Al-The butt of Mick's Jokes

"I now know why wrestlers wear sun glasses to public events..the flashbalbs from the cameras start to blinde you after a while.Which reminds me, I was talking to Al Snow and we were talking about that same thing, Al told me he wears glasses all the time out in public and I said Why Al? You've only signed 6 autographs."-Mick

Al-The Butt Of Mick's Jokes

As Mick was "Fired" as Commish of the WWF,he took off on a College tour,in which he used to make more fun of Al,some Al Snow fans were there to stick up for their cult hero.....

Mick Foley at West Chester State UniversityTo:

Thursday, February, 8th, 2001

As Foley was coming out--he received an unusual visitor--please include this in the report for posterity--but a ladybug--in Pa--In Feb??? flew up to him on stage, and he bent to pick it was quite a touching little moment

Many thanks to Sue In USA, for getting the tickets, and the info for this 'Evening with Mick Foley'--she is one classy lady with a great sense of mischief and adventure.

The evening opened with him showing his 'Hell in a Cell Retirement Match' with Triple H. Foley is a natural born-speaker, a nice guy, and shockingly handsome up-close..He came out in his usual attire, to a huge pop..but to rather a smallish crowd..He discussed, among other things, the Parent's Council: making many valid points--and treated us to a preview of, 'Hard Knocks and Cheap Pops'--sort of a video/DVD showing lots of backstage interviews, etc.--there is an AL-flavoured surprise involved there that he asked 'Anyone reporting this to the Internet' (splat!)not to reveal, as he wants to spring it on Al I won't go there..

But there was plenty of Al to follow.. And Sue is my new Hero, as she had brought along many Pro-Al >signs-- Right off the bat, she pops up with, "Al Snow is a genius"--to which Foley pointed and laughed, asking everyone to 'please not beat her up afterwards'--or something of that ilk..She followed up with, 'You love AL'--which he also laughed and commented on, and then got him with,'You need Al' which he also liked and commented on..

Really got a kick out of her..He talked about Him and Al eating >at IHOP, 'Because Al likes to eat there every >night--and always gets the same thing! An egg-white omelet with turkey inside!'..and how he and Al were discussing 'The Wizard of Oz' one night..Foley arguing that the Wicked Witch of the West was 'the bad guy' and and Al arguing, "No she wasn't'--

Foley:'But she tried to kill Dorothy!"

Al: 'Because Dorothy was trying to kill her!'

Foley:'But she was trying to get the Ruby slippers!'

Al:' Because they were HER shoes!'

--using that as a lead-in to how violent the book really is--all going back to the Parent's Council..

Also a bit about how they classify things--listing them as 'sexual', 'violent', etc--how do you classify HEAD? About Bozell freaking about the HEAD--'double entendres--no! violence towards >women! No!', etc..And of, course, winding up with the infamous 'penis suplex in Montreal' story..said that Al's '!!ep pleh' on his forehead should have said, 'Lamb to the slaughter'--and made a reference's '70's hair-do'--'a grooming thing' gales of laughter from the audience, and more signage ('Be Nice', I believe) from Sue...

He was very kind to us all--signing autographs, submitting to pictures, even though he was obviously tired..but couldn't resist splatting me for wearing my Al 'Voices' tee-shirt..

.We then were treated to the night's showing of 'Smackdown" and Al's match with Rikishi and Fatu..grrrrr...

HEAD Staff member-Indigosno

February 24, 2001

Mick Foley was on hand at Carl Casper's Custom auto show in Louisville, Kentucky today to sign autographs with an enormous crowd. So large in fact, the line snaked out of the building and towards the horse barns at the Kentucky fair and Expo Center. He took the stage at 7, to chants of "Foley! Foley! Foley!", and began to charm the fans. He began with "I don't know why so many people want to meet me, but let's all have fun tonight, right here in Louisville, Kentucky!" He wore the token red flannel and sweats, as well as the largest Tigger shirt I have ever seen. There I stood, with my Al and Head shirt, and caught his attention. He was very fan friendly, smiled constantly, and left everyone feeling they had a moment with the legend, even if the fans were moved on with great crowd control skills. At one point he was in the crowd, for those with disabilities, and was even on his hands and knees signing someone's shoes (??) Somehow, he even managed to sign the tiniest Mankind I have ever seen, no easy feat in those huge hands. His assistants were also very kind, catching his attention for pictures and very graceful in their requests. He recalled Sue and Indi's visit with him in West Chester, the signs as well as the infamous "Ladybug." He told me at that time that the ladybug stayed with him all day. He asked if I liked the books, and I asked when to expect the next one. The next autobiographical book will be out in May, the Halloween Children's book in September.

