Brian Thomson Interview

Brian Thompson MCW Al Snow Interview

July 14, 2001

- psyccho247 reporting

You Never know who will show up when memphis Championship Wrestling comes to town. Recently, the fans in Newburn ,Tn. were treated with a surprise when WWF Superstar Al Snow showed up. The crowd truly enjoyed seeing one of the WWF's Superstars up close and personal. MCW ring announcer Brian Thompson was able to get a quick interview for you the fans. Below is the exlusive interview with AL SNOW!!!

BRIAN THOMPSON: What attracted you to the wrestling business?

AL: I don't know. We are still going over that in therapy. Right now to this day.

BRIAN THOMPSON: Who were some of the people who have been major influences in your career?

AL: Albert Einstien. Ghandi. Muhammed Ali. Henry Kissenger. Of course President Nixon. A list is not complete without him.

BRIAN THOMPSON: {Laughs} Okay.

AL: Mother Theresa too.

BRIAN THOMPSON: You first arrived in the WWF in the Mid 1990's. How would you compare the WWF of 1995 to the WWF of 2001?

AL: There is no comparison. I am actually making a living now and it is fantastic!!!

BRIAN THOMPSON: You've accomplished a lot in your career. What do you feel is left for Al Snow in the wrestling industry?

AL: The WWF Heavyweight Championship. More money. More matches that will create a memory for people. They'll go home and feel like they've been entertained. And instead of getting a weekend pass,actually getting parole so I can leave the state hospital for a longer time than just the weekend.

BRIAN THOMPSON: What do you think of the WWF's Developmental system?

AL: I think it is fantastic. It is the future of this business. Without it you're not gonna have new stars. This is an art form. it takes years to actually learn, to become polished, and to be proficient at. I think this is the smartest thing that Vince has done is that he has invested in his own business. Regardless of having disagreements with Vince or personality conflicts, you have to respect the man because he loves this business. He is completely passionate about this business.

BRIAN THOMPSON: One last question, What do yoU enjoy outside the wrestling business?

AL: Well, if I were to tell you that, that would bring up the whole legal issue. That brings the police questions. Whats that body doing in the trunk Mr Snow? we really dont wanna go there.

BRIAN THOMPSON: Thank you!!!