Euro Al


Perry and Terri wait for Al in the ring,Terri has the belt held to her tummy rubbing it,Al's theme is keyed up and down the ramp he walks only to stop and bow HEAD

Al rolls into the ring and perry jumps on him,Perry picks Al up by his short hairs and whips him into a corner,there he hits Al with rights to the face,Al is then sent for the ride and is picked up and held over Perry's head till Perry drops Al to the mat,Al is then picked up by Perry and suplexed to the mat

Perry then rolled out of the ring to go have a talk with Terri,they kind of hug,the King said"Get a Room",just as he says that Al leaps over the top rope and down onto Perry,Al gives Perry a boot to the gut as he lays on the mat,Al then picked up Perry and chops him in the face,Al then swings Perry into the guard rail,Perry on rubber legs walks back Al's way and Al picks him up and suplex's Perry to the floor,Al climbs up onto the black guard rail to flip onto Perry but as he did so the She Devil comes along and gives Al a push of the railing,Al turns back to the railing and points at Terri,she backs off,but as she does so Al has climbed back over the railing and gets a kick to the back by Perry which knocks Al to the floor

Perry sent Al into the steel steps shoulder first,Al rolls around in pain,Perry rolls Al back into the ring,Perry sets Al up and gives him a suplex to the mat,Perry helps Al up only to start working on Al's arm,Al tries to get away by smacking Perry in the face,it's a no go and Al is on his knees,Perry hits Al with an arm drag take over and a submission arm lock,Al he no wants to give up,Perry gives up on it and swings Al head first into a corner,Al holds onto his arm in pain,he turns and Perry kicks him in the guts,Al kicks back so Saturn hits Al in the face,Perry then sets Al in a kind odd sleeper hold

Al turns it around and elbows Perry in the guts,Al tries to get away and Perry brings Al back by his hair,Perry goes for a clothes line but Al ducks,Al starts to get the best of Perry and keeps a hitting Perry in the face till he is backed up against the ropes,Al sent Perry for the ride and clothes lined him on the way back,Perry gets up and Al clothes lines him again....Al got himslf a stinger or something and he shakes his arm to shake it off,Al picks Perry up and hits him with a body drop....Al is still trying to get feelings in his arm,he points that he is going up,once there Perry gets up and is having a piggie back ride with Al,Al rolles up Perry,it's reversed and Perry rolls up Al,this goes on 5 or 6 times

Perry gets up...Al gets up only to get clothes lined by Perry....the She Devil is outside the ring claping....Perry gets Al up and sends him for the ride Al reversed it into a baseball slide into third,Perry goes for a super kick and Al blocked it,Al body slams Perry to the mat

Al gets up and you can hear him say"That's it!",Al climbs to the top the mean time Terri has climbed on the apron with HEAD.....Al Moonsaults onto Perry,Teddy the ref no seen that Al had Saturn pined,Al turns to ask Terri what the hell she thinks she is doing....she bows HEAD at Al,Al takes Terri by the nap of her neck,takes HEAD from her and throws her to the floor....Saturn and Teddy are fighting about something and as Teddy turns one way Perry turns the other and Al gives Perry HEAD,Al goes for the pin....Teddy he stops and points at HEAD...Teddy wanted to know if Al used HEAD to knock out Perry,and the odd thing was that the fans were booing the thought that HEAD could have done something wrong,from behind Perry hits Al with a suplex,he gets a two count

Teddy rolls HEAD out of the ring,Perry gets up and tells Terri to toss him HEAD,and she does,Perry swings HEAD at Al,Al ducks and hits Perry to the mat,a ride is reversed by Perry into a drop toe hold,Perry then tried to lock in the Rings of Saturn,but Al would have none of that,Al elbows his way out.....

HOLY COW!!!!!....Al reversed the hold into a Dragon Sleeper.....Perry goes nighty-night.....your new Euro-HEAD Champion.....

Later in the back Kevin finds Al

Kevin:You beat Perry Saturn and your now Euro-HEAD Champion,what were you thinking when the Ref raised your hand?

Al: I wasn't,why do you ask?

