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Season Premier of WWE Tough Enough 3 Airs on MTV on Thursday, October 17th at 10 pm ET/PT

SANTA MONICA, Calif. & Stamford, Conn.--Oct. 7, 2002-- 21 Semi-Finalists Are Whittled Down to the Final 13 Competitors Vying To Become the Next WWE Superstars; Interactive Audience Component Added to Competitor Elimination Process

WWE(TM) Tough Enough(TM) 3, a co-production of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: WWE) and MTV, kicks off its third season on MTV on October 17th at 10pm (ET/PT). The series documents the trials, excitement and challenges experienced by 13 competitors as they vie to become the WWE's(TM) next Superstars. Two competitors will win the ultimate prize -- contracts with WWE(TM).

An open casting call was held for WWE(TM) Tough Enough(TM) 3 through taped submissions. After receiving thousands of tapes, MTV and WWE(TM) executives conducted in-depth phone interviews with top candidates to narrow the field to 75 who were invited to appear at an interview/audition in-person in three cities: New Orleans, Denver and Chicago. There, applicants met with the WWE(TM) Superstar trainers to evaluate their physical condition and motivation resulting in a final group of semi-finalists to fly to Los Angeles for two full days of strength, cardio and in-ring training.

The first episode is a one-hour special that features a unique combination of comedy, drama, and action in which the field of 21 semi-finalists is narrowed to a group of 13 finalists. The series continues with 13 half-hour shows every Thursday night at 10:00 pm ET/PT. WWE(TM) Tough Enough(TM) 3 will give viewers an all access pass to witness firsthand the decision making process behind choosing the next WWE(TM) Superstar. Cameras were strategically located throughout the estate high in the Topanga Hills of California that housed the competitors and their training facility to capture the pressures of living together and competing against one another for a once- in-a-lifetime opportunity at stardom. WWE(TM) Superstars Al Snow(TM), Bill DeMott(TM), and Ivory(TM) are the trainers on WWE Tough Enough(TM) 3.

WWE(TM) Tough Enough(TM) 3 will incorporate an interactive fan element to the contestant elimination process for the first time this season. The winners will be announced during a live season finale (date TBD), where the results of the fan voting will help determine who is next awarded contracts with the WWE(TM).

The 21 semi-finalists featured in the season premiere are:

Amy, 25 yrs old, Minneapolis, MN

Chad, 24 yrs old, Wausau, WI

Eric, 23 yrs old, Northampton, PA

Greg, 25 yrs old, Arden, NC

James, 20 yrs old, Naples, FL

Jamie, 21 yrs old, Beaverton, OR

Jill, 20 yrs old, Stoneham, MA

John, 23 yrs old, Davis, CA

Jonah, 23 yrs old, Natick, MA

Julia, 22 yrs old, Framingham, MA

Justin, 24 yrs old, Tampa, FL

Kelly, 22 yrs old, Lynchburg, VA

Lisa, 25 yrs old, Livermore, CA

Matt, 23 yrs old, Kalamazoo, MI

Melina, 23 yrs old, Hesperia, CA

Nick, 20 yrs old, Peabody, MA

Rebekah, 23 yrs old, Lynchburg, VA

Rob, 23 yrs old, Wynnewood,PA

Sarah, 23 yrs old, Markham, Ontario Canada

Scott, 21 yrs old, Harrisonburg, VA

Voula, 26 yrs old, Toronto, Canada

Beth Holmes and Kevin Dunn are Executive Producers, and Craig Spirko is Supervising Producer for MTV's WWE(TM) Tough Enough(TM) 3. John Gaburick is WWE producer for Tough Enough(TM) 3. John Miller is Senior Vice President of Original Series Development for MTV. Carol Eng and Drew Tappon are Co-Executives in Charge of Production for MTV.

MTV Networks owns and operates the cable television programming services MTV: Music Television, MTV2, Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite, TV Land, VH1, CMT: Country Music T elevision, and TNN, as well as The Digital Suite from MTV Networks, a package of thirteen digital services, all of which are trademarks of MTV Networks. MTV Networks also operates and offers joint ventures, licensing agreements and syndication deals whereby its programming can be seen worldwide.

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: WWE) is an integrated media and entertainment company headquartered in Stamford, Conn., with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto and London. Additional information on the company can be found at wwe.com and corporate.wwe.com Information on television ratings and community activities can be found at parents.wwe.com.

Tough Enough 3 student has psychotic breakdown

One of the contestants on Tough Enough 3 has had a psychotic breakdown. She was left alone in the TE3 house whilst the others went out for a night on the town. While she was left alone she began running around and crashing into the walls before she climbed onto the roof and started claiming she was going to jump.

MTV producers called John "Big" Gaburik who came immediately and managed to talk her down. She was then hospitalised for three days against her will and put in a straight jacket to stop her harming herself and once released her parents had to collect her and take her home to New Mexico.

Whilst being taken home she attacked her parents and run away, she was subsequently sent to hospital again but checked her self out after it was deemed she was no longer a threat to herself or anyone else.

