Al co hosts Video Game Awards

Video Game Awards

The Wrestling part of the show begins when the Video Game"Smackdown-Here comes the Pain" wins the award for best fighting game of the year.....Al and Coach are at ringside happy that it won.....Al holds up the award for All to see

Jenna Jameson is the Ring announser....

Al:What did she say about me Coach???.....what she say about me?

Coach:Well she said you are sexy

The match is Jerchio vs Rey Mysterio Jr

Coach:Al how are we going to call this match with so many hot chicks in the place?

Al:Oh...we are swimming in women!!!!

Also out comes Victoria and Trish

Al:Victoria..she is Hot..she is crazy ....but ain't all women??

So it's a Raw vs Smackdown match

Coach:You know I think Lillian shoud stay home next monday night.....and Jenna needs to show up for Raw!

Al:Can you make that happen?

Coach:I'll do what I can


Jericho and Rey wrestle around......the fans are really into Rey.....the fans boo Jerio as the tossed Rey across the ring

Rey does the 619 and in runs Victoria to make the save.....Trish jumps into the ring

Al:Cat Fight!!!.....Cat Fight!!!!

Spring board by Rey onto the floor onto Jericho.....Victoria and Trish go at it in the ring......

Coach:Al do we have one of the best jobs or what???

Al:Coach that is really a stupid question

Trish is hung upside down in a corner.....Victoria pulls of Trish's shirt....a head sisseres by Trish and Victoria is comes her top......chops to the chest by each lady.....Trish sets Victoria on the top rope and flips up to send Victoria flying.....Victoria pulls on the top of Trish's pants to show black panties......Trish flips Victoria across the ring Victoria gets up ony to have her pants pulled down.....she's in all pink

Coach:What color you like Al?


Trish goes for the cover and gets the pin

Coach:All that is left is the after party

Al:There is an after party"....will Jenna be there???

Coach:Jenna will be there.