Kevin:Well I.....,

Al: It doesn't matter Kevin,this belt has been held down way to long,I plan to bring honor,prestige,and respect back to all the citizens of Europia....Thank you very much

Euro Al theme music

German Theme

Spainish Theme

French Theme

Translvania Theme

Grease Theme

Hong Kong Theme

Al Snow interview by The Brooklyn Brawler on UPN50 Detroit

The Brooklyn Brawler smiles at Al and says, "You've held three titles! You've been the hardcore champion."

"Yes I have," said Al smiling.

"You've had the tag team titles," said The Brawler.

"Yes I have," said Al looking up to the sky. "And now you are The new European Champion," states The Brawler.

"Yes I am!" replies Al. "I am the new Europian Champ! The champion of Europia!"

The Brawler asks him, "How do you feel about this title?"

"How do I feel?" says Al. "I feel serious about this title."

"Serious?" questions the Brawler.

"Very serious," answers Al. "More serious than I have ever been before. And do you know why?"

"Why?" asked the Brawler.

"Because Europeans are serious," said Al. "They are serious about there food. They are serious about their sex. Germans and the French are so serious they don't even bathe. This is why I am so serious."

The interview then ends with Al kissing the Brawler first on the right cheek and then on the left.

Al's theme music is keyed's German music....down the ramp comes Al dressed as a German(kind of looks like Benny Hill from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang),in his hand is a framed photo of that great German actor David Hasselhoff....the Titantron has a photo of Al waving a German flag(kind of cartoonish like)

Al walks around the ring and gives the framed photo of Hasselhoff to the King who tells J.R. all about how the King learned from Al that Hasselhoff is a big star in Germany

Al gets in the ring and sat HEAD in north east corner of the ring,Al takes the Hot Dogs wrapped around his neck off,down the ramp with a black towel over his head comes Tazz....they show a chip of the King beating he snot out of Tazz

Tazz rolls into the ring real fast like and attacked Al from behind as he is taking off his shirt,Tazz beats Al down then gives him a suplex to the mat,Al holds his head in pain,as Al tries to get up Tazz gives him the boot,Tazz gets Al up by his short hairs and tries to suplex him again,it's blocked by Al and Al gives Tazz a suplex of his own

Al gives a Devon like sign(the cross thingy) Al boots Tazz in the noodle,as Tazz makes his way up standing Al hits him with rights to the face,Al then tried to send Tazz for the ride but it's reversed and Al sides into second into the south west corner of the ring

Al gets up and makes a run at Tazz who tries to hit Al with an elbow but Al ducks,Al picks up Tazz and slams him to the mat,Al gets up and points to the skies as if to say he's going up,Al climbs the ropes had jumps,Tazz gets his knees up,Al gets up in pain,Tazz gets Al from behind and locks in the Tazzmission,Al works his way to the north west corner of the ring and kicks his feet up on the ropes and they fall to the mat,Tazz lets go

Tazz then swings Al out of the ring,Tazz goes out after him and takes Al by the tights and tossed Al over the Kings table,Al lands on the floor,Tazz walks around the table and picks Al up by the hair,the King in the mean time was knocked on his ass,he is not happy

In the ring,Al is on is knees in the ring,ah oh...Tazz stands behind him waiting just waiting for Al to get up.......the King runs up to the apron and clocks Tazz from behind with the Hasselhoff photo,Tazz turns to look at the King and as he does so Al school boys Tazz and gets the pin

Smack Down 9/21/2000


This week approaching the ring from Madrid Spain and weighing in at 210 lbs(Al has lost some weight?....used to be 230...)

Mexican music is keyed up(I'm sure if you translate it it means something)....Al is dressed as a Tito Santana..."The Matador"??? wait....they ruined Tito's career with that new age wrestling fans may not remember "The Matador",but if you think Avatar was bad you are mistaken

HEAD is wearing a nice sombrero and seems to be in disguise as Herve Villechaize.....come know...."Tattoo"....never mind,he's dead and so is the joke

Al makes it down to the ring,once again he has a framed photo with him,he also has a Donkey Pi'nata,Al walks around the ring and sets Tattoo in the corner,he walks over to the King and gives him the's a photo of Mr.Roarke....oh God...ok for you new age wrestling fans it's Ricardo Montalban....never mind he had a bad gimmick too