She later called MTV and Tough Enough officials attempting to get back on the show but was obviously refused.

Since this whole episode she has become a regular stalker at WWE events often claiming to be Al Snow's assistant and she is so convincing she has even talked her way into working out for a few hours at the OVW school before they learned who she really was.

Last week her actions caused great concerns as she talked her way backstage at a house show and even had a conversation will Vince McMahon who believed her story as a Tough Enough 3 contestant. Following this security breach the woman [who only managed to identify her as Lisa] has had her picture circulated to all WWE security so she can't get into any WWE events.

No footage featuring Lisa is expected to air when Tough Enough 3 is broadcast.

Credit: Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter

9/25/02-Tough Enough 3 Wraps Up Filming, Set To Start

WWE.com reports that filming for Tough Enough 3 is wrapping up with little left to do. The 5 final contenstants for the show were backstage at the Smackdown taping 9/24/02, and Tough Enough trainers Al and Ivory worked matches for them. Tough Enough 3 is set to start airing on MTV on October 17th.

Al has asked for 3 weeks off after filming

News from Iceland-2.9.2002 16:40:26 Glķma sżnd ķ MTV Hér į landi er sjónvarpsfólk frį MTV ķ Bandarķkjunum aš taka upp efni fyrir žįttinn "Tough Enough" sem er einn vinsęlasti žįtturinn į sjónvarpsstöšinni MTV ķ Bandarķkjunum. Žįtturinn snżst um 8 keppendur sem verša aš sanna aš žeir séu "tough enough" eša nęgilega sterkir til žess aš vinna sér keppnisrétt ķ World Wrestling Federation, glķmu žeirrra Amerķkana. Į morgun fį žessir ašilar aš reyna sig viš Ólaf Siguršsson og Lįrus Kjartansson ķ ķslenskri glķmu. Žaš veršur fróšlegt aš sjį hvort keppendurnir ķ "tough enough" séu nógu "tough enough" žegar ķslenska glķman er annars vegar. Žessir kappar munu reyna meš sér į morgun, 3. sept., kl. 10:00 aš Flśšum.

From the Ross Report 7/26/02

I have been in Los Angeles since Tuesday helping evaluate the young men and women who are striving to be among the 13 selected to compete in Tough Enough 3. The final cuts will be made today. Three finalists dropped out over the last three days of intensive physical conditioning and some fundamental in-ring work. It is truly refreshing to be around these wide-eyed, enthusiastic kids who dream of becoming World Wrestling Entertainment Superstars. WWE Executive Producer Kevin Dunn agrees with me that this is a very promising group of athletes whose personalities should produce some interesting TV. Baltimore's John "Big" Gaburick, a former Towson University football offensive lineman, is back as the "big dog" on this show and has things well under control. It is my understanding Tough Enough 3 will begin airing on MTV in October. I think you're going to like it.

According to Variety 7/17/02 , Tough Enough III will shoot nine weeks in a "a house just north of Malibu and west of Topanga, in an unincorporated part of Los Angeles County."

6/28/02....Please note that because of this story your webmaster Wayne-o!#%^* and his family are boycotting watching the show Frasier even the ones in reruns......I'm sure the WWE or Al would not ask you to do so....but if your a Tough Enough fan you might feel the same way....

Your Webmaster Wayne-O!@#%^*

Grammer Knocks Out MTV Wrestling Show

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Perhaps they should call it "Frasier Smackdown."

"Frasier" star Kelsey Grammer has managed to halt production on MTV's World Wrestling Entertainment series "Tough Enough" in Malibu.

Grammer and his neighbors in Malibu's Broad Beach objected to MTV's request to tape the reality show -- which follows a group of young hardbodies as they train to become future WWE stars -- at a home in the neighborhood this summer for 60 days.

Concerned about potential disruptions in the quiet neighborhood, the group took their complaints to the Malibu City Council, which voted 5-0 to enforce a municipal code that restricts filming to 14 days.

"After some very unconvincing assurances that our privacy would be respected, we took this action," Grammer said.

WWE spokesman Jason Bernstein said the production had already spent somewhere in the low six figures on pre-production at the house and had pushed production back two weeks to avoid the July 4 weekend.

MTV and WWE won't be able to recoup those costs and may have to delay production further as the companies look for a new home for "Tough Enough," which is entering its third season.

"We're disappointed that the city of Malibu doesn't recognize our experience in producing TV programming, " Bernstein said. "We've always showed respect for the areas and locales we've used."

Apparently, the Malibu City Council doesn't share the same respect for the WWE and MTV. According to community newspaper the Malibu Times, councilman Ken Kearsley had some choice advice for the production.

"The can go to 818 country (in Los Angeles' non-chic San Fernando Valley) and fog the window," he reportedly said. "They can put some sand in a parking lot and call it a beach."

Credit: Reuters/Variety

Malibu Times June 26, 2002

City Council wrestles MTV off the beach; architects duke it out over building code Meanwhile, dog playground advocates seek to expedite plan and a philosophical council explores the true meaning of "basement."