  I was fortunate enough to meet Mick after the signing in the dressing room, where an exhausted Foley rather collapsed in a chair. He smiled and greeted me warmly, recognizing me from the line (I guess being the only one with an Al shirt didn't hurt!) I began to tell him, that prior to a Smackdown Taping in October, 1999 I hadn't watched wrestling for years, but there he was book in hand, and it intrigued me so that I bought it. He said, "You started watching wrestling after reading my book?" he then asked, "Where was I when I was talking about the book?" I told him he was in that very arena. "Yeah, right after the Rock and Sock Connection broke up." He has a memory like an elephant. And then I told him the best part…after reading so much about Al Snow in his book, I had to find out what that was all about, so inadvertently, he spawned an Al snow fan. He was obviously tired, telling his assistants that it's not easy to smile and be nice for two hours straight (not to mention the writer's cramp), but it was okay, he'd talk to a few more people. I told him then, that for drama class, my daughter read Christmas Chaos, complete with props that included a "Best of Al Snow" tape. I said, "See…it does exist!" He laughed heartily. My sister and I had our pictures taken with him, and as I thanked him and turned to go, he said…"Not to plug my new DVD or anything, but there's a lot of good Al stuff on it." It wasn't until then I remembered I was wearing my Al Snow for Commissioner button and I turned to give it to him. He asked where I got it, and I proudly said the Al Snow's HEAD website! (Go Wayne!) I told him he was also indirectly responsible for some great friendships (that means you, Snowdreamer, Indi and Sue!) and he said "Happy to help…but I'm not so sure I'm happy about having spawned an Al Snow fan," grinning all the while. Then he said "let me sign it for you." And with a flourish he did. I looked at him then, touched his shoulder and thanked him, for everything. For without him, there would be no Al for me!

  All in all, my first hand opinion of Mick is that he a very well spoken, charming, and fan friendly man, will a sense of humor as broad as his shoulders. TV cameras do not do him justice…there is a sparkle in his eyes that is impossible to catch on film. And to those ladies out there who share my appreciation of male beauty, all I can say is you have to see it to believe it. Although armed with the knowledge of his ability to poke fun at our hero, one cannot help put genuinely like and respect the man. So, if no one else decides to purchase Mick's upcoming DVD and book, I most certainly will, and I'll let you in on the good stuff!

HEAD Staff member Angie

Mick was speaking at a NY College and had this to say about Al

Mick:A blind guy takes his dog into a bar, and Al Snow is wrestling on the TV. Snow does an armdrag, and the dog runs a lap around the bar and jumps on the stool tired. Snow hits a dropkick, and the dog runs TWO laps, jumps backwards on the stool, and is tired. The bartender says "Wow, your dog is a helluvan Al Snow fan, what does he do when Al Snow wins?" The blind guy says "I don't know, I've only had him for a year and a half."

Mick went on to say that Bob Holly is a curdmugeonly fellow, and that he and Holly played a trick on Snow once, when they saw that Snow had only a singlet on. It was a tag-team match between Mankind/Snow vs. Holly/someone. Mankind tagged in Snow, and Holly was in the ring. Holly kicks Snow in the gut legit (Foley says "like everything else Bob does"), and he gets Snow ready for a vertical suplex. But before he suplexes him, he jerks the singlet to one side, and then lifts him up, and holds him up "for 11 seconds". Foley quoted George Costanza from Seinfeld in saying that there was major "shrinkage", and that Snow's genitalia was "a sparrow's egg in a vulture's nest".

Mick was at IUP Thursday Feb 1,rumor has it that Mick once again told a bunch of Al jokes which was said to of had the crowd in stitches.

One such joke and or story may have been this one sent in by HEAD Roving reporter Doyle in which he found at

The best part of the night (besides meeting him) were Mick's stories. He told a great one about he and Bob Holly's conspiracy against Al Snow ( who Mick tore up Al all night).

As it turns out Al Snow doesn't wear underwear or a jock or anything under the tights he wears to the ring. So Mick and Bob Holly come up with this scheme for good old Al to fall victim to. At a house show in Montreal Al Snow and Mankind were in a tag match against Crash and Hardcore. Mick tags in Al and Crash tags in Bob. Bob procedes to give Al a lot of stiff moves (according to Mick he does that a lot). Bob sets Al up for a suplex and he grabs the opposit side of Al's tights so that he his completely exposed. Not only does Bob do this, but he hold him in the vertical suplex for a good ten seconds. Slowly the crowd starts to notice, and the place busts out laughing. Mick describes Al's genital region as "trimmed like people in the 70's". Mick also used the line "there was significant shrinkage".

It was Mick Foley night at a Cleveland Crunch indoor soccer game 2/9/2001. During the game, he snuck out near the field and watched for a while. At halftime, he came out for a "Pack your bags" contest. 2 guys dressed in those big sumo outfits had to pick up 1 piece of clothing and run to a suitcase, then back for more clothing, etc... Whoever won got to fly tomorrow to see a WWF show.He also threw in that Al Snow would not be on the card. At that point, you could easily tell who the Foley fans were due to their laughter.