Recap of Al on WWE Byte This 12/6/02

Recap of Al on Byte This 12/6/02

highlights from this week's "Tough Enough 3" show, where contestant Jonah finds himself "on the throne" and "back to square one," if you get my drift.

Jonah's predicament isn't helped any by big ol' Bill DeMott pounding on the men's room door and hollering "Hurry UP in there!"

Uh oh, looks like this is revenge on Jonah for him pulling that "neck injury" gag on his team-mates last week.

Wouldn't you know it, Al Snow comes to Jonah's rescue by bringing him a roll of toilet paper. Of course, the roll's got exactly three sheets on it.Al tells Jonah "that's all there is," and to "use it wisely."Everybody's laughing fit to bust.

Live in his car and on the cell-phone is Al Snow himself, who is still laughing at Jonah's discomfiture.Dr. Tom says that Bradshaw's been in email contact from the WWE's World Promotional Tour, but that he's been having trouble getting through lately, and wonders if the web-rat working the emails fell asleep watching old Al Snow tapes?

"Ha ha, very funny, Prichard," says Al. And just when Al's about to regale us with tales from Tough Enough 3, he gets pulled over by the Ohio State Police, I'm guessing for talking on a cell-phone while driving, and gets cut off in mid-sentence.

This leaves Kelly and Dr. Tom looking at each other.Kelly asks Byte This! Phone Guru Chris Vallo what the deal is with Al Snow's phone call?"Just a guess, Kev, " says Vallo, " but I think the State Police wouldn't take too kindly to Al continuing to talk on the cell phone while they write him up for driving and talking on the cell phone, right?"

Kelly and Dr. Tom extend their condolences to the family of Jeff Peterson, a young wrestler who died this past week from lymphoma, then also talked of Billy Travis and Tim "Mr. Wrestling" Woods both passing this week. Kelly brings up that old saw about deaths occurring in threes.

Dr. Tom pooh-poohs the idea, saying that your time to go is your time, and the frequency rate don't enter into it. He then recalls the trouble OVW's Charlie Haas has had recently, both in the business and in family troubles.

Continuing in the OVW vein, Dr. Tom says he's amazed at the number of people in OVW who have joined the developmental program relatively late in their lives, past the 30 year mark. Guys like Rico, for instance.

Dr. Tom also issues a clarion call for the fans and especially the wrestlers themselves to learn the history of their sport.

"I told this 22-year old kid to get the same fire that Ricky Morton had, and the kid gave me a blank look," says Dr. Tom, "we need to learn and be proud of our history in this business." The Chatroom says that the new sound system sounds too muffled, and in Kelly's case, it is, though that might actually be a good thing, truth be told.

Kelly says that they've got two tickets for an upcoming WWE venue in the Northeast, and for the fans in the region to email the show and win the tickets.

"Those of you living in Colorado might want to hold off punching in," says Kelly.

"What if they hop a flight, Kev?" asks Dr. Tom. "Yeah, okay, whatever you want to do, folks," say Kelly.

Topic shifts to Scott Steiner joining, we think, Smackdown, after Stephanie McMahon got her, umm, "hooks" in him.

Dr. Tom says he doesn't know what Steiner's joining Smackdown will do for that promotion, though we might get an inkling on this week's "Velocity" show.

Lo and behold, here's Al Snow back on the cell phone again. Remarkably, he's not in police custody, either.

"I got a ticket for doing 79 mph," says Al, "he's right. I was."

"How much was the ticket?" asks Kelly. "Uh, 90 bucks," says Al, "one good thing, they didn't find the crack whore in the trunk." "90 bucks?" asks Dr. Tom, "that's lunch money for you, isn't it?"

"Ha ha," says Al, "I figure, it's a matter of playing the odds, right? This time I lost, is all." "Who can we blame for this happening to Al?" asks Kelly."(Byte This producer Matt) Duda?" "How about Big Country?" asks Al. "Yeah, Big needs some major heat here," says Kelly, rubbing his hands with glee. "Big gets the blame."

"So, anything bad happens on Byte This! It's Big's fault, right?" says Al with a smirk. Kelly asks Al's take on Jonah playing the rib on his fellow contestants.

Al says that in his 20 years in the business, that's the best rib he's ever seen played on a bunch of rookies.

