Al and HEAD ECW 2006

WWE vs ECW 6/7/06 Al and HEAD return to TV....

Well it starts off where all the ECW guys are in the back along with Al and HEAD.....they get an "ECW" chant going and we find out that later in the show there will be a Battle Royal of 10 WWE wrestlers and 10 ECW wrestlers

Ok when they get to this all the WWE wrestlers get announced one by one where as the ECW wrestlers all come out at the same time.....

Once Al is in the ring he starts punching Tatonka....they go back and forth with this then Al chops the Indian in the back and then get him in the corner.....someone comes along and breaks this up

Al spots the Big Show and punches him....Big Show just gives Al a pie face and Al goes down to the mat......Big Show moves on to some other wrestlers but Al will have none of that and Bear hugs Big Show into the corner.....Big Show tries to get Al up to get him over the top rope but Al ain't giving up.....Al tries to make it so the Big Show can't smoke......Big Show turns it on Al until Sandman breaks it up.......

Al walks across the ring and gives the old boot to the gut to Finley....when we come back from commercial Al looks to be pooped out....but along comes Finley again and chops Al on his side......Finley gets Al in the corner and moves as Leslie runs into the corner and head butts Al......Leslie and Al wrestle around in the corner till Al gives him a finger to the eye

We see Al get out of the ring and roll back in with HEAD.....Al walks over to Shelton Benjamin and kicks him in the gut......Al turns and holds HEAD high to the fans.....that Damn Shelton arms Al over the top rope and HEAD goes falling to the mat.....

Big Show picked up HEAD and tossed it down to Al.....that is the end of Al.....

Later in the show after we find that Big Show is now with ECW... Al and the other ECW Wrestlers are in the back having a beer toast to Big Show chanting....."ECW"...."ECW"...."ECW"....Al gives HEAD a drink of beer........wait? is HEAD old enough to drink???

ECW 6/13/06 Extream Battle Royal

As the Extreme Battle Royal starts Tommy Dreamer comes out 1st...Sabu is 2nd...Al 3rd...etc...until all 10 wreslters are out and in the ring....once in the ring Big Show throws the wreslters out of the ring but not over the top rope within a matter of a few minutes...

So they all get back in the ring and the fight is on Al and The FBI trades punches...then Al starts to slap the Big Show around... Big Show knocks Al to the ground...Al gets out of the ring to get HEAD...

When Al gets back in the ring with head Big Show just throws Al over the top rope...sending Al and HEAD back to the locker room...Big Show domates the other wreslters one by one they go over the top rope...that was until Sabu manages to get the Big Show over the top rope...It's sad to say that Sabu (instead of Al) face of with John Cane at Vengeances.-Combsome Robbin Reporting

ECW 7/4/06 Al vs Test

Well since it was the 4th of July this was a very short Test

Out first came Test looking maybe a little more buff than he did in the WWE.....

What theme music should we hear next but"What does Everybody Want?"........."What Does Everybody Need?"....why look it's Al and HEAD....

Joey reminds us of how back in the day when Al was with the New Rockers he went crazy and that is where HEAD came from

The match started out with Al being backed into a corner and Test hitting away at Al........the Fans chant at Test"You take Steroids.......You take Steroids"

Test walks to the other side of the ring...turns and slams Al into the corner.......they replay it again......Al gets some punches in but gets a boot to the noodle and lands on the mat......

Ummm......Test walks around for a second.....picks up Al and hits Al with a swinging neck breaker.......

It's over.......once a Jobber....Always a Jobber

But wait......Test spots HEAD sitting in the corner minding their own business.....Test takes HEAD puts them in the middle of the ring and drop kicks HEAD out to the Fans

This has been your Webmaster Rasta Wayne-O~! reporting

ECW House Show 7/9/06 Green Bay Wisconsin

Al Snow defeated Stevie Richards with a head shot in about 9 minutes.

Both guys came out to their WWE music and wearing their WWE gear.

Crowd let the former Tough Enough trainer know they wanted head right away. Stevie got the "bWo" and "big stevie cool" chants. There was also a very faint "right to censor" chant. Oh wait, that was me.

The two locked up, as the crowd started with the "we want head" chants. Snow told them "I'll get to it."

Story of the match was Richards' fear of head (the mannequin head and not the sexually deviant act), as Snow would repeatedly go to get it for its sagely advice, and to use it as a weapon.

Both men traded headlocks, Stevie got out of one of the headlocks and crawled into the corner where head was watching the match. Stevie freaked out. Crowd started chanting "stevie wants head", which quickly became "Stevie gives head."

While watching this, it hit me; Stevie has been wrestling almost 12 years now, and is in the best shape of his career as he's never been in this good of shape in his entire time of ECW. Of course he's had some nice downtime lately. But still, I was watching Stevie Richards wrestle in 2006, my how time flies.

The crowd got restless with the headlocks and wanted tables. Snow kept on trying to go and use head unsuccessfully. As Snow was down, Richards fear of head suddenly disappeared and he put it in the center of the ring and signaled to punt it into the crowd or across the street to Lambeau Field.

This potential punting assault revived Snow, as he hit Richards with a mighty Spear and made his comeback. Snow then hit several headbutts on Richards shoulders, and a beautiful suplex with a bridge for two.

Stevie crotched himself into the corner, which dazzled the referee and allowed Snow to grab the head and hit Richards with it for the pin. The referee could plainly see head in the ring while counting the pin, still it didn't matter.

After the match Snow did his Prodigy dance with head, to the tune of his current "WHAT DOES EVERYBODY WANT? HEAD!" music. I guess it's not 1998 anymore.

Ok, match, some nice back and forth.


ECW 8/8/06

So it's Al vs the Vampires Kevin Thorn with Ariel.......

Al's music hits and he comes to the ring and climbs the steps Ariel is on the apron watching Al.....she desecrated Al as Kevin attacks......a nice drop toe hold by Al for a two count.....Al backs Kevin across the ring by hitting Kevin in the noodle.....into the corner and they punch at each other.....a kick to the gut by Al and Al goes to send Kevin for the ride across the ring but it's reversed by Kevin

A clothes line in the corner by Kevin into like a back breaker and Kevin slams Al to the mat.....Kevin kicks Al on the mat......Ariel is all happy outside the ring........they replay the slam given to Al....Kevin bodyslams Al and walks over to Ariel where they stage sexy Vampire what nots

Al gets up as Kevin turns to face Al and gets Al's boot to the guts......

Al is sent for the ride and his back feels the corner post.......Kevin picks up Al and lays him feet on the top rope head on Kevin's Shoulders and slams Al to the mat .......again Ariel is happy as hell she lays her Boobies on the mat and Kevin goes to her....more Vampire nastiness

Kevin kicks at Al and what not......

Oh look Kevin gets Al up in the Razors Edge.....Kur-Plunk and Al has J.O.B.'ed to the Vampire