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Jessi dropped out of the Tough Enough 2. competition because of a heart condition that went undetected until the grinds of wrestling/training were in her life every day. Had she not been on Tough Enough, it's said that the condition would have never been found.

Participating on Tough Enough 2 could have saved her life.

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Raw 5/27/02.....On the Stage at WWE The World

Al:We are at the World tonight for the last physical challenge for the last Tough Enough Two lets give them a big hand....we are going to have an arm wrestling contest we'll start with the guys......when I say "GO"give it all you got.....ready????.......GO!!!!!!

Kenny and Jake lock up......back and forth and back and forth.....oh this was exciting to watch

Al:Do it it!

Al:Who wants it more???..who wants it??? the last second Jake pulls with all his might and Kenny is toast

Jake wins it


Al:Lets go with the girls....come on girls get the arms up here........

The girls are flexing and it looks to your old webmaster that Jackie has the bigger guns(add snickering here)

Al:Come on.....come on.....ready????.....and go!!!!

Ah oh Linda has it under Linda

Al:Come on people give them you support!

Jackie wait.....the Kings go it wrong.....Linda is the winner.....your webmaster is Shocked!!!!(mostly because the King couldn't tell the difference of which girl was which......duh!

Al:Linda won

Al:I'm sure everyone out there wants to know who won the WWE contest....the Tough Enough Two contest that we are going to award live this Thursday night right here at the World on MTV at show up for Tough Enough Two Season finale........

The End

Tough Enough 2 Season Finale---05/30/02 Hey, we are again..another season gone by, another live finale at 'The World' (located in the heart of Times Square, o' course); where the winners of this season will be announced TONIGHT..It's a night of thrills and surprises; so, let's get to it..

The show opens at the club, where we see the cast members from BOTH seasons seated (yes, Darryl is there), and Coach warms 'em all up as they sail into a re-cap of last week's episode--we see Jackie's injury, and the departure of Anni and Pete; and then, the announcing of the four finalists: Jake, Linda, Kenny and Jackie.

Quick edit to the ring at Trax West, and it's a herky-jerky trip down Memory Lane--fading out on Al saying, 'We're gonna have some fun today...some fun today..'

We then see the contestants working in the ring, and it is amazing to watch--from Kenny's standing drop kick, to Linda's hella crossbody from atop the turnbuckles..We hear the contestants' thoughts on what is about to transpire..they are being given their final evaluations. Al says that he has to keep testing them, as 'they are only limited by themselves at this point'.

They are then taught back body drop, and we hear Linda say that 'being nervous' gets her 'going'. Jake looks a bit nervous himself, but does well; and Al pops on and says how he is pleased with his progress, and that he has 'that special something'. The focus is then switched to Kenny, and Chavo says that he is a natural. Next up is Linda; and Ivory says that her physical capabilities are obvious, and that she has 'energy exhuding from her every limb'. Then we have Jackie, and 'Big' comes on and says that she is really tough for putting on that brace and working anyway. Al comes on and lauds them all for trusting him, and that it made him proud that they all just opened up and let it all go..there are several shots of him just beaming jubilantly.

Next they all go through Op Fitness for the last time (except for Jackie, who cheered from the sidelines). Rafael works them hard, making them all cry, 'I love Optimum Fitness!' as they do their final pullups..They get their revenge, as Kenny (who says, 'I am NOT going to miss Optimum Fitness', haha) decides to take Rafael 'by surprise' and, along with the others, toss him in the ocean. Heh.

They all go out to dinner with the trainers one last time, and we find out that Bob and 'Big' had a bet: whoever's sportd team won, got to make the other do what they in what they do best..with Bob, it would have been working out..with 'Big' it apparently is..eating and drinking. Bob looks his disgusted, grumpy best (along with his fiancee--hey! What happened to 'B.B'?), as he is forced to eat , 'a buncha crap, polluting my body'--all manner of evil, fried, artery-clogging food is put before him, including nachos and alfredo (as he says, 'I'm gonna throw up..')and beer..shudder..As Jakes says, 'Good stuff, man..good stuff.' Bob invites us into the restroom..saying he has got to 'p*ss'..and then throws the cameras out (so we cannot witness him sticking his finger down his throat, I guess)..

