, Maven is a real superstar in the making. Kidman comes out next, and can you believe how quiet his music is? They need to change that. Tajiri comes out next, and I think Torrie looks good in geisha (or anything, for that matter). Chuck dances out, and Billy just looks embarrassed. Tazz makes a great chia pet crack about Rico.

Kidman & Chuck start, Kidman gets in a kick and a tight side headlock, Chuck sends him into the corner but misses an elbow. Kidman nails a deep armdrag & a dropkick. He leaps at Chuck in the corner but Chuck catches him &   scores a nice double underhook suplex and gets a 2-count. Chuck whips Kidman into the corner and Kidman catches Chucks head with his legs and hits a scissor takeover. Al & Kidman punch Chuck and Maven is tagged in.

Maven hits two clotheslines and a spin kick on Chuck. Billy gets hiptossed, Chuck reverses a whip, goes low, and Billy clotheslines Maven. Billy kicks Maven and brings him to the heel corner, where B & C nail punches and Tajiri kicks him in the ribs from the apron. Billy comes in & kicks Maven in the ribs, but Maven comes back with a few punches. Maven off the ropes but Billy gut-kicks him and hits the Fame-asser. Al comes in & breaks up the count at 2.

Billy tags in Tajiri, who sets up the Kick of Death, but when Torrie slaps Rico for getting fresh, Tajiri slides to the outside & gives her the (Japanese) lip. Maven tags in Kidman who ducks Billy's clothesline & turns a powerbomb attempt into a hurricanranna, followed by a dropkick and an awesome tornado DDT.

Chuck slides in the ring and nails Kidman with the Jungle Kick. Al attacks Chuck with right hands and a backdrop, followed by punches in the corner, some from the second rope. Meanwhile, Tajiri kicks Kidman off the apron but eats a Maven dropkick & falls out of the ring. Al & Maven punch Chuck and Billy in opposite corners and whip them into each other. And then they, um, depantsed them. In the recent Kurt Angle tradition, C & B looked thong-a-rific, and they got a case of JR's Scalded-Dog Limbertail (TM). Al & Maven chased them away, pants in hand, then turned their attention to Rico. Then Torrie pantsed him. Alright.

Oh yeah, wrestling. Tajiri scores a side kick on Kidman, & tries for a powerbomb, but Kidman turns it into a facebuster. Kidman drags him to the corner, and hits the Shooting Star Press!!! Sweet!!! Kidman gets the 3 count. The three celebrate, and Al & Maven put B & C's pants on. Greeeeeeat. Well, at least they didn't drop the tag title feud. Fade out.........

WWF House show Syracuse NY 4/28/02 Tag Team Title match Billy/Chuck d. Al/Maven

WWF House show Baltimore Maryland 4/27/02 Billy/Chuck d. Al/Maven

Smackdown 5/9/02

We start with The Hurricane celebrating in the back after his great countout victory over Tajiri...He's thinking about Torrie in lingerie...He's all alone so he figures, hey, what the heck...

*WHOOSH* In flies Al, sporting Spiderman gear. "Hurricane! I thought I'd come by the hurri-cave & hurri-congratulate you on a hurri-match! It was so impressive to see the hurri-choke! WOW! (Notice me not making any Hurricane/Torrie/hurri-choke jokes) BUT! I know you must have seen the Spider-Man movie *Al makes flitting noises & boogies around, spider-style* Now that Spider-Man, HE'S a superhero!"

Hurricane: "What do you mean by that!?" Al: Nothing. Hurricane: "Because if Spider-Man went one-on-one with The Hurricane, those webs wouldn't do him any good!" Al: "Really." Hurricane: "Cuz he'd go to shoot his webs, & my hurri-senses would warn me, & I'd dodge this way *Hurricane zigs* dodge this way *Hurricane zags* this, this, this!" *Hurricane zags, zogs & zugs* "He'd jump on the wall, I'd pull him down, I'd pick him up by the neck and *chokeslam motion* BOOM! I'd step on him like a bug and squish squish squish squish squish and then you know what I'd say? I'd say WHASSUPWITDAT Spider-Man?"

