Al stars with Stacker 2

Elliott:Hey Kenny thanks for setting up this workout with the WWE Superstars.

Hank:Yea suggesting they they toughen us up for the next race was a good idea

Kenny:Did I say Tough Enough?...I meant TOUGH ENOUGH!

Al:Hi Girls....

Kenny:Ha...Ha...I hope you boys took your Stacker 2's because it's going to be a long day!

Bob Holly:You know Stacker 2 gives you that extra boost of energy.

Ivory:And it helps burn fat and crunch cravings

If the boys are getting tired I got some Stacker 2 in the car!

Announcer:Stacker's the Worlds strongest fat burner

Kenny:I need the number for a Jeff Gordon(snickering)......

Nascar Halloween Costume Party Oct31,2002

Oh no, Tough Enough is approaching now. No wait, that's Jeff Hammond, Kenny Wallace and Elliott Sadler. In long hair and a beard Jeff is doing his best Al Snow imitation. Kenny Wallace is trying best to be as menacing as Hugh Morrus. And while not quite as lovely as Ivory, Elliott is still a thing of beauty. He is stunning in a purple halter-top and blond wig. Being a crackerjack investigative journalist I ask, "Elliott, what DO you have stuffed in that top?" Before Sadler can answer Wallace says, "Grapefruits man, big, big grapefruits."