Mark Curtis comes Home

Part of a write up on the show

Brian Hildebrand (1962-1999) "The World Loved Him and Was Honored to Honor Him"

by Dave Rosenbaum

Wrestle America/February 2000

 ...July 20, 1999 in Rostraver Pennsylvania...That was the night Brian Hildebrand came home, and the night the wrestling world told Hildebrand how much it loved him.

  Bruno Sanmartino was there.  So were Dominic Denucci, Mick Foley, Eddy Guerrero, Billy Kidman, Jum Cornette, Al Snow, D-Lo Brown, Chris Jericho, Terry Taylor, Chris Beniot, Dean Malenko, Shane Douglas, Chris Candido, Tracey Smothers, and Tammy Lynn Sytch...

A year ago on November 29, 1998, WCE held a tribute show for Hildebrand at the Knoxgville Coliseum.  He was presented with Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Man of the Year Award and also recieved WCW's Referee of the Year Award...He did get back into the ring, but only briefly.

At the "Curtis Comes Home" card, Hildebrand-whose weight had dropped to 75 pounds at one point-entered the rind and made the three-count on Mankind'spin of Al Snow and D-Lo Brown...

when so many wrestlers from different promotions gathered for the "Curtis Comes Home" card, they were not only there to honor a friend, but to say goodbye.

After Hildebrand counted Mankind's pin on Snow and Brown, Snow and Brown went after HIldebrand.

Snow at first acted as if he was mad at Hildebrand, then said, "We want to tell you...we love you."The three men hugged.  Snow cried...

ChatTranscript from theshow

MODERATOR:Eddy (Guerrero) is now gone. He thanks you all. Right now Mick Foley is in the ring and lookin' great!

MODERATOR:Right now it is Al Snow vs. Dlo Brown for both the Euro and IC Title Belt

MODERATOR:Al Snow came out with HEAD to his Prodigy music from back in his days in ECW.

MODERATOR:Mick Foley as himslef is the special guest referee for this title matchup.

MODERATOR:3 Way Dance has been asked of the crowd by Foley?

MODERATOR:Foley chants gong all throughout the crowd. However, his doctors have told Mick That he can't wrestle. Let's see what happens.... Later in the match.

MODERATOR:Right now DLo and Snow are stilll wrestling in a NO DQ NO COUNT OUTmatch.

MODERATOR:Hi, we're here with Mick Foley, feel free to ask questions...

FoleyIsTheIcon:Mick, do you plan on going to the hardcore division when you come back?

MODERATOR:Not really, it's tough to go from the Heavyweight Champion into anything else.

SexyRage:When are you back on WWF television?

MODERATOR:I was back in Baltimore last night, but I wasn't 100 percent, maybe after some more healing.

CripplerFan:Mick are u gonna go after HHH for what he did to you?

MODERATOR:HHH and I wrestled a couple years ago, had some good matches, so going after him would be a good career move.

SexyRage:Did the recovery take longer than expected?

MODERATOR:I'm about average, may need to lose a few pounds,.. Casca:Mick when is your book gonna come out?

MODERATOR:It's finished and should be released in late October, I think the fans will really enjoy it I'm really proud because I wrote it myself

Pickle Juice 316:Mick, what went through your mind when you fell off the HELL IN A CELL at King of the Ring 98'?

MODERATOR:When I landed I thought the worst was over, but things actually went downhill after that.

Jerichoholic:Mick, are you still going to be taking insane bumps or will you tone it down due to the knee injury?

MODERATOR:Not that much that I do is insane, so I don't think I'll be changing that much I will cut down on the amount of shots to the head, I think.

Kane:How do you feel about Chris Jericho coming into the same federation as you? jimbob:what re your thoughts about owen hart.

The Butcher:Will we ever see Cactus Jack again?

MODERATOR:Owen was a great friend and I miss him a lot so I'm thinking of a few good ways to honor him .Yeah, Cactus Jack will be back someday, and I believe he'll be angry Danny Boy:What ever happen to the 'Dude Love' character and angle?

MODERATOR:DudeLove wrestled last in May of 98 and it was one the best matches with Steve Austin, so dude deserved to retire on a high note.

The Butcher:Do you keep in contact with Abdullah?

MODERATOR:I actually talked to him a couple months ago, what he wants to do that he never did before is wrestle in Madison Square Garden, I want to make that happen for him

NoRCactusJack:What was your first match ?

MODERATOR:It was against the legendary Kurt Kaufman in Clarksburg VA darkboyx:How did it feel to Beat Terry Funk in 1995 August 20 to become IWA King of Death Matches.

MODERATOR:It was one of the longest days of my life, wish I hadsome kind of clause in my contract that said I get some video rights to it!

The Butcher:Where did you recieve your wrestling training?

MODERATOR:It was in Freedom, PA under Dominic Danucci Saito:once you leave titan is there a chance you'll do a shoot interview w/ RF video.

MODERATOR:no, probably not! Kane:did you play any other sports before you took up wrestling?

MODERATOR:Yeah, I played em all, I played football, basketball, lacrosse, and when I was a senior in HS, I took up LaCrosse.

Jackal:Who's your favorite wrestler?

MODERATOR:I like to watch Too Hot Scott Taylor, he's very good technically and lots of fun to watch.

Pickle Juice 316:I feel like your emuned to pain, what was the most painfull thing that happend to you?

MODERATOR:probably a torn abdominal muscle, indiscribable on how much it hurt, courtesy of Ron Simmons

jww:Who do you want to have a match with the mmost?

MODERATOR:I'd like to get back in there with Stone Cold, that's where the money is.

Kane:We haven't seen you and Kane's feelings toward each other in a while. Do you still hate him?

MODERATOR:No, we were in a six man tag last night and I gave him a big hug, XPac got jealous, but we ended up all sharing a hug.

MODERATOR:that's all with Mick folks Thats it folks, unfortunately the live show has ended and we have to close up here. I hope you enjoyed the chat, expect a full transcript once we go thru and put it together! Hope you had fun, it was a great show, we will have photos and a transcript of all the interviews coming soon! THIS TIME WE MEAN IT!