Al gets in th ring and has a small cape,he takes it off his shoulders and does "Toro!...Toro!" at the Pi'nata

This match for some God unfor known reson is for the Hardcore belt,go figure,so down the ramp comes Steve Blackman who will be playing Christoper know.....Lawerence....alright....never mind

Steve gets to the ring and climbs to the second ropes on the north west side of the ring,he holds out his hands,does this guy get the biggest pops now a days or what?,as he climbs down and turns around Al whacks Steve with the Pi'nata,the Pi'nata breaks and out rolls Wendy know.....Julie??? know,Mr.Roarks goddaughter?.....ok never mind....candy came falling out

Al starts whacking Steve in the back of the head,Al sent Steve for the ride and he gets clothes lined by Al,Al then droped down with an elbow,Al rolls back up and kicked Steve in the guts....1....2...3 times,Al runs across the ring and slids out,he lifts up the curtons on the apron and starts tossing toys into the ring,Garbage can lids,a Bowling bag....Al slids into the ring and just as Steve is about to get up from his fantasy Al whacks Steve in the noodle with a garbage can lid,Steve falls to the mat

Al rolls out of the ring again and finds more toys to use,Al finds a gabage can and tossed it over the ropes and into the ring,Al walks over to the steel steps and starts messing around with them,Blackman lays in wait,as Al comes for Steve Steve hits a chair onto the steps and Al falls to the floor

Blackman picks up Al by the seat of his pants and rolls him into the ring,ah oh....Blackman has found his sticks.....but wait.....whats this???.....out and down the ramp runs Aaaron Spelling.....on wait....thats Saturn,Saturn has a big stop sign with him and his own ref,Bonk!....Perry hits Steve from behind with the stop sign,Steve falls to the mat,Al turns around....Bonk!...Al gets hIt in the head with the stop sign,Perry walks over to Steve who is tryng to get up and hits him with a fishermans suplex for a two count

What the hell???.....could this be Lawrence??....nope....nope.....down the ramp and approching the ring with another ref and in his own fantasy is Test,he too has a garbage can,Test gets in the ring and beans Perry over the head with the can.......what in the world?.....the camara shots up the ramp and here comes Michael's Albert and he has a ref of his own!,.....Auntie M.....Auntie M.....T n A double team Steve and send him flying across the ring and into the north east corner,Albert slams into Steve,Steve falls out of the corner and gets a Test boot to the noodle....ummmm......Al hits Test in the head with a garbage can,and ah...Perry and Albert duke it out in the soutH west corner of the ring,Al mean time has beaten Test to the mat....ummmm.....Blackman starts to get the best of T n A with his sticks,and Al drop toe holds Albert to the mat

This is crazy I tell you!!!!!....Al hits Steve from behind with a garbage can and Perry tossed Steve out of the ring from there....oh outside the ring all this time was Tori Spelling in disguise of that She Devil Teri...,Al also whacks Test in the head with the look it's Villechaize running in from over the guard t's not it Crash,Crash beans Steve in the noodle with a "Disabled" sign....he gets a two count

In the ring T n A have double teamed Perry in a slam thingie bobber....holy cow!....out run Kaientai with the flag from the rising Sun!!!!!....this is really a fantasy uh???

Kaientai clear the ring,Perry climbs the ropes and moonsaults onto Al.Albert and Test,in the ring Steve has beat down Funaki,Taka comes at Steve who picks his up and drops him to the mat with a hit to the noodle with a lid to boot,Steve then walks over to Funaki and beans him in the head with the lid.....oh gosh....Steve tossed a garbage can at Taka then hits him with a kick....Steve goes for the cover and gets the three count.......down the ramp rolls Kitt the car.....nah.....never mind.

This needs a little set we take you back stage at Smack Down,there sitting at a table is Mick playing checkers with a stuffed animal which is a yellow dog with floppy ears

Mick:King me you dirty Dog!

In walks William Regal.....

William:Excuse me,commissioner Foly,mind if I call you Michael?

I wish you wouldn't,I kind of hate that name

William:I am William Regal and I have become a goodwill Ambasador to you and all my friends there the Americn people

Mick:Thats great

William:Did you see what happened to me on Raw the other evening?

Mick: I forgot to King myself.

