Are you Tough Enough?

Are you Tough Enough?-July 2001 WWF Magazine

The time for joining Tough Enough may be over,but for millions of viewers throughout the world,the fun is just begining.That's because the Tough Enough television program is ready to begin airing this summer on MTV.For fans of the World Wrestling Federation and/or"reality TV",tOUGH enough is nothing short of a match made in heaven.

Earlier in the year WWF officials began the search for Tough Enough canidates.Fans were asked to send in sample videotapes of themselves explaining why they think they could be the next big Federation Superstar.

Needless to say,the tapes came pouring in.Next came the daunting task of sorting through all th samples to come up with the best of the best.

The finalists were put through a rigorous training program,which included workout sessions conducted by such Superstars as Al Snow,Tori,Tazz and Jacqueline.The trials and tribulations of ths select group of individuals will be on full display each and every week on Tough nough.You get to see exactly what happened to these men and women as they worked their butts off to be a part of the World Wrestling Federation.

At the conclusion of the series two participants-one man and one woman-will be chosen.These two will be offered developmental contracts with the World Wrestling Federation,and may one day be seen in the ring on Raw is War and Smack Down! That's why it's a good idea to make sure you catch Tough Enough when it airs on MTV this summer.You never know,you may be seeing the next Stone Cold,Triple H or Kurt Angle.