Al and Tazz on Opie and Anthony

Al Snow and Tazz join the Opie & Anthony show

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They talk about Tazz beating up on Hardcore Holly Monday on RAW, saying it's good to see him wrestling again. They recap last time Tazz called in to the show when he scared some guy named Ben, the recap lasts for like ten minutes. Mick Foley calls in, Mick said good things about Snow and Tough Enough on Sunday Night Heat because not many people where watching. Al's the subject for a couple children's book Mick is writing. Mick makes fun of Test because Test never thinks of a good comeback. Mick may be done writing about himself, they talk about his books.

Mick says Al does not wear underwear while wrestling and sometimes his junk pops out, it did one time during a Hardcore Holly suplex (Mick told Bob told hold Al up longer than normal!). Al calls Hardcore Holly "Retard Strong". The strangest injury Mick has seen was Ron Simmons (Faarooq) had a laceration around his penis and he had to convince his wife it happened in the ring! Al and Mick love roller coasters, people want them to be in movies because they are a great comedy team. Tazz gets upset that he's known Mick for 13 years and their are no pictures of him in any of his books and Mick stole Tazz' orange colors for "Foley is Good". Mick leaves the show and they take a commercial break.

Back from the commercial break and talk about their favorite Flintstone episodes, Tazz is angry about the water they gave him, Anthony makes a comment that Triple H would get better water. Back to Flintstones talk & how they got upset when the voices changed after the original people died. Tazz wants to talk about Tough Enough, they mention the sneak preview party at WWF New York, it's not like any reality show 13 people come, one guy and one girl will get contracts. Every week one person gets voted off or possibly quits. Tazz said a lot of the people that send in tapes that didn't make it were jackasses.

Some guy calls in and makes fun of Tazz throwing the first pitch at a Mets game, the caller is a hair stylist and everybody in the studio laughs at the caller. Another caller says Tazz acts too tough, Tazz said that's his job, that's why Vince pays him. They talk about some porno. They take another commercial break.

Back from commercial Al, Tazz and Jackie will be at WWF New York tonight. Tazz is out of water again. Barbara Keicling sex chick with a book) calls in, Al and Tazz pretend to be Opie and Anthony during this interview (BORING chick).

Opie and Anthony now pretend to be Al and Tazz. After 15 minutes that interview is over, Tazz tells her to watch Tough Enough. Back to commercials. Tazz reads a live commercial.

Back from the break and they are taking phone calls and a girl wants to play "What's in my Pants?" they ask if she's pretty, she says she's a little chubby. Al told her to get some Stacker 2. They say she's not good enough for the game. Opie says he got chocked out by Steven Richards once and Tazz laughs at him and said he shouldn't tell anybody about it. Some dude named Rick called Tazz a pussy, Tazz yells at him. Tazz and Al have to leave now and go to WWF New York, Tazz plugs the show one more time. Al says the WWF has two King of the Ring tickets for Opie and Anthony. Al plugs the pay per view and they leave the show.


by Dave Higgins Updated: 6/19/2001 6:35:50 PM

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Tazz and Al Snow appeared on the "Opie and Anthony Show" in New York on 102.7 WNEW-FM this afternoon to hype "Tough Enough".

- They talked about Tazz' victory over Hardcore Holly on Raw. Tazz said he "got my ass kicked, then I won."

- They talked about Tazz' last appearance on the show, where a member of the show mouthed off about Tazz, thinking he had left, then was scared to death by Tazz.

- Mick Foley called in, and said he had specifically been told to call in by the WWF to make life hell for Al Snow. Jokes were made about Foley putting Snow over on Heat, and Foley said he did it because he knew how few people were watching. Foley made jokes about how Snow is a big part of his next children's book.

- Foley said he was concentrating on Test now, because while Al will occasionally have a comeback to his insults, Test has no verbal offense.

- Discussion of Foley's book led into Al Snow describing occasions that the "family jewels" have fallen out of his tights, and other stories about wrestler's nether regions.

- Foley talked about how he has been approached to make movies with Al.

- Tazz joked with Foley about how Foley called in and kept talking about Al, and not him. Foley hung up.

- Tazz and Al Snow ripped on the hosts for being in poor physical shape. They complained about being given water in cups, instead of bottled water.

- The hosts talked about an episode of the Flintstones that was on Cartoon Network last night. This led to a discussion of when the voice of Fred Flintstone changed after the original voice died.

- They did the plug for Tough Enough, which debuts this Thursday at 10pm on MTV. Tazz and Al talked about the party tonight at WWF NY for the show.

- Al said Tough Enough was not the kind of reality show where people just degrade themselves for a buck.

- They stressed that the winners would become wrestlers for the WWF.

- Tazz said Al comes off like a nice guy, but the only difference between the two in training is that Al smiles while beating up the contestants.

- Lot's of plugs for the show and the party.

- Tazz said part of the fun of the first episode is to see the people that didn't make it.

- They took phone calls from fans, including one that ripped on the way Tazz tossed out the first pitch at a Mets game. Tazz agreed that his pitch was bad. most of the callers were giving Tazz a hard time, saying he wasn't tough. Al Snow ripped on one caller that claimed to be a bounty hunter, saying he actually worked at a 7-Eleven.

- Tazz and Al Snow stayed in the studio while Opie and Anthony took a call from a woman who wrote a book called "The Good Girls Guide To Bad Girl Sex". Tazz and Snow pretended to be Opie and Anthony and talked to the author, who was clueless to it, while the real Opie and Anthony stayed quiet and fed them questions. Tazz snuck in plugs for Tough Enough while interviewing the author. Al played the serious interviewer, while Tazz asked totally off topic questions. Opie and Anthony then pretended to be Al and Tazz, and asked her some questions. (Got that?)

- They went back to callers, with Tazz and fans ripping back and forth on each other.

- Tazz threatened to stretch one of the people that writes for Opie and Anthony, Rick. Rick had been feeding Tazz lines for the interview, and Tazz refused to say some of them, so Rick insulted Tazz. Tazz browbeat him until he was worried, then told him he was just ribbing.

- Tazz and Al Snow laughed at Opie for saying he was once choked out by Stevie Richards.

- A male caller, claiming to be gay, came on to Al.

- Another caller made fun of Tazz, so Al Snow ripped into him.

- The hosts wanted Tazz to choke out someone, but he would only do it if they signed a release to not sue him or the WWF.

- Tazz and Al plugged Tough Enough and the party again, then gave Opie and Anthony two tickets to King of the Ring at the Medowlands, then left the show.