Al at the Chase Tribute

Al and Wrestling at the Chase

"My first match was in Springfield, Ohio, in a two-ring twenty man battle royal on May 22nd 1982 with such luminaries as Austin Idol, Randy Rose, Al Perez, Sailor White, the original Moondog, and of course many more, then I got my first actual match, actually, first three matches at the T.V. tapings in St. Louis for Sam Muchnick at the Chase TV studio."


A Little history about Wrestling at the Chase

Wrestling at the Chase started in 1959 but most tapes of the show were lost untill one Randy Liebler and Tom Zupanci found a lone tape at kplr studios in St Louis,Kplr TV station and the Chase Park Plaza were both owned by Sam Muchnick who was also president of the St. Louis Wretling Club

Randy and Tom took their found tape and gave it to camera man Roy Baese who helped turn it into a one hour special,this one hour special may of also come about with the help of none other then Joe Garagiola of Baseball fame who was the original Announcer for the show,he also had a tape and with this the special aired.....wrestling fans loved it and the show was reborn.....

This is where Al makes his wrestling Debut......

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Wrestlers at the Chase

Al along with his trainer Jim Lancaster were but small pickings for the wrestlers who Wrestled for the Chase great names big and small.......Ric Flair,Harley Race,Dick the Bruiser,Dick Murdoch,Dory Funk Jr.,Dusty Rhodes,Ken Patera,King Kong Brody,Ted Dibiase,Sgt.Slaughter,the Von Ericks David and Kerry......

Along with others such as Jerry Brown,Mark Romero,Roger Kirby,Bulldog Bob Brown,Ron McFarlane,Dewey Robertson,Bob Sweetan,Crusher Blackwell,Rufus R. Jones,the Masked Superfly,Ben Patrick and many many more

Those Running the show

Your Announcer for the show was Larry Matysik who had worked the show before in the 70's,your ring Announcer was Mickey Garagiola who took over for his brother Joe and who was tired of waiting tables anyway

Your Referrees were Lee Warren,Joe Schoenberger,Eddie Smith,Ed Barns,and wrestling great Terry Garvin

The Setting

In the early days of the show the wrestling was see inside the Khorassan Room inside the Chase Park Plaza and it was a dinner setting as you would come all dressed up to come have dinner and watch the wrestling from ringside,by the time of Al's debute the setting had changed and the show and moved into the KPLR Studios inside the Chase,there were also live show at the Checkerdome and at the Kiel Auditorium

prices for the show were pretty cheap and ran from 3 to 7 dollars

Al's Matches at the Chase

As stated by Al hmself above he worked 3 matches at the Chase we now give you play by play of two of them

Al vs Kerry Von Erich

Mickey:Welcome to wrestling at the Chase,the opening bout a one fall with a ten minute time limit,introducing from denton Texas weighting 248 lb's Kerry Von Erich.....from Philadelphia Pennsylvania

(Al looks out of the ring looking around as if to say"Who's he talking about?")

weighing 234 lb's Al Snow....Referee Ed Barns

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Al is wearing a sweat shirt and blue trunks.....he takes the shirt off as the fans boo

They circle the ring throwing punches in the air Kerry swings around onto the mat and tries to get a hold of Al's leg...Al gets away.....they lock up in the middle of the ring Kerry gives Al a punch and puts him in an arm bar.....around and around Kerry works on Al's arm.....Kerry steps over and underhooks Al to the mat....

Kerry kind of puts Al in a bear hug as they sit there on the mat....Kerry gets Al up off the mat and into another arm bar....Kerry then grabs one of Al's legs and sweeps Al to he mat.....down on Al Kerry comes with a knee drop.....Kerry then works on Al's leg.....the ref makes a one count as Al gets his Shoulder up......Kerry steps on Al's chest and springs Al's leg forward.....Al lays on the mat in Pain

Kerry takes hold of Al's leg again and works on it some more.....Kerry rolls Al onto his tummy and gives Al the old toe hold...Al tries to lift out of it but Kerry will have none of that.....a knee drop to Al's back and more with the toe hold.....Al manages to get his fingers in the eyes of Kerry and Kerry lets go

Kerry falls into a corner but gets back up...Al goes to meet Kerry in the corner and gets a boot to the guts Kerry jumps off the second rope and chops Al on the back.....Kerry helps Al off the mat and gives Al a snap Mare and a knee drop to the noodle.....Al lays on the mat in more pain

Kerry helps Al up by his hair and once again puts Al in an arm bar.....Al manages to walk Kerry into a corner and gives Kerry a knee to the guts and a chop to the back of Kerry's head......Al pulls out of the corner as Kerry holds his guts in the corner.....Kerry in a quick move sweeps Al off his feet....Kerry hits Al with an arm drop across the leg....again Kerry works on Al's leg with a toe hold.....Kerry gets up and pulls Al's leg springing it back the wrong way......Kerry hits Al in the noodle with a knee can hear a fan say"give it up Snow!"

