commercial break

Announcer:And now another episode of Coppers gone Ballzerko

Scene:Too Cops in a Cop car with the lights a flashing

Cop#1:Ever since Hasbro came out with this two fisted maze game people have been going Ballzerko

the Cop not driving is seen playing with the game an says

Cop#2:With electronic voices and this unique action grip can you blame them???

Over they CB you here a male voice say:Attention 409 in progress man gone Ballzerko

Cop#2:It's party time!,and it's going to get messy

The Cops pull up to a house and jump out of the car,as they run up to a the house a Woman is outside and says:Help me,he has gone Ballzerko in there,help me officers help me

The cops rush into the house

You can hear Al's voice from the other room

Al:It's driving me crazy,I can't stop!

the Cops get to the bedroom door and Cop#1 says:Ok here we go!,on 3 ready???,1,2,

Cop2 say:On 3 and ready and go???

Cop#1 looks at Cop#2 like he's goofy and says:3!

They rush into the room,sitting on the book shelf is HEAD

Al:Oh gosh!,with 3 lighting games in one and cool music,and sound,I could go Ballzerko all night long!!!!

Announcer:Join us next time for Coppers gone Ballzerko!

Cop#2:You never get used to this...........