Who's the Captain

Who's the Captain of the Team?...or Why can't Al Snow just get a Head?

By Kevin Kelly

You never see anyone holding up a styrofoam Al Snow.

Nobody chants"Al,Al,.."

He's like Zeppo Marx or Pete Best....

It's pretty obvious who the more popular member of the Al Snow/Head tandem is.While fans like Al,they go crazy when he waves Head around.Sure everyone enjoys the play on words that Head prompts,but one wonders if it bothers Al that Head is so popular.So popular that the 16 year veteran now plays second fiddle to a mannequin.Casual fans see this as pitiful,whil those who have followed Al can't get enough of Head.

It sees that Al perpetually can't catch a break in his career.When the former Leif Cassidy began to unravel,the federation sent him to ECW,Al himself has referred to the Philadelhia based operation as"the island of misfit toys",in referance to the forgotten souls who toil in anoymity with the sadisttic methods of torture that pass for wrestling in the city of Brotherly love.This den of squarded circle inquity was hardly therapeutic and Al's delirium worsened.

At his lowest point,Al found Head and began to follow the voices he claims to hear emanating from"them"His losing ways ended and he suddenly found himself becoming popular.Eventually those voices told him to return to the World Wrestling Federation,presumably to win where he had never been able.He has since enjoyed success,but he has been over-shadowed by what appears to be merely an inanimate object.

That's right!Head is one of the most recognizable and popular phenomema in the Federation.

As crazy as it sounds,did Head have a hidden agenda?Is Head's popularity a result of "their"taking advantage of an emotionally unstable Al Snow?Sure,that's ludicrous..but you have to wonder if those questions churn in the dementia stained mind of the man formerly known as Avatar.

Fans somehow think of Head as alive,even though it never moves.They enjoy the banter between Al and his sidekick,even though the conversation is all courtesy of Al.Fans see Head as real,which it isn't.Or is it?When he makes personal appearances,Al is asked for Head's autograph more than his own.How many Al Snow T-shirts are on the market?One less than Head's,which by the way happens to be a hot seller.

Despite not being"real"Head has a real following.But why would fans like the outlet for insanity more than the source of it?

Perhaps fans liken Head to the imaginary friends many has as children.Except in this case,our friend has taken on a slightly more real form.Our imaginary friend was the coolest kid on the block who could run faster,jump highter and put any bully in his place.But it's apparent that this is more than mere childhood fantasy.

Is it me or is something not quite right with this relationship?Al's imaginary friend has 'HELP ME"writen backwards on "their"forehead.Does Head want to escape?I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that Al and Head seem to have the same dysfunctional problems as Dr.Evil and his son Scott from AUSTIN POWERS have.

Don't be surprised if Al begins to unravel once again.This time Head won't be there to put him back together because"they"wil be the cause of Al's problems.The quest for fame is a mighty struggle.Most strive for just 15 minutes.Head is certainly capitalizing on"their"quarter-hour of glory while"the arms and legs of the team"still wait to get on stage

Kevin Kelly

World Wresling Federation Magazine December 1998

editors note:Does this story seem like a hint of something to you???