Pin Me Pay Me......Heel and toe,and,Heel and toe,and slide,slide,slide

Writen by HEAD

Chapter 1.Out of the Void

HEAD: In the Dark void Al and I were looking and looking for some place happy

HEAD:One day in the void we heard voices,they seemed like such happy people,it was Ray and Vada Sarven,I told Al"Al this is what we need,this is what we have been looking for!"

HEAD:In my rush to get out of the void I pushed out past Al,poor Al let out a cry"AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"In my rush as I pushed past Al I bent his feet so that they were bent the wrong way,I felt so bad that I told myself that I would be Al's guiding light for the rest of his life.

HEAD:Old Al had to visit the Hospital,I sent my river of knowlage into the heads of the Dr.'s who set Al's legs straight.

HEAD:We all became a happy family,we were having a great chilhood,I felt that Al could use a little Brother so I sent into Mom and Dad Sarven's mind to have another child,soon after little Chris came along,Chris as he get older had many friends,Al and I did'nt need any friends,we had ourselfs!

HEAD:Once we got into school we stayed to ourselfs and didn't have many friends,so we read Science Fiction and Al mostly read comic books,we played Baseball a little but we never really liked it

HEAD:Kids in school picked on poor Al and called him a dork,but I told Al"Forget them,who needs them anyway!"

HEAD:Then something happened when we were in the 7th grade,Ray and Vada stoped getting along,and even tho I tryed to make them happy they divorced,Al and I along with Vada and Chris moved from good old Lima to Dayton Ohio.

HEAD:Vada found herself a new man named Conley who became our stepfather,along with,Dave,Rod,and Conley jr who became or stepbrothers,Dave and Rod were great guys and helped Al to break out of his shell.

HEAD:A couple of years later we moved back to Lima with Ray and into high school

HEAD:In high school we found some friends,I told Al"meet some peope like yourself!",thats when Victor came along,he was very much like Al and the both found that they had a love for Wrestling

Chapter 2.For the Love of Wrestling and Grape Kool-Aid

HEAD:when he was 14,I would tell Al"AL come on Georgia Championshp Wresting is on! this is your future!""one day you will have great matches with Sabu!"and Al would always mind speak back to me and question me and want to know"who's Sabu?"

HEAD:But I would'nt tell Al of Sabu I told Al"AL WRESTLING IS ON!WATCH WRESTLING!"Al would make some grape Kool-Aid and some popcorn and sit in front of his T.V. in wonder of the men seen on the screen.

HEAD:Then when Al was old enough(in his late teens)I told Al to call around"USE THE PHONEBOOK AL!"he would ask me"what for?"I would explain to Al that it was time to call promoters,Wrestling schools,anybody that could get Al's foot in the Wrestling door!

HEAD:One day it came to me in a vision,like a river of knowledge that the Anderson brothers were having try outs at their camp!"SELL YOUR 68 Dodge Monaco AL!"Al said "what?""YES AL SELL YOUR CAR AND GET A BUS TICKET,YOU MUST VISIT THE ANDERSON BROTHERS!!!

HEAD:Al being a good boy and always doing what he was told sold his car got on the bus and headed for the Anderson camp.

HEAD:I told Al that he must make this try out for the future fans of Al Snow!So we went to the tryout and we got used bruised and tried running up and down steps,geting abused in the ring and then being told by the Andersons that Al would never make it as a Wrestler!

HEAD:Al was depressed and worried about his future but I told him"AL"FIND YOUR BUDDY JIM LANCASTER,HE WELL TRAIN YOU!"how do you know?"asked Al"TRUST ME"I told him

HEAD:Al learned a great deal from Jim Lancaster at the Bradfield Community Center,like a little grasshopper and became very skilled as a Wrestler!

HEAD:In 1985 we ran into our friend Rick Sampson and we made up the Tag Teams of the Original Fantastics and we were really great till Rick needed to go off and do other things,so in 1986 with Rick Ciassio we formed the Fantastics and we had a fun time winning the Moter City ICW Tag title belts in Nov of 1986

HEAD: I told Al to get as many Wrestling dates that he could,Al thought I was talking about dates with girls and started dating Pam,and on Dec,19.1986 Al and Pam got married,I was the best man.

HEAD:But Rick Ciassio moved on,in 1987 we ran into our friend Micky Doyle who thought it would be fun to wrestle as the Sensationals,but then out of the blue there was Rick Sampson again,so out was Micky and in 1988 came Rick.