The last day. The are all packing to leave, interspersed with Linda raving madly at the house..saying goodbye to it, I guess..making me pine for Hawk. Jake says that 'you wouldn't need an electric chair or a gas chamber' you would just have to have 'Linda go 'atcha..' They drive away, as she tells the house it has 'just been burnt by Mocha'..the house says nothing.

At Trax for the last time, we are treated to a short montage of 'Superstars' on the wall, as they file in and shake the hands of their trainers. Kevin Dunn is announced, and he comes in to a montage-ette of sorts, and tells them all that it it 'Their Day' and that they will be matched up with trainers, and be evaluated on their work at cutting promos, and in the ring. He says that they have all proven to be 'Tough Enough' but that they are going to find out if they are 'good enough'..taking us to a commercial break.

When they return, it is back live at the club in NY; and Coach hypes the soundtrack, then takes us back to the show..Linda and Jackie have to have interviews with Kevin Dunn..and Linda comes off cool as a cucumber, saying that she does not doubt herself, but that she has learned humility there. She also says that she feels that the house was better with her there, as the others got to witness someone that was willing to step up and say that she does believe in herself. Kevin tells Jackie that she has a 'great story' as she was cut from the first season, and almost didn't make this was jumping in the pool that saved her. He then asks them what they think of each other; and they are polite, but put themselves over.

Next up is their promos..with a 'surprise'..Linda is mouthing off full-force at Ivory, and Jackie is doing likewise to Al when---the trainers burst in! Jackie does not really look at all surprised as Al grabs her by the hair, demanding to know if she has learned anything, bleeping-a-plenty..kinda scary and almost convincing, as he yells at the cameraman, to 'shut that d*mn thing off!'. Touche'. Ivory bursts in on Linda, and they go at it. Ivory slaps Linda square in the face, and the contestants are both challenged to matches with the respective trainers..The matches are amazing. Linda and Ivory go at it; and I mean, go AT it. Linda is smooth and confident in the ring, and strong as well. Jackie does well, too--her facial reactions were good, as Al 'worked over' her bum knee, and regaled us with a moonsault. Afterwards, Al asked her if she was okay, and Bob made over the fact that she was 'not a quitter'. Jackie says that maybe it was the adrenaline, but she did not feel her knee at all....Good work, ladies. We hear Jake say they are 'two of the toughest girls' that he has 'ever met.', but that it only served to make him want to get in there and 'whip some *ss'.

Back at the club, the four contestants are shown, and then Lilian Garcia comes on and introduces Al--who looks very nice dressed up. He welcomes us all (the crowd is screaming like mad), and we see that next to him is Chris Harvard (and Darryl, who tries to get on camera) who cuts a promo on Maven. Al turns it over to Ivory (who we then find out will be there for Tough Enough 3--cool!), who is talking with Nidia who goes on about how much her life has changed..and tells us that she has just done her first 'Diva' shoot. There is a close-up of the trophies as they break for commercials..

When they return, it is time for the guys to do their interviews and promos..Jake is naturally asked about his hair, and answers that his intensity is in his eyes..and tells Dunn, quite honestly, that he is a slow learner..Kenny is told that if he wins the contract, he will be wrestling daily with guys that probably won't like him as he has come in 'through the side door'...he replies that even though he will have come in through a tv show, 'you cannot fake effort'..well said. He also tells Dunn that, if he loses, he will find another way in--because 'it gets in you'. Jake tells Dunn that he has charisma, and says that he is looking forward to working with Bob..and when he says that he is not sure who will kick whose *ss, Dunn says that he 'can help' him 'with that'..Hmm..On to the promos. Kenny is likening Chavo to a 'buzzing mosquito' and Jake is being 'Chisel' again, and when the trainers bust in, it gets good; as Kenny gets slapped by Chavo, and Jake looks as if he is genuinely ready to fight Bob as Bob pushes him hard in the face, puncuating it with a wee headbutt...(It's not real, Jake..)

In the ring, Kenny is lighter than air, and full of energy. He shows us a nice dropkick and flying crossbody that has the other contestants yelling. Al looks on, both absorbed and delighted. We hear Jackie say that their match was 'awesome'. They made a good match, both size and style-wise.. Jake and Bob do, as well..and it is power versus power. Jake TAKES a fabulous dropkick, as Bob celebrates, heh. It is like 'Clash of the Titans', and after the bell has rung, Jake comes on to say that Bob is a great wrestler..and a lot better than he is. Bob says that Jake did a he*lluva job, and that he was really proud of him.

