UPN Vegas Vacation

Mick and Al's Vegas Vacation

Raw 11/15/99

Al has a match with Roaddog and does the J.O.B. on the R.A.W. Mick comes down the ramp and rolls in the ring and says Mick:Al!,Al!,come on turn that frown upside down,it doesn't matter that you lost,I lost last night,and the fact that your doll has been pulled off shelves all across the country doesn't matter ether.

Al:they say I beat women!

Mick:Al the important thing is Pittsburgh still loves you,maybe they never really loved you but I think they like you,and more importantly I like you,and I think that me,Mankind,and the city of Pittsburgh can help cheer you up,so if everybody would sing along with me we can make a man very happy

Mick:For he's a jolly good fellow,For he's a jolly good fellow,For he's a jolly good fellow,For he's a jolly good fellow,(fans:For he's a jolly good fellow!)

Mick:For he's a jolly good fellowwwwww....which nobody can deni(Al hugs Mick)that nobody can deni,nobody can deni,

(Al:Which nobody can deni,)

Mick:Which nobody can deni,For he's a jolly good fellow For he's a jolly good fellow For he's a jolly good fellow For he's a jolly good fellowwww,which nobody can deni!

Mick:Al I got even better news,I talked to the office today and they have agreed that both you and I need a vacation,so we are going to the city that never sleeps,the city of lost Angles,Los Vegas!

Al:(dancing around....WOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!

...Recaps of Mick and Al on UPN

11/16/99 UPN Tuesday night Al and Mick show up in Vegas,Al has his cam corder with him,he complains to Mick that he had to sit next to the restroom on the Air-plane,and that Al seems to think he smells funnie,they entered a casino and are spoted by some dork who starts acting like the Rock,Mick and Al run after him In the next break Mick and Al are playing cards,Micks got a really good hand,Al wonders how Mick gets so lucky,once again the dork guy shows up and they run after him again.

Third break Al and Mick are sitting in one of those rides that take you fast to the top of the ride(you know the one,I have no idea what it's called),anyway Mick is all upset about the dork kid,Al thinks Mick should just forget about him and have a nice time,just as Al says that the dork shows up again saying "know you'r roll"or some other Rock shooot,the ride flys upward,the boys say"Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

UPN 11/17 Mick and Al are sitting at a table,Al is still video taping Mick,Mick wanted to know if Al feels silly being a gew man carrying around a manquens head,Al tells Mick that it's no more silly then wearing a sock on his hand.

Second break Mick is playing a slot machine and wins a bunch of Quarters,Mick has an idea of where him and Al should go for fun,the camera pans to a Nudie bar across the street In the thrid scene we see Al and Mick at the Nudie Bar,some girls are dancing for Mick and Al,Al is still video taping,the camera shots down to the Quarters,as the camera pans back up one of the girls comes back and throws a Quarter in Micks eye.

The last scene Al and Mick come out of the Nudie bar,They both think they have had a fun time,but Mick thinks next year they should got to Niagara Falls,Al wants to know if on the way home on the Airplane if he could set closer to the front of the Plane,Mick says"don't count on it.....The End


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