Channel Surfing With Lisa

Lisa Aprati worked with the WWE in 1995 promoting their pay-per-view events. Lisa soon became friends with the wrestlers of the WWE and started a show on Chicago cable TV called "Channel Surfing with Lisa"

On the show Lisa would feature one WWE wrestler per show.Wrestlers would show up on "Channel Surfing with Lisa" whenever they were in Chicago.It seems that Al was on the show as offen as he could

. Al would tell Lisa about the back stage fun of the WWE Wrestlers.

On one show in April of 1999 Al and Lisa got married .They were married on "Channel Surfing with Lisa" at the end of a one-hour special.

Al and Lisa didn't really get married It was a fake marriage for the fun of the show.

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Channel Surfing with Lisa

TPWW Wrestling Newsboard reported by Triple A

Staying on the subject of wrestler TV appearances, VkMBsB83 sent this along:

"Al Snow was on a show called "Channel Surfing With Lisa", it's a show that talks about what pay-per-views are coming up (I think it's only shown here in Chicago).

Al just made jokes the whole show, which were all pretty funny ("life's too short and so is Tazz"). There was also a short interview with Midion, he just talked about how Chicago fans are great and how he enjoys working with The Acolytes.

There was also an Al Snow trivia contest which they said was hard but was easy (what was the name of his deer hear--Pierre).

Also, the host asked to come down with Al the next time the WWF was in Chicago and he suggested she be one of The Godfather's hos (guess that's out now) but she didn't like that so he said he would talk to Vince about having her do something (wow, big ratings for that).

She also gave Al some hockey stuff and that was about it. It was a pretty funny show with Al making fun of people like Tazz, Mideon (or Midiot as Al called him), Steve Blackman, Hulk Hogan and others."

wienerboard-eradicator reporting

Here in the chicago area there is a show that pimps all the WWE pay per views (as well as other ppv events) called Channel Surfing with Lisa. It's actually a pretty interesting show because every time the WWE comes through town she gets a bunch of interviews (I saw her walking around at the All State Arena the Raw after No Way Out looking like she wanted someone to notice her). She has done a ton of stuff with Al Snow. He had a pretty funny segment on the show during his European championship reign, and Lisa gave him a hockey jersey for his collection.