After the brouhaha, they take it down a notch, and the farewell addresses begin. As a show of mutual respect, the contestants are given their custom action figures--and they are so-o-o cool..Linda kisses hers.

Each trainer delivers a heartfelt little speech, with Bob warning them, not to 'let their heads get too big.'.

Al comes next, telling them that it is never easy to say goodbye to them, as they have gotten close..He tells them to think about they started with thousands, and are down to four. Pictures of their fallen comrades are shown, and Al says that they all wanted it just as much; and that he hopes that they never take for granted the gift he has given them. That when people come up to them in the future, asking them why they do what they do, that they may not be able to give a straight answer..Why? Because it is just something that they NEED to do, something that they just GOT to do, and if they DON'T do it, it 'just eats you alive'..that they will not be able to explain it. He calls them his kids, because they will always be a reflection upon him. He does not doubt that they will do him and the other trainers proud, and thanks them all for trusting him, and for letting him do this with them. There is an emotional round of hugs, and we hear all the contestants thoughts. 'Big' pops on, saying that it will be a tough decision.

Back at the club, Lilian comes on and welcomes Coach and Stacy Keibler, to a round of applause (Too bad Coach doesn't have his own music, and has to come out to 'Legs', haha). We find out that JR is home sick, and Stacy goes on about the hot tub thing...yawn. She then goes on to give Pete the highlight of his life by saying hi to him and waving..He looks like he is about to mess himself and blows her a kiss, as the crowd cheers him on. We then see Jason, Jackie's boyfriend, sitting next to her, grinning from ear to ear (Yup, he's there with HER and you are THERE with...hahha) Cut to commercial.

Back again, Coach announces that the contestants are there from both seasons, and Stacy kills time by asking the crowd who they think is tougher..hard to call. They then talk about Maven breaking his leg, and how he went on to finish the match, and I wish they would move it along a bit.

They do..and then show four stylish montages of the separate contestants, and hear the trainers' views. 'Big' makes an appearance onstage at last, and hands Stacy the first envelope containing a winning name....It is...LINDA! She looks shocked, and Jackie pouts fetchingly...Linda comes up and thanks who needs to be thanked, and then it's on to pictures of the remaining contestants..but wait! In Jake's little box they show Nidia! Wha? I am left laughing as they cut to yet another commercial break.

After the break, Coach tells us to look for Tough Enough 3 this September, and then the moment has arrived...who will it be? The envelope is handed to Stacy, who puts herself over by milking it out...and it is...Jackie! Surprise! The look on Kenny's face is heartbreaking (but, hey--I see that beer in front of him), and on Jake...simply dumbfounded. She comes up and thanks everyone..and the crowd is behind her. Wow. This turn of events had been speculated upon, but I really didn't see this coming..

Afterwards, the 'non-winners' are interviewed--Jake is 'p*ssed off and disappointed', but will not give up; and Kenny sorta runs off at the mouth, saying that maybe the contest wasn't about athletic competition but, he 'is not going to go that route' (no, Kenny--go on, do..), but that this is not the end of him..

The show ends with a huge group onstage of contestants past and present, and Stacy again trying to steal all the attention, haha...Coach sign us off, reminding us of the new season to come..

Just goes to show never know. Congratulations to the winners...See you all in September.

Tough Enough Press Release-

'WWF TOUGH ENOUGH™ 2' Kicks-Off Second Season February 28th on MTV NEW YORK/STAMFORD, Conn., February 22, 2002 -WWF Tough Enough™ 2, a co-production of World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. and MTV, kicks off its second season on MTV on February 28 (10:00pm - 11:00pm ET). The series documents the trials, excitement, and challenges experienced by 13 competitors as they vie to become the next male and female World Wrestling Federation Superstars. Two competitors will win the ultimate prize - contracts with the World Wrestling Federation®.

During its 13 week run, the first season of WWF Tough Enough™ was the #1 rated regularly scheduled program on cable on Thursday nights among teens ages 12-34.