AL: "Reeeeally? You know, take it from me they have some wonderful medications these days that can really help out with things like that. I gotta go." Hurricane: "Before you go, I notice you are wearing a Spider-Man shirt." Al poses "Yes" Hurricane: But I think you'd be better served..." Al "What?" Hurricane: "...wearing a Hurricane shirt!" Al "Get outta here! Thank you"

Hurricane gives the thumbs up and says "no problem." Al looks behind him & sees a note in the Hurricane's locker room. Al: "Look, it's a hurri-note! You think you might have a hurri-fan? You think it can make you another proud winner? Let's read it: Congratulations, now you're a star. Unfortunately for you, I know who you are. I don't get it"

Hurricane takes the note. "This could be the work of that jealous Peter Parker." Al: "Oh really." Hurricane: "Or it could be...*Whoosh* and he's off!

Al: Man, & I thought it was bad when I talked to a HEAD. Things just keep getting weirder & weirder...........


The Fabulous Trio out first, with Chuck doing his normal lame dance. Al & Maven out next followed by Rikishi.

Chuck and Al Start, Al with a go-behind takedown and...tries to pants him??? WTF??? Chuck responds by kicking & punching Al (can't say I blame him), but Al blocks the third punch, scores with one of his own and a side headlock. Chuck sends him into the ropes and eats a tackle, Al off the ropes, Chuck goes low and tries a double-underhook suplex, but Al headbutts him in the chest.

Chuck reverses a whip, Al slides into third & ducks a clothesline, he kicks Chuck in the gut and comes off the ropes with a flying forearm and gets a 2-count. Rikishi comes in and Chuck punches him, but Rikishi blocks a spin punch and hits 2 of his own. He hits a clothesline and then knocks down Billy & Rico. Billy with a finger to the eye and tags in Rico.

Rico hits 2 punches and a kick, Rikishi reverses a whip and Rico fails at a sunset flip, but Billy bulldogs Rikishi. Billy puts the boots to Rikishi but Rikishi reverses another whip, Billy ducks a clothesline and leapfrogs Rikishi, but takes a BIG clothesline. Rikishi tags in Maven who hits punches, goes off the ropes & gets kicked by Rico. He knocks Rico off the apron but Billy clotheslines him & tags Chuck.

Chuck clotheslines Maven twice then shoulders Maven in the corner & punches him. Maven comes out w/ punches but Chuck hits his underhook suplex.   He gets a 2-count & tags in Rico. Rico hits a very nice series of kicks in the corner. He poses for too long and gets punched by Maven, but Billy hits him from behind.

Rico kicks Maven in the guts and tags Chuck. Chuck goes for a powerslam but Maven slips out the back door & hits a DDT. They do the classic slow crawl & tag in Al & Billy. Al hits a clothesline and a punch, sends Billy in & hits a reverse elbow. He hits punches in the corner then knocks Chuck and Rico off the apron (Rico's third trip to the floor so far). He whips Billy into the corner & hits a sitting powerbomb. Chuck breaks up the count, hits Rikishi & Jungle Kicks Al.

Rikishi hits Chuck with a Samoan drop and a superkick. Rico attacks Rikishi but he no-sells and he & Maven trade punches on Rico. Maven throws Rico into the corner and Rikishi hits a reverse splash. Rikishi goes for the stinkface but Chuck knocks him from the ring. Al runs at Rico but gets spin kicked, then Billy hits the Fame-asser for the 1-2-3.


WWE House Show Macom Georgia 5/18/02 Billy/Chuck d. Al/Maven

WWE House Show 5/13/02 Cornwall Ontario Canada Billy/Chuck/w Rico d. Al/Maven

WWE House Show 5/12/02 Nova Scotia Billy/Chuck/w Rico d. Al/Maven

WWE House Show 5/11/02 Quebec Canada Billy/Chuck d. Al/Maven

WWE Smackdown 5/9/02 Billy/Chuck/Rico d. Al/Maven/Rikishi

WWE House Show Worchester Mass 5/5/02 Billy/Chuck d. Al/Maven

WWF House Show 5/4/02 Sunrise Fla Billy/Chuck d. Al/Maven

WWF House Show Wheeling West Virgina 5/1/02 Billy/Chuck d. Al/Maven

WWF House Show Erie PA 4/29/02 Al/Maven d.Billy/Chuck

2/16/03 HeAt Al/Maven vs. Lance Storm/William Regal (non-title)

Wow, Al Snow *wrestles* for a living?! Who knew...

