Excerpts from Tales from Wrescal Lane

Excerpts from Mick Foley's Childerns book Tales From Wrescal Lane

On the inside of the Jacket cover it reads......

"But what's up with Al Snow and that doll's head on his bike!"

The story in the book that features Al is called"Kurt's Coaster Crisis"

The story is about Mick,Stacy,Triple H,Kurt,and Al all going to Vinneland to ride the Roller Coasters

The part of Al is kind of a wimp and cries and what not about going on the big rides.....

Here are the excerpts that deal with Al.

When the food was eaten,Kurt stood and said"Lets go!" just a minute" Stacy said"we're waiting for Al Snow".

Kurt looked out and saw young Al,who struggled with his bike."I can't believe you invited him,the one wrescal I don't like."

Mick then pleaded"Let him come".as Al fumbled with the pedals.

All right,all right"Kurt gave in."but don't let him touch my medals!"

Kurt looked at little Al,who sat with his toy head."so you'd like to hear a story? I've got another plan instead

The train chugged on toward the park and while their friend were sleeping Kurt smugly smiled when he heard small sobs-little Al was weeping.

All the childern bolted too,and joined Kurt in the race.all,that is except poor Al,who could not keep up the pace.

The stugglin boy made Mick sad for the two of them were pals.Then as he has done for many years,mick picked up and carried Al.

His face turned red to match his shirt but he made it to the end.Al hopped down and gave Mick a hug.he said"you are my best friend."

"Too rough for Al"Kurt yelled out,but Stacy said,"Be quiet" Al looked up and seemed quite scared,sayng"I guess that I could try it"

Mick then said"I've got a plan that makes a lot of sense a way for Al to have some fun,in case the coasters too intense.

"Let's all go on a small ride first and if Al's a little frightened,then he can watch whle we all ride the Roller Coaster Titan"

Stacy rode with Triple H,Mick doubled with Al Snow.Kurt Angle rode all by himself and was the first to go.

Upon their reemergence,the kiddies seemed quite pleased all of them but Al,who had his heads between his knees,Stacy tried to dry Al's eyes but his tears were uncontrollable.Mick did his best to comfort him ut Al was inconsoable

The voice belonged to Vince McMahan who seemed to understand.He wiped away all Al's tears and took him by the hand.

When Kurt tried on hs new oufit,his chest swelled up with pride."maybe we should all find Al."he said and go on some smaller rides"

For hours the five friends laughed and played on Edges awesome train.And Kurt let Al Snow wear his gold.all the way to Wrescal Lane