The first episode is a one-hour casting special that recaps the selection process of the 13 finalists. The series continues with 13 half-hour shows every Thursday night at 10:00pm. WWF Tough Enough™ 2 will give viewers an all access pass to witness firsthand the decision making process behind choosing the next World Wrestling Federation® Superstar. Cameras will be strategically located throughout the house and training facility to capture the pressures of living together and competing against one another for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at stardom. World Wrestling Federation® Superstars Al Snow™, Tazz™, Chavo Guerrero™, and Ivory™ are the trainers on WWF Tough Enough™ 2. The weekly show will feature special guest appearances by World Wrestling Federation® Superstars including Chris Jericho™, Edge™, Big Show™, William Regal™, Stacy Kiebler™ and Torrie Wilson™.

Maven Huffman and Nidia Guenard, WWF Tough Enough™ champions from the first season, have been seen frequently on episodes of RAW® and SmackDown!™. Maven™ currently holds the World Wrestling Federation® Hardcore Championship and has been involved in an ongoing rivalry with legendary World Wrestling Federation superstar, Undertaker®. Nidia™ has accompanied Maven™ to the ring and has been a special guest at WWF New York Entertainment Complex during episodes of RAW® on Monday nights.

The Executive Producers of WWF Tough Enough™ 2 are Ken Mok from MTV and Kevin Dunn from WWFE. Interscope Records will release a WWF Tough Enough™ 2 soundtrack in May.



New Trainers

Trainers Inciedibly Honored

From the Ross Report/November 2001

JR:I enjoyed our time in Las Vegas to select the cast for "WWF Tough Enough 2." Too much work, too many long hours. Nine in the morning to 11 at night was our drill. Some were working more hours than that. A lot of really interesting prospects made the cast. A lot of really good prospects didn't make it quite frankly. The house in Southern California is going to be an interesting place to be and to observe. It'll house a group of unique athletes who understand that it's not going to be easy to make it. But I don't think we're going to have people quitting because they're sore this time around. There are a lot of folks who are very athletic and seem to truly want to be in this business. Their nine weeks of hell will begin soon.

The "WWF Tough Enough 2" casting special was Wednesday 11/7 and Thursday 11/8/2001 in Las Vegas.

Oct 15,2001-Around 4000 tapes were sent to the WWF for the new "Tough Enough 2" show. Auditions take place during November in Las Vegas, Nevada, at an unannounced location. Al is confirmed to return as Tough Enough trainer.

John"Big"Gaburick:"Tough Enough 2 auditions are now until October 5 and we are accepting tapes. The auditions themselves will be held in Las Vegas. We're still working out the logistics of the location but we are committed to have it in Las Vegas. It will be three days towards the end of October. It'll be somewhat the same type of thing we did with the first one with the format and the physical challenges and things of that nature. The show itself will begin shooting the first week of November at a yet-to-be-determined site. Tough Enough 2 will be on the air most likely in the first week of March."

John confirms he will be the producer of the Tough Enough 2 as well.

Original Post from

Tough Enough Two-September 11,2001

Tough Enough 2 is open to individuals with or without experience in the field of sports entertainment.

Here's what you need to do in order to be eligible for Tough Enough 2:

1) Send in a videotape (must be VHS) of NO MORE THAN 3 minutes that includes the following:

* Who you are and why you want to be a WWF Superstar

* A short "in character" demonstration (we know you've  been practicing this in front of the mirror for years)

* Show your physical build (c'mon, we need to know what we've got to work with)

2) Send a 5x7 or 8x10 photo of yourself

3) Fill out AND SIGN the "Tape Submission & Application" Form, Materials Release and Statement of Eligibility and Release (found below -- download them, fill it out and sign them)

4) Attach the photo to the signed application (no submissions will be considered without the signed application)

5) Send the photo, application, Materials Release, Statement of Eligibility and videotape to:

WWF Tough Enough

9899 Santa Monica Blvd.

P.O. Box 624

Beverly Hills, CA 90212

* Legal note: all tapes become the exclusive property of the Producers. By sending a videotape, you agree to grant the Producers exclusive rights to edit, alter, use, distribute and exhibit the contents of that VHS cassette (all or in part) in all media worldwide in perpetuity. Videos CANNOT be returned.

DEADLINE for tape submissions and applications is September 28, 2001. September 28th is right around the corner, so make sure you get your tapes in soon!  No entries postmarked after September 28, 2001 will be considered.

   Do not call to check on your submission. All applicants are advised that no expenses will be reimbursed.