Al Hosts MTV's Countdown to Summerslam

DJ Skribble and Al host Count Down to Summerslam

Fade in to WWF NY....pan in on Skribble and Al,behind them are screaming fans

Skribble:Hey everybody,whats going on?,my name is DJ Skribble we are here at WWF NY the greatest sports complex in the world,and when you come to the WWF NY you might find a WWF Super Star like my man right here Al Snow,and HEAD,HEAD is here,and we are here right now to give you a preview of whats going on August 27th,it's called Summerslam baby,it's happening in Raphly Caralina,oh it's going to be crazy man,is there any Raw fans in the house?


Skribble:Is there any Al Snow fans in the house?


Skribble:We also have big time WWF fan Wyclef Jean,he is going to be going one on one with the Rock(mean time Al has the fans chanting"HEAD!,HEAD!,HEAD!)and a whole bunch of other people too,you might want to stick around......

Al: I love his man,he is great!,you don't know MTV what talent you have!!!!

Skribble: Ha...HA....HA...And we are going to tell you about the main event at the WWF August 27th,PPV,it's going to be the crazyest event in the world

Al: I'm so excited I have chicken skin!

Skribble:You know what we should do right now?

Al: What?

Skribble: The new commissioner is now with the WWF

Al:Oh(Al mumbles something)

Skribble:Mick Foly,we got to....whats going on Dog???

Mick:Hey guys thanks alot,listen I'll be with you in just a little bit,I just put in a best of Al Snow video and I'm going to watch the whole damn thing(Mick looks behind him)....ok it's over...ha ha,oh,oh.....

Al: Very funny Mick,I can't stand you some times

Mick starts blah blah blahing about this and that and the other thing....fade

Part 2

Skribble:We are here with Al Snow WWF Super Star,and of corse HEAD,just raise that in the air lets see what the crowd does(Al holds up HEAD,the fans pop for HEAD


Al: They all love HEAD



Al jumps on the bar with HEAD

Al:I feel nuts,I feel nuts!, And you know why Scrabbie Doo?,I'll tell you why I feel nuts,because I am just crazy about the WWF Summerslam main Event,you know it's a three way match...


Al: Between Kurt Angle,Triple H,and The Rock

Skribble:And the peoples champion is going to be having it going on,now we figured today we would let him go one on one because this weekend we don't know who is going to win,I mean I'm rooting or the Rock,everybody else I'm sure is rooting for the Rock too

Al: Not me.

Skribble: But we got my man Wyclef Jean who is a crazy WWF fan,we are going to go one on one right now to Wyclef Jean who is with the Rock

Rock and Wyclef talk about Poo Tang Pie

Part Three

Skribble:Wyclef is going to be going one on one with more WWF Super Stars in the hour,we are going to hear more from the Rock,what else we got Al?

Al: Well we are going to go back and see what happened when Kurt and Jenny McArthey squared off in a no holds bared match at the MTV beach house

Skribble:We got a whole bunch of crazy people in the house....whos your Favorite WWF Super Star?

Boy:Scotty Too Hottie

Other boy:Kurt Angle,and that is true

Al: Whos your favorite WWF Star?

Boy: Al Snow baby!


Al points the mic at a girl fan

Al: And who is yours?

Girl: Rock!

Al: Errrnk...wrong

Al goes on to another girl fan

Girl:The Rock

Skribble: We'll be back

Al:take a bathroom break now because you don't want to miss anything when you come back

Part Four

Skribble:Thats right everybody I am DJ Skribble...S..K...R...I...Douple B....L....E.and I'm here with Sal Snow with the WWF

Al:Al Snow



Skribble:Oh well whatever,as MTV's count down to Summerslam

Al: thats right,I am so excited,look I'm getting excited,it's not cold in here,and I am going to check the script because I said Sunday last time....(Al looks at the script) is Sunday,thats right,way to go DJ Gurbble,and then in one of the biggst matches,and you can tell I'm doing this off the cuff,Canadian Crippler Chris Benoit,also Chris Binoit against Y2K Chris Jerico the Iatola of Rock n Roll-a,that saying went out with the Bay City Rollers

Skribble:Thats right and we sent our man behind the scenes,behind the scenes right now is in search of the Iatola of Rock n Roll-a my man,one of the crazyest crazyest producers also Fujie member Wyclef Jean

Part five

Al: I'm excided,the last time I seen something like that was on the Spice chanel(talking about what they showed of Kurt and Jenny)looks like Kurt could handle Jenny Pretty easily,I don't think he is going to have such an easy time a Summerslam

Skribble:Oh no...,p>Al: With Triple H...

Skribble:And the Rock,thats the peoples champion,thats the Rock,it doesn't matter what anybody else thinks the Rock is going to take it....

Al: You think?

Skribble:I know Rock is going to take it

Al:You are not payed to think,you are payed to scratch records ok!

Skribble:And hang out with you today,lets take another look at the peoples champion The Rock

Al:Take it as close as we can possibly get

Part Six

Al:We are back!

Skribble:We are back

Al:We are going to check out exclusive footage of Buba Ray Dudly in bed, Ha,Ha,bay watch Babe Donna Deairiko(not sure about the spelling)

Skribble:Did he bounce her throw a table?

Al:I don't know but I'm sure here was some wood involved,watch the mighty oak fall

Skribble:And when we get back we are going to take a closer look at the Main Event at Summerslam

Al:Timberrrrrrrrr...I love this man....he is a Saint.....

Part Seven

Skribble:My name is DJ Skribble,and I'm here with WWF Super Star Al Snow and MTV's count down to Summerslam

Al:Your getting a little testie there,but we will get past that,Buba Ray Dudly one of the toughest guys will be there at Summerslam,he is partners with Devon Dudly,they are imfamous on putting girls throw tables,p>Skribble:Him and the Bay Watch babe there,she kind of went into his room and didn't know who he was

Fans:We want wood....we want wood


Al:Sounds like we have some personal sexual problems in the crowd

Skribble:Hey,we will see what happens when she woke up a sleeping Buba Ray

Al:(something,something)Try Viagra

Part Eight

Skribble:Summerslam Sunday August 27th live on PPV,you don't want to miss it,who do you think is going to win it in the Main event at Summer Slam?

Al:Well I would say me if I could get in the locker room when nobody is around and walk away with the belt,but I have my money on Kurt Angle

Skribble:I put my money on Rock,thats who I think...who do you think is going to win?

Boy:The Game,the Game got it...,

Skribble:He says Triple H,I say the Rock,you say Kurt,don't forget Summerslam August 27th,it's going to be crazy man

Al:I just want to thank you...the man....the myth....DJ Skribble from MTV(Al acts like he is crying

Skribble:It's Al!....It's HEAD!


Al:God thank you all