Bodyslammers Training papers

A note from your webmaster:This page is information gathered at least two years after Al sold the school,these papers were sent to me by one of Al's fans Indigosno who reseved them on Jan. 3rd of 2000,at the top of the papers is an address and a phone number,I had heard that those who took over the school were no longer in business,just to make sure I called the phone number and got a recording for something called Buck-Eye's or something like that,which would tell me that the school is no more or it moved to parts unknown,the papers seem to me,now and I'm not THAT sure,but they may be just copys passed down from when Al owned the school and they just re-hashed them for their own ill Gotten Bootie,the only reson I think this is because it mentions Al's here you go....and remember AL HAS NO SCHOOL!....this is for History only.

Your Webmaster Wayne


(then it gives an address and phone number of where they USED to be)

Thank you for your interest in Bodyslammers Wrestling Gym.We here at Bodyslammers take our job of training prospective wrestlers very seriously.We endeavor to provide the most comprehensive and thorough educational experience you will receive in the field of Professional Wrestling.Our facility reflects this commitment as it is not just a ring in a backyard,barn,or garage and training is conducted on a daily basis not just 1 or 2 days a week

Please find enclosed in the package of information on Bodyslammers Wretling Gym that which makes this school surpass the rest.You will find that we are the most complete wrestling school in the world.

We offer the following:

- Intensive and extensive pro wrestling training 5 to 6 days a week 6 to 8 hours a day

- Use of weightlifting equipment.

- Instruction on television interview techiques.

- Instruction on dressing room protocal(that little extra may make or break your caree)>

- Assistance in development of your gimmick and personalization of your training to fit your wrestling style

- Instruction on a variety of wrestling style:(American,Lucha Libre,Japanese,Shoot Fighting,ect.

- Comfortable dorm room included in tuition(if needed)

- Kitchen facilities which provides you with the option of preparing your own meals,thus saving you money.

- Upon graduation a list of wrestling promoters thought the United States

- Video analysis of your traing progress to assist you in learning the necessary holds and techniques of professional wrestling.

- Information on where to purchase your wrestling boots,outfit,and publicity photos.

- Possible match upon graduation on one of our actual wrestling shows(dependent on show scheduling)

At this time we ask you to fill out the enclosed camp application and arrange for your physical to be performed by a licensed physican,who must also fill out the medical application

Please return these forms along with your camp deposit of Five Hundred dollars($500.00) in the form of a cashiers check or money order made payable to Bodyslammers Wrestler Gym.If for some reason you are not accepted into the school you will be refunded your deposit amount.These forms are self explanatory and must be filled out completly and returned with your deposit no later than(14) fourteen days prior to camp start date in order to reseve your space in camp

You will be considered on a first seved basis.Camp size is restricted to only (6) six students per scheduled camp,as we belive this insures the achievement of our goal is your success.

You will find also enclosed in this packet our contract/agreement form.Please read over this form thoroughly and carefully but do not fill it out or sign it at this time.We will do so upon your arrival at our school.

A helpfull hint to you,send a resume of your athletic background and previous endeavers and photos of your self along with your deposit and wrestling/medical applications to better enable us to consider you for our school.

DO NOT FORGET to specify the date of the camp you wish to attend.

If you are serious about your future in the field of professional wrestling,then this will be the best investment of your time and money you will find.

Ask questions and work hard and you will be able to attain whatever dreams and goals you set.If you have any futher questions please feel free to call us>(bogus number)


Al Snow


What to Expect

Trainng week:Monday-Friday

Times:10:30-3:30 p.m.

Rates($2,800.00)TWO THOUSAND AND EIGHT HUNDERED DOLLARS less $500.00 deposit with compled wrestling/medical application returned no later than two weeks(14 days) prior to camp start date.Remaining tuition,along with contract/agreement form due on the first day of camp.

Week 1-4

-Basic techniques of professional wrestling

-Video analysis of professional wrestling

-Psychology of technique

-Body trauma distribution

-Endurance circuit

-6 Video analysis of progress and tutoring in week areas.

Week 5-7

-Professional wrestling protocol and etiquette

-Advanced basic techniques as applied in the ring.

-Instruction on television interviews.

-Video analysis and tutoring(if needed)

-Graduation/possible performance on actual wrestling show.

A minimum of (2) two students are required for the operation of scheduled camps


This Agreement made this day____day of_____19___between BODYSLAMMERS PRO WRESTLING GYM(hereafter and also known as Allen R. Sarven(Webmaster note: in the copy sent to me there is a misprint print and Sarven is spelled Sarvin)


(hereafter student of___________

is a binding agreement

It is the intent of Bodyslammers Pro Wrestling Gym to provide the student with an introdutory education in fundamental maneuvers and holds recognized in Sports Entertainment(ie Professional Wrestling)Student understands that BODYSLAMMERS PRO WRESTLING GYM is therefore only responsible for such introductory education.BODYSLAMMERS PRO WRESTLING GYM holds no responsibility for further endeavers Studend may wish to pursue in sports entertainment(ie Professional Wrestling)

The fee of $____due and payable upon signing the form of cash,cashiers check,or money order is completly NONREFUNDABLE and nontransferable een in serious xases of illness,financial failure,and/or death.