Our HeAt main event starts with the heel champions coming to the ring, foriegn flags in tow. During the entrance it's announced that they'll face RVD & Kane at No Way Out. Well, if they keep RVD & Storm in there it might be good. Al & Maven hit the ring to Maven's music & talk some trash. Loud "USA" chant.

Regal & Al lock up, Al applies a wristlock, Regal rolls through, Al holds on & scores with an armdrag, Regal kips up (proving he would've passed the Tough Enough auditions) & applies a headlock, Al sends him off the ropes, Regal blocks a hiptoss but Al nails a fireman's carry. Regal rolls through an armlock and applies a front facelock, but Al counters with an armbar flip and tags Maven.

Maven scores with punches & an arm wringers, Regal hits elbows and rolls to tag Storm, who absorbs a Maven armdrag and counters an armbar with a snapmare and rear chinlock (more "USA" chants). They reverse wristlocks until Maven drop toeholds Storm and drags Storm to his corner. Al tags in. Storm knees Al in the gut & tries to whip him into Regal's boot, but our cult hero slides into 3rd and nails a clothesline.

Al backs Storm into the corner, but Storm knees him in the gut and rams Al's head off the buckle. He sends Al into the opposite corner, but Al leapfrogs him coming in. Regal goes for a cheap shot, but Al fends them both off until Regal hangs his arm over the rope. Storm nails an armbar takedown, Al tries to kick him away but he tags Regal, who knocks him down & drops a knee on his arm. Al punches Regal & regains his feet but Regal nails an armbar flip and tags Storm.

Storm uses a nice arm wringer takedown into another armbar. Al fights up again (such a trooper, he is) & Storm tags Regal. Al elbows both guys and rolls to tag Maven. The non-rookie cleans house with punches & clotheslines, and backdrops Regal. He dropkicks Regal & gets a 2-count, but Storm breaks it up. Al knocks Storm out of the ring with punches, but Regal knees him *hard* in the back, and Al drops flat to his face. Maven sends Regal into the corner & follows up with a clothesline, but when he scales the second rope, Storm hits him in the back of the head with a nice kick. Maven falls into the ring face first, and as Storm keeps Al at bay, Regal applies the Regal Stretch. Tap, tap, match over.

Pin me pay me...or rather, make my partner submit, pay me...not quite as catchy...fade out..............

2/16/03 WWE House show Huntington WV Al/Dreamer/Maven d. Novinski/Morley/Steven Richards

2/16/03 WWE Sunday Night Heat Lance Storm/William Regal d. Al/Maven

4/20/03 Sunday Night Heat report......your Webmaster Wayne-O!#$^* reporting

Al/Maven vs Three Minute Warning.....and Rico the Evil Easter Bunny

Three Minute Warning and the Evil Easter Bunny are waiting in the ring

"What does Everybody want???"



Closed Caption person:Pain!

I swear some times the person writing the closed captions are either really stupid.....or they are really lazy....

Al comes out first.....Lita and Coach go on and on about Maven being Al's son.....ah...yea

Maven comes out to his music......the Ref backs off TMW......Al and Maven join them in the ring

The bell rings and Al and Maven guess that Al should start off the it beings with Al and Rosey...they tie up.....Al goes around and puts Rosey in a headlock......Al goes off the ropes and tries to knock Rosey off his Bunny feet.....but hey Rosey's had too much Easter Al tries a hip luck there so Al just starts kicking on arm bar and a kick to the guts....a pull on Rosey's arm.......Al tags in Maven

Maven kicks Rosey in the Shoulder....Rosey flips Maven to the mat and tries to hit with an elbow drop.....Maven rolls out of the arm bar and Maven tags in Al

Al works on Rosey's arm......some kind of a face to the mat move by Al.......Al tags in Maven