By Cristina Forde/Special to The Malibu Times The Malibu City Council Monday refused to allow MTV to tape a reality show for 60 days this summer at a home on Broad Beach, appealed for an architect to work pro bono in designing a working plan for its new (and only) municipal park and listened to two architects battle over a project that would be built in front of the office of one.

Also, in response to questions arising from various building projects bumping through the permit process, the council attempted to define the concept of "basement" in terms of municipal goals.

Council backs staff MTV rejection Councilmembers, in a 5-0 vote, perhaps remembering the complaints that accompanied a previous long-term MTV shoot at another beach house, upheld city staff's rejection of a film permit for the MTV taping of the "Tough Enough" series third season at a home on Broad Beach.

The municipal code restricts filming to 14 days. "We've taken every step that we know how to address any concerns," location manager Cassandra Heredia told the council, but to no avail.

The production company had adjusted its schedule to accommodate the 4th of July week plans of the closest neighbor and wedding plans at the Malibu West Swim Club (which supported the permit), changed its parking plan, designed directional lighting and agreed to protect a delicate dune restoration next door.

"We're talking about an area where nobody seems to actually live," said Kayla Thames of the California Film Commission.

The home's adjacent neighbors are Zuma Beach on one side, Pacific Coast Highway on another, three vacant lots, two sites under construction, the Malibu West Swim Club and one infrequently occupied residence.

Executive Producer Beth Holmes said the show is an elimination series featuring 13 wrestlers of World Wrestling Entertainment. The Malibu location was supposed to be secret.

Councilmembers closed ranks behind complaints by Malibu Bay Company, which owns the vacant dune-covered lot next door, and neighbors who objected to 'round-the-clock activity and had concerns about parking.

"Malibu is a residence first and a studio second," said Council member Joan House. "The application is for 60 days during the heaviest [visitor] part of the year. The highway is crowded. The filming would be 24 hours in duration, through the night. I support the code. Fourteen days is reasonably generous."

Councilmember Ken Kearsley wondered why the shooting needed to be in Malibu at all.

"Give them the name Malibu [for the production]. They can have it," Kearsley said. "They can go to 818 country and fog up the window.

"They can put some sand in a parking lot and call it a beach."

The applicants were not happy.

"I've been pulling permits for 10 years and have never had this problem," said Heredia after the vote. She has used the home previously for shoots. She said they were led to believe by the city the 14-day limitation was flexible. Heredia plans to alert her colleagues.

"I will continue to let location professionals know the fairness and reason [applied] to how permits are issued in Malibu," she said.

News Board reports from 6/25/02

It is being reported that the early plans announced for WWE Tough Enough 3 might be that there will be 3 training camps, each containing 20-25 prospective trainee's.

Those 60-75 hopefuls will then be merged into group of 25, with the final cut down to 13 coming next.

From an Interview with WWE

WWE.com: What can you tell us about Tough Enough 3?

Al: I can tell you that it's Tough Enough, it's the third one in the series, there will be 13 people in a house and they will train to achieve a dream.

WWE.com: Can we expect any changes? Anything different?

Al: I don't know. I myself made the suggestion that we have 13 midgets for Tough Enough 3 and basically just train small people.

WWE.com: You'll be back as the head trainer. Who'll be joining you?

Al: Ivory will be back. It's great to see that the hospital is still allowing her out on the work release program to come and work with us. I just hope they supply her with more medication. Then we have Hugh Morrus, who I think will be a fantastic assistant trainer. I think he'll do a great job and really add a good dimension.

WWE.com: Is it safe to say that as long as there's Tough Enough we'll see Al Snow?

Al: Let's knock on wood. I hope so. I'll be honest. I've said before I'm not going to fool myself or anybody else out there believing that I'm going to leave a legacy in this business like Triple H or Steve Austin or Undertaker. I'm going to leave a legacy for these kids. These kids will be my legacy. They're going to perpetuate my immortality long after I'm gone.

World Wrestling Entertainment -TM-'s TOUGH ENOUGH -TM- 3 Coming Back to MTV In The Fall; Reality Show Picked Up For a Third Season

STAMFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 8, 2002--World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. and MTV announced today that they have reached an agreement to jointly produce WWE TOUGH ENOUGH(TM) 3 to air on MTV later this year.

The show, currently in the middle of its second season on MTV, documents the trials, excitement, and challenges experienced by 13 competitors as they vie to become the next World Wrestling Entertainment (TM)Superstars. Two World Wrestling Entertainment(TM) contracts will be awarded at the end of season.

An open casting call is underway through May 31. Information on how to become a competitor on WWE TOUGH ENOUGH(TM) 3 can be found on

Tough Enough.com

"WWE TOUGH ENOUGH(TM) 2 continued to be one of the most watched shows on cable television on Thursday nights and we're looking forward to continue this trend into the third season," said Linda McMahon, CEO of WWE. "MTV has been a great partner and has provided us with invaluable insight into the reality show genre. It will be a pleasure to co-produce WWE TOUGH ENOUGH(TM) 3 with them."