BODYSLAMMERS PRO WRESTLING GYM requires all students to obtain a physical examination from a certified doctor and require persentation of such physical examination before using exercise equpment or any wrestling instrution.

All exercises(assisted or unassisted with no weight resistance or with resistance)preformed at,in,or about introductory education of wrestling maneuvers,wrestling holds,exercise equipment(free weights or machine)shall be at the sole risk of the student.All maneuvers and holds that are subject matter of introductory education that are performed that invole falling are at the sole risk of the student

Student understands that in Sports Entertainment(ie Pro Wrestling)Student understands that comletion of introductory education in the fundamentals cnnot happen or take place without subjecting him/herself to the possibilities of bodily harm,and therefore injury

Studen understands that injures come with the territory in agreeing to subject him or herself to this introductory education of the fundamental of holds,maneuvers,and exercise student must learn for the pursuit of a possible Sports Entertainment career(ie professional wrestling)

Student understands the the ageement to use and selection of holds ans maneuvers taught,slection of excercise(s)in the ring and outside the ring,methods of instrution to learn and utilize such holds and maneuvers shall be the choice and decision of BODYSLAMMERS PRO WRESTLING GYM during time of designated camp in which student isenrolled.Student agrees to execute and perform hold,maneuvers and exercises is the students sole responsibility.BODYSLAMMERS PRO WRESTLING GYM holds no responsibility as to the performance capabilities of student.

BODYSLAMMERS PRO WRESTLING GYM shall not be liable to student for any claims,injuries,damages or actions arising due to injury to students person or property arising out of or in connection with use of services,facilities,premises,holds,maneuvers,exercises weather the execution of or application taking place upon them of such holds,maneuvers and exercises.Student herby holds BODYSLAMMERS PRO WRESTLING GYM it's officers agents and employees harmless from all students behalf for any such injuries.

Upon signing this contract student understands bodily harm,including death,is not the responsibility of BODYSLAMMERS PRO WRESTLING GYM as such,studen and others acting on students behalf will not under any circumstances seek restriction in use in case of unforunate,unforeseen consequences.

Student acknowleges upon signing this contract,BODYSLAMMERS PRO WESTLING GYM is only responsible for the instruction/teaching of what BODYSLAMMERS PRO WRESTLING GYM defines as introductory education of wrestling funamentals(ie holds,and maneuvers recognized as such)

BODYSLAMMERS PRO WRESTLING GYM is not,cannot,and will not be held responsible for giving of any promise or guarantee whatsoever regarding students possible desire to pursue a career in Sports Entertainment(ie Professional Wrestling)

Student understands that any success or failures after the completion of the____day of wrestling camp are the sole responsibility of the student,not BODYSLAMMERS PRO WRESTLING GYM.In the event BODYSLAMMERS PRO WRESTLING GYM makes information available to any student(s)who have completed camp at BODYSLAMMERS PRO WRESTLING GYM regarding the student(s) desire to pursue a career in Sports Entertainment(ie Professional Wrestling). BODYSLAMMERS PRO WRESTLING GYM holds no responsibility to make information available tp other students who have completed camp at BODYSLAMMERS PRO WRESTLING GYM.Student understands that in the giving of such possible information, BODYSLAMMERS PRO WRESTLING GYM holds no responsibility for the success or failure of such information

In the event of a student(s) sucess in the possible pursuit of a career in Sports Entertainment(ie Professional Wrestling.Student of BODYSLAMMERS PRO WRESTLING GYM is under no obligation state where training took place,and Student is entitled to all rewards of such success.

Student agrees to submit a deposit of $500.00(five hundered dollars)by cashiers check,money order and or cash by no later than 14(fourteen) days prior to start date of chosen scheduled camp to have his or her place in said camp. Student understands the deposit in nonrefundable should student choose not to attend camp of a chosen scheduled date. Student can,however apply deposit to upcoming camp,upcoming camp must be completed within 3(three)months-90(ninety)days of original commitment.If not Student forfeits deposit student must pay the balance of $____within 72(seventy two)hours of beginning of camp,which Student has committed!!THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!Specifically,Student has registered space in camp to begin on___/___/___therefore,balance of $____dollars for a total of $ must be paid by___/___/___

Student acknowleges that signing this shall insure and be binding on the parties,and heirs,executonrs,administrators,assignees,and successors of the parties.

Students signature____________date_____/____/___