Half an armbar by Maven who gets kicked in the chest.....Rosey kicks Maven down with a chop to the back of his neck.......Rosey tags in Jamal.......Maven on his hands and knees gets a Jamal boot to the guts.....Maven gets up......he gos for the ride...he ducks on the way back and hits Jamal with a high drop kick....then another........Wee balls wabble but they don't fall down so Maven drop kicks Jamal in the knee and down he goes like a tree in the Forrest........Maven runs over and tags in Al

Al jumps from the top rope......flyng cross body by Al.....but Al is crazy from the days Easter Egg Hunt and runS over to knock Rosey off the Al turns he gets clothes lined by Jamal......Jamal is all happy....and rightly so .....Jamal takes Al by the hair and walks over to Rosey and tags him in

They double team on Al whos tummy is full of Easter Eggs......Rosey beans Al's noodle to the ring post......Rosey sent Al for the ride but Al slides into second base(even Bret Boone couldn't have gotten Al out).......

back to the action.....

Al ducks a clothes line.....the fans chant...."Three Count Sucks".........Al gets Rosey in the old head butts to the chest move....1,2,3,4,5 times Al head butts Rosey.....Al clothes lines Rosey......Bunny Marshmallows come fyling out of Rosey's pockets....Al tags in Maven.......Maven knocks Rosey to the mat.......Maven climbs to the second rope and hits Rosey with a Bull Dog with Rabbit ears on....Maven goes for the cover.....1,2.......Jamal runs in and breaks the count.......the Ref goes to Al's corner to find out what Al got in his Easter Basket(A new Cell Phone maybe.....or some Comic Books?..who knows)......anyway in the mean time Jamal is in the ring cheating runs Rico the Evil Easter Bunny who takes Maven by his coat tails and tossed Maven out of the ring......Rico hops around outside the ring.......

The Ref is wanting to know if Mavan has gone down the Bunny Hole.....but no he is just laying outside the ring

Fans:Three count sucks!

Rosey drags Maven back into the ring and slams Maven to the mat.....a cover by Rosey for a two count.......Rosey tags in Jamal....

They double team Maven knocking him on his butt.....running knee drop by Jamal onto Maven for a two count........Maven try as he might can't get to Al........Jamal knocks Al off the apron....Maven is tossed into Rosey's boot.....Jamal goes for the cover but Al breaks up the count.......the Ref bitches at Al to get back to the Easter Egg Hunt.......

Three Count double team on Maven......Rosey is taged in.......Maven is sent for the ride....ducks on the way back then a spinning heel kick on Rosey sends him to the mat......Jamal goes for a body drop but it's reversed and Maven hits with a high drop kick.........Al is taged in and goes crazy on Rosey and Jamal......Al hits with clothes lines and kicks and what not.......a reversal by Al into a Russan leg sweep......Rico gets punched out of his Bunny slippers by Al.....from behind Jamal cleans Al's clock....Maven a High drop kick on Jamal from the top rope.....

The Evil Bunny again is in the ring and kicks Maven in his little bald head....Maven is down and out out of the ring......Ahhhh......oh no......Al is Sandwiched like an Easter Ham.........a big Samoan Drop and Al is seeing little red Easter Eggs dancing around his head.......

Now it is dark

Raw 6/16/03.....

Well what do you know?.....Mick is having a show down with Evolution and is attacked by Flair,HHH,and Randy.....when out of the blue who should make a run in save but Al and Maven.....the 3 of them run off Evolution

Later on we find Al and Mick talking in the Back

Mick: Thanks for helping me out there Al

Al:Man that was like old times...that Randy Orton is a snot nosed punk kid nd you were right telling him every thing you said

in walks Maven

Maven: Guys Guys Guys


Maven:I'm sick of Evolution.....and you know what?.....


Maven:Sitting on the side lines and doing nothing

Al:You should be

Maven:That is why I just left Stone Cold's office....and I got myself a match here tonight with Randy Orton


Maven:One on One

Mick:That is where you are wrong man because it will not be one on one.....because you know where ever Randy Orton is there goes Ric you go out there and yu have that match.....but you are not going alone because I'm going to be in your corner

Maven:Oh Yea

Al:Wonderful idea

Mick:Come on

Maven:Lets go do this

They all walk away

Maven has his match in whch he does the JOB......Mick was in his corner.....but Al was nowhere to be seen