Kerry helps Al up and hits Al with a flying Mare.....Kerry gets a two count.....Al gets up only to get a drop kick right to the noodle....Al is slow to get up but as Kerry tries to help Al up Al hits him in the tummy.....

Ah oh.....Al is sent for the ride and is hit by the grapevine on the way back ......Al no gives up and flips Kerry out of the hold.....another flying Mare by Kerry.....a low suplex by Kerry and it's all over.......Al pulls off one of many J.O.B.'s to come.

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Al Vs Hercules Hernandez

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They circle the ring then tie up.....Hercules gives Al a push and Al falls to the mat....Al on one knee sets there thinking about what just happened.....they stand for a second just looking at each other then they tie up again....again Al is pushed to the mat....Al gets up and they circle again.....again they lock up but this time Al gets Hercules in a head lock Al works on Hercules's head.....Hercules picks Al up like his is nothing and goes to set Al on the top rope....Al jumps to the apron.....Hercules walks away showing off to the fans.....Al climbs to the top rope he waits till Hercules turns around and then gives him a drop kick to the noodle....Hercules goes flying across the ring and to the mat....Al get up and walks over the Hercules only to get a boot to the guts...Hercules hammers on Al's head Al hits him back....Hercules punches Al in the face and Al falls to the mat

Hercules walks over and gives Al a suplex he rolls Al over and gets a two count Al tries to get up and gets a boot to the face....Al on his knees gives Hercules a punch to the tummy....Hercules no feels that and gives Al an Elbow to the noodle....again Al hits with a fist to the guts which only gets him knuckles to the forehead....Al rolls around on the mat and gets a boot to the back....Hercules helps Al up by his hair.....Hercules picks Al and and throws him across the room....from behind Al gets a boot to the back.....then again Al gets knuckles to the back of the head

Al's doing a find job of on this one

Al laying on the mat gets a boot to the back of the head....again Hercules helps Al up by his hair....a nice Suplex by Hercules and a finger to the eyes and Hercules gets a two count....Al sits there and gets another boot to the back of the head.....I'm sure Al had a headache by now....

A backwards neck breaker by Hercules....Al's not feeling to good but as good as a jobber as he is he kicks out of the two count......ANOTHER kick to the back by Hercules.....Al lays on his tummy which was the wrong thing to do as Hercules sits on Al's back with a chin lock locked in.....the ref makes Hercules let the hold go as Al gets his arm on the ropes....Hercules lets go but kicks Al in the back on his way out....stomp....stomp on Al's back

Hercules takes Al by the hair runs him across the ring and beans Al's head into the turn buckle....Al lays on the mat and gets a boot to the side of the head.....Al is sent for the ride....ugh on the way back Hercules puts Al in a bear hug.....Hercules is squeezing and squeezing the life out of Al....Al gives Hercules an elbow to the head but it does no good....again Al tries with knuckles to the face....Hercules hangs on...Al flaps his arms on the side of Hercules head which breaks the held.....

Hercules just lifts Al and tossed Al into the elbow smash to the mat and an elbow to the back of Al's head..a boot to Al's back......Hercules picks Al up and hits Al with a body slam......Al seems pretty dizzy....a boot to the back again by Hercules....and another one....Al tries to get up and gets an elbow to the back of the head.....Al's about to pass out....Hercules goes to help Al up and now Al is on the move with some chops of his own....Al sends Hercules for the ride and hits him with a clothesline on the way back.....go Al go....Hercules tries to get up but Al gives him a boot to the guts....Al sends Hercules for the ride.....Hercules holds onto the ropes and Al misses with a drop kick.....oh no I fear the worst!

A kick to the head by Hercules..Hercules helps Al up....Al is send for the ride and is hit with a power slam on the way back....Hercules get a two count but lefts up Al's head....looks like he's not finished with Al....Hercules helps poor Al back to his feet then hits Al with a Shoulder Breaker......Al is 5 minutes 54 seconds

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