William:Stone Cold Steve Austin that Beer-Swilling Heaten assaulted me.

Mick holds up a salt shaker.....

Mick:A salted???...ha ha ha...

Willam:I was trying to quote Shakespeare,Hamlet,to the masses,and he assaulted me,I can't belive it!

Mick:I did see that,that was pretty good,I'll tell you where you went wrong,you were quoting Hamlet,Austin finds it hard to relate to the Bourgeois themes,now if you would have quoted Henry the eighth,he quotes it all the time"then shall he strip his sleave and show his scars"....

William:Is this some kind of a joke to you?This is no joke Stone Cold Steve Austin isn't a joke,perhaps he dosn't have any respect for you or anthing you do!.

Mick:No respect for me uh?

William:No,and perhaps it's true what the other chaps back stage say....that your some kind of a joke

Mick:A joke? I'll tell you what William,lets see how much of a joke Steve Austin finds it when I get a little more involved!!!!

Mick goes storming off....         Mick walks out to the ramp with a chair ,he has a seat and has himself a birds eye view of the top of the ramp andat the ring.....

Whats this French music?....on the oveltron is the cartoon of Al with a French flag this time

T'ete!....Out comes Al dressed as if he is French,with him is a poodle dog,french bread,french fries and a photo of Pepe Le Pew,Al walks over to the King and gives him the photo of Pepe,Al then tossed the french bread and the french fries out into the fans

Xpac music is keyed up and as usual nobody cares,which is pretty sad

Xpac walks over to the photo of Pepe and breaks it on the table,Al attacked Xpac from behind smacking Xpac in the face knocking him to the mat,Al hits Xpac around the outside of the ring,Al then rolled Xpac into the ring,Xpac attacks Al in the noodle as he tries to get back in the ring,a ride is reversed by Al but Xpac ducks a clothes line,Xpac kicks Al in the knogen knocking him to the mat,Xpac hits a with elbow blows to the back of the head.........

Mean time Mick is watchng the curton at the top of the ramp

In the ring Al has crotched Xpac in one of the corners,Xpac turns and Al smacks him in the head,Xpac was then sent for the ride a whammies into the far corner,Al comes into the corner after him but gets an Xpac boot to the head,a suplex by Al and he gets a two count

Mean time Mick is still a guarding the curton....Al drops Xpac to the mat,Al climbs to the top rope,Al jumps with a moonsault but Xpac puts his knees   up and Al rolls around in pain,Al lays in a corner and Xpac kicks him,Xpac signs that he will do the Bronco buster.....Mick is watching at the curton....the glass breaks......Xpac stops....Mick gets up....ok where is Stone Cold????....out from the fans and over the guard rail comes Stone Cold.....Xpac has not seen him and is looking up the ramp in ready to fight Stone Cold off,Stone Cold rolls into the ring and attacks Xpac from behind and hits him with a Stunner.....Al is just standing there....Al gives Steve the thumbs up....BAM!....Al gets a Stunner.....match is a no contest....

William Regal joins MC and the King at ringside......

William:I'am extremly excited to be here,I hear you have a European championship to offer here in the WWF,and I'm here because I know this fellow,is it Al Snow?????

King:Yes that is it.

William:He embodies everything about Europe,he will be a fine fine fellow!

King:Ha!,you may be in store for a big surprise!

COPA!!!!....down the ramp walks count Al,this week he is from Transylvania and I have to say this is the funniest thing I have seen him do since the Smoky Mountain Wrestling sign Language shoot interview(see Tribute pages),he is dressed as a Vampire,with a bat flapping it's wings over his head,even HEAD that Vampire teeth

William:Is ths some kind of joke???

With him once again he has a photo which he walks over and gives to the King,it's Eddie Monster

William:Did you know Transylvania isn't even a country???It's Romania,it has had Thousands and Thousands of years of history,and it's embodied by a man dress as a fictitous figure with a box of Breakfast Cereal!,he's a Cheeky Bloody Swine!

Once in the ring Al and Xpac face off,Xpac hits Al with a swinging arm drag,they get up and Xpac flashed to Al where he can suck it,Al puts Xpac in an armbar,Xpac reversed with an armbar of his own,Al takes Xpac by the neck and swings him down to the mat,Xpac gets up and Al sweeps him off his feet,Al goes for a cover and gets a two count

The fans start chanting"Xpac sucks!....Xpac sucks!!!!!