HEAD:Then in 1989 Micky Doyle came knocking at Al's door again so we formed the Motor city Hitmen with our manager"Super Mouth"Dove Drayson,we went on to beat Chris Carter and Calypso Jim on April 16th 1989 to win the Motor City Wrestling Tag Team Belts

HEAD:I told him the only way for him to get noticed was to work the independents,and soon Al was working in AWA,ICW and in St.Louis at the Chase,I told Al"WORK HARDER!WORK HARDER!

HEAD:Al thought I was talking about something else,so on March 20,1988 Pam gave birth to Brittany,and later on came little Jacob

In the Spring of 1990 we teamed with Machine Gun Kelly as the Wild Bunch and we went on to win the GWA Tag Team belts,only to loss them to those damn Nightmares

HEAD:In 1993 Al and Denny Kass formed the New Fabulous Kangaroos which is where Al started talking to the Animals

HEAD in 1994 we ran into Ray the Crippler Roberts and formed the Motor city Hitman again

HEAD:This is where Sabu comes into the picture,Joe Lake was having Wrestling cards out of Michigan in 1994.whoever was to Wrestle against Sabu never showed up,so I went into the head of Mr.Lake and I said"USE AL!USE AL!"Joe thought he had come up with a great idea and the match was on,this was such a great match that promoters wanted to book Al/Sabu matches,Al wanted to know how I ever know about Sabu,I told him"SHUT-UP AND KEEP WRESTLING!"

I told Al he was going to meet Jim"Jim who?"Al would ask"YOU WILL SEE!"i said.I put in Al's head to do cards for Bobby Blaze and he did,I also told Al to buy this gym that we had seen travelling the road one day,we could have our own Wrestling cards there I told Al,and we did,and it was good!

Chapter 3.Smoky Dayz

HEAD:Then Jim showed up,Jim Cornette and he liked Al and told Al that one day Al could work for him and Al was amazed that I know of Jim and was pleased with my help!

HEAD:Until then we had other things to do,Dan Severn came to us and asked us to help him train for the UFC,I even got Al and Dan to be extras in the movie Rudy,which was very fun,I tried to get Dan to hear me but it never worked!

HEAD:Al started to really get noticed which I know he would and he worked for Paul E's ECW,but Al was also working in Smoky Mt. Wrestling and Paul E didn't like the idea of Al working both Federations at the same time so we told Paul E to bug off and went to work full time for Jim Cornette.

HEAD:I came up with the idea of Al geting a tag team partner and I went in Jimmys brain(what a mess)and beaned him with the idea!Soon Al and Unabom(Glenn Jacobs aka Kane in the WWF)were having great matches against the Rock and Roll Express and finally won the tag team belts.

HEAD:Until those damn Thugs came along(Tracy Smothers and Dirty White Boy)

HEAD:At this time things were beginning to go wrong in Smoky Mt Wrestling,people were not showing up at shows and Jimmy was losing money so in 1995 Jimmy closed shop at Smoky Mt. Wrestling

Chapter 4.The Big Times a Calling

HEAD:Al wasn't sure what to do"CALL THE BIG PROMOTIONS!"I told him,"WWF or WCW is not going to want me!"Al would say"DO IT!"I told him

HEAD:So Al called up WCW and they told him to come on down to Atlanta and have a try out,nobody meet us at the Airport and once WCW know we were there were very rude to us so I told Al"SCREW THIS!LETS GO HOME!"and we did!

HEAD:We then got ahold of the WWF and made a visit to Titan Towers,once again I went inside Vince McMahon's brain(yikes)and made sure that he could use Al!

HEAD:WWF signed Al and gave him some very bad gimmicks,Avatar.Shinobi,Al was sad because these gimmicks were getting him nowhere"CHILL"I told Al"YOUR TIME WILL COME!"

HEAD:Then came the 3rd time I tried to get Al into a tag team"VINCE"I said"WHY NOT HAVE AL TAG WITH MARTY AND CALL THEM THE NEW ROCKERS?"Vince who thought he had gotten the idea gave it a try,he told Marty and Al to act like goofballs(which wasn't really hard for Al)But the fans never really cared for the New Rockers and Martys contract ran out and was not renewed,so WWF started using Al as a jobber to get other Wrestlers over,Al hated it.I hated it,and we were really sad!