"They don't do ribs like that anymore," says Al, "That was the way ribs were done back when I first broke into the business. Talk about your "old school" style! Guys took pride in doing ribs like that, and for Jonah to pull that off and do it so convincingly, I was really impressed. Back me up here, Dr. Tom."

Dr. Tom agrees, but says he doesn't rib and he doesn't like being ribbed, either. Though the "Laxative-in-the-Smoothie" incident, well, that was simply "measured retaliation."

"Who you think put Jonah up to this, Dr. Tom?" asks Al.

"(Tough Enough's) Big," says Dr. Tom, "it's his style of rib, y'see."

Kelly thinks the masterminds were Al and Bill DeMott."Oh, Bill would NEVER do something like that," says Dr. Tom with mock severity, "he doesn't rib, ever.""Yeah, right," says Kelly, "so that just leaves you, Al."

"Me?!" says Al, "Never! I'm like Dr. Tom there. I don't rib, and I don't like being ribbed." Al has a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about Tough Enough 3.

The final cut will be made by the fans themselves voting the night of the live show on Tough Enoughdotcom!

"Wow," says Dr. Tom, "talk about pressure!" Al also puts to rest the gripes about the contestants getting to live in a house in Malibu, blah, blah.

"These kids worked their asses off," says Al, "and complaints from people about how tough THEY had it starting out in the business is just so much sour grapes. Everything has a price. Yes the kids live in a fancy house, but the price paid is that they get a camera shoved up their ass 24/7. No privacy at all. No private lives, no private time, even their phone calls are taped. You try living with a camera up your ass 24/7 and see how you like it."

"Y'know," says Dr. Tom slyly, "Kelly here's actually had a camera up his ass..." referring to Kev's recent "unpleasantness."

"Hey!" says Kelly, making the 'cut' sign to Matt Duda offstage, "that's enough of that!" "What about Eric nailing that Icelandic chick, Al?" asks Dr. Tom, "didn't they get a few 'private moments?"

"Not too private," says Al, "they had to do a lot of 'editing!'""Ah," nods Dr. Tom sagely. Kelly wants to know what the rush was in Eric hustling the lady out of the room so fast? "Keep her around and save her for the rest of the guys, right?" says Kelly with a wink. Dr. Tom's shaking his head in disgust. "I, uhh, I'm not sure that's what Eric would have-" begins Al.

"The comments here are those of Kevin Kelly," says a straight-faced Dr. Tom, (doing the obligatory "PLEASE DON'T SUE US!" disclaimer), "and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the management, staff, or stockholders of WWE Inc."

"You are totally by yourself on that one, Kev," says Al, cracking up.To the phones, where regular caller Jesse wants to know if there will be a "Tough Enough 4?"

Al thinks there 's a good possibility that TE 4 will be headed to MTV sometime soon. "The talent that we've turned out means that the show's been a big plus for MTV and WWE," says Al, "it's a terrific show."

Kelly wants Al to compare the TE 3 cast to the previous contestants.

"This cast was a lot of fun," says Al, "they had a great sense of humor. I had a great time with them. Iceland was a great adventure for all of us. The shenanigans the cast and the trainers got into brought us all closer together." Dr. Tom wants to know what that "Black Death" drink was like?

You can almost hear Al do a shudder at the thought

."It was like drinking cough syrup," says Al, "and then it ate through your gut. Just murder!"

The Chatroom wants to know who Al thinks has been the most successful Tough Enough contestant who has had the most impact in the WWE so far?

"It's a toss-up between Maven and Chris Nowinsky," says Al, "at one point I would have said Maven by himself, but he sufferd that injury, and that gave Chris his chance to prove that he had what it takes."

"How about Nidia?" asks Kelly.

"Maven & Nowinsky come to mind first," says Al, "because I'm in contact with them more. But Nidia's my girl. She'll always be my girl superstar for years to come. She's fantastic as far as her ability inside and outside the ring. Chris and Maven stand out because this is a male-oriented business, but that doesn't mean Nidia's work is any less than their's."

Kelly wraps up this segment, thanking Al for the announcement about the fans having the final cut.

3 snaps to El Ostermeyer from Lords of Pain Wrestling newsboard for this report.....for the full report visit their site