Xpac kicks Al in the guts,then hits Al in the noodle,a ride is reversed by Al but Al gets a Xpac shoulder on the way back,Xpac goes for the ride but is hit with a spining heal kick by Al,Al knocks Xpac into a corner and beats on him,a ride is reversed by Xpac but Al makes a slide into Mariners second base,Al starts across the ring and he gets a boot to the face

Xpac chops on the back of Al's head as he lays on the mat,Al gets up but is backed into the ropes,and choped down again,Xpac helps Al up and sets him in a corner and hits Al with some knife edge chops,Al hits him back,an Al ride is reversed by Al but as Al heads for Xpac in the corner Xpac moves out of the way and all Al gets is ring post,3 kicks by Xpac and Al falls to the mat,Xpac goes for the Bronco Buster but Al rolls out of the way,Xpac turns and Al knocks him to the mat,Al chops Xpac in the neck and he falls to the mat,Xpac is sent for the ride and is clotheslines on the way back.

MC:Who would you like to see represent your continent Mr.Regal?,would it be Xpac,or Al Snow???

William:I am in shock about Al Snow!!!!,the way he has come and made a mockery about the European Championship!!!!

A body slam by Al and a moonsault,Al gets a two count,Al gets up and points at HEAD,Al picks up HEAD,from behind Xpac has goten up,a ride is reversed by Al into a back body drop,Al runs for Xpac to hit him in the noodle with Head,Xpac clotheslins Al over the top rope and to the floor and falls onto the Kings table in front of William,William gets up and takes Al by the seat of his pants and rolls him back in the ring

Down the ramp runs Mr. Ass who gives Xpac the famouser,Al turns and covers Xpac for the win

This week Al is from Greece,he comes to the ring wearing a leather jacket with a big T on the back and the words"T-Birds",HEAD is wearing a Beehive wig ala the girls from the B52's,Al's photo this week is of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John,so he is like from Grease not Greece.....get it????

OK,for you young sheep that might not get it,Grease is a movie from 1978 staring John Travolta,Olivia Newton-John,Jeff Conaway,Dinah Manoff,Didi Conn,and the girl I had wet dreams for....Stockard Channing....well,her and Bea Arthur,ok,ok and Betty White,anyway...

Grease is about high-kicking greasers who drift though high school,more concerned with romance than studying in a film filled with pleasant pop tunes and lots of sexual innuendos....110 mins

Once again William Regal comes out to do color for the mat and shoots against Al the same as last week

The match is Al vs Test,Test comes down to ringside with Trish,Al and Test meet in the middle of the ring,Test pushed Al off his feet,Al gets up and they face off again,Al goes behind Test and takes Test down by his leg,Al tries to work on Test's leg but Test kicks out,Test goes or a clothesline but Al ducks,Al hits Test with a swinging arm bar,Al then kicked Test in the guts as he was up against the ropes,Al chops,and kicks,and sent Test for the ride,Al waits with his head down,Test takes Al by the hair and flips him to the mat,Test then hits Al with a spine buster,Al gets up and Test slams Al to the mat again,Test hits Al in the back as he tries to get up

Al is whipped into a corner and bongs off and falls to the mat,Test picks Al up by his hair,Al ducks a clothesline and drop kicks Test right in the knees,Al gets up and is about to run at Test but Trish gets Al by the boot,Al looks out of the ring to see whats up with that,Test makes a run for Al but Al moves out of the way and Test crotches himself on the ropes an falls out of the ring.

Outside the ring Trish is seen trying to help Test up,Al rolls out of the ring and runs after Trish,he makes it around the corner and gets clotheslined by Test,Test rolls Al back into the ring,Test rolls in after him and gets beaten down by Al,Al runs and comes off the rope only to get a Test boot to the face,Test does some kind of odd sign language something or other,then turns and gets a two count

Test sent Al for the ride into a corner and comes running in after him,Al spins and elbows Test in the chest,Al smacks Test in the face,Test turns and gives Al a boot to the face,Test hits Al with a gut wrench and gets a two count