Codes for Al in WWF Raw

Codes for Al in WWF Raw


>= Right

<= Left


CP= Control Pad

AS= Analog stick

/= "Or"

---------------------------------------------- Superstar Standing:

Grapple A

American Jab R X

Body Punch R >X

Low Drop Kick 2 A^

American Jab L Toe Kick R1 X

Low Blow(v-meter flashing) A+B

Block Y

Counter Strike X+A

-------------------------------------------------- Front Grapple-Weak:

Scoop Slam A

Suplex A^

Monkey Toss A

Hammer Lock Arm Wrench >A

Shift To Back Grapple B

Throw Opponent into Ropes AN+B

Elbow X

Knee Attack >X

Toe Kick 1 Hand Sledge Hammer X^

Headbutt X

Break Grapple Y

-------------------------------------------------- Back Grapple-Weak:

Back Pull Down A

Neck Breaker A

Russian Leg Sweep A^/

Back Elbow X

Waist Elbow X

Back Headbutt X^/

-------------------------------------------------- Front Grapple-Strong:

Powerbomb A

M Back Drop A

Al Snow Headbutt A^

Manhattan Drop X

Powerbomb Whip X

Northern Lights Suplex 2 X^

Snow Plow(v-meter flashing) A+B

Shift To Back Grapple B

Throw Opponent into Ropes AN+B

Break Grapple Y

-------------------------------------------------- Back Grapple-Strong:

Sleeper Hold A

Leg Trip A

German Suplex Whip A^

Back Lariat X

Atomic Drop X

School Boy X^

Back Drop 3(v-meter) A+B

-------------------------------------------------- Opponent on Ground:

Stomping X

Elbow CP+X

-------------------------------------------------- Opponent Lying on Back:

Head Pound(upper body) CP+A

Head Pound(v-meter flashing) A+B

Half Boston Crab(lower body) CP+A

Half Boston Crab(meter flashing)A+B

-------------------------------------------------- Opponent Lying on Stomach:

Face Pound(upper body): CP+A

Face Pound(v-meter flashing) A+B

Knee Crusher(lower body) CP+A

Knee Crusher(v-meter flashing) A+B

-------------------------------------------------- Running at Opponent:

Clothesline X

Clothesline(v-meter flashing) A+B

Neckbreaker(front) A

Bulldoging Head Lock(back) A

Elbow Drop 1(opponent 1) X

-------------------------------------------------- Counter Running Opponent:

Shoulder Through A

Power Slam CP/AN+A

Power Slam(v-meter flashing) A+B

Back Elbow X

Back Elbow CP/AN+X

-------------------------------------------------- Opponent Leaning on Turnbuckle:

Tackle(front) A/X

Punch(front) A/X^

Headbutt(front) A/X

Suplex(v-meter flashing) A+B

Corner Pull Down(back) A/X

Corner Push Combo(back) A/X^

Lariat(back) A/X

Back Drop(v-meter flashing) A+B

-------------------------------------------------- Superstar on Corner Post:

Double Axe Handle X

Diving Leg Drop A

Moonsault Kurt(v-meter flashing) A+B

-------------------------------------------------- Superstar on Second Turnbuckle:

Dropkick(towards corner) CP+A

-------------------------------------------------- Opponent on Corner Post:

Wave Rope(opponent facing ring) A

Toprope Thrust(o facing outside) A

-------------------------------------------------- Superstar on Apron Grappling Opponent in Ring:

Front Rope Stun Gun(o facing out)A

Drop(opponent facing ring) A

-------------------------------------------------- Superstar In-Ring Grappling Opponent on Apron:

Stun Gun A

-------------------------------------------------- Flying Attack from Ring to Outside:

Plancha(towards rope) CP+A

Baseball Slide Kick(running) AN+A

-------------------------------------------------- Flying Attack from Apron to Outside:

Double Axe Handle(towards outsideCP+A

Double Axe Handle(running) AN+A

-------------------------------------------------- Flying Attack from Apron to Ring:

Swan Dive Drop Kick(towards ring)CP+A

-------------------------------------------------- Taunts:

Check Hand B

Common Tanut 1 CP+B

Taunt(on corner post) B

Taunt(in corner) B

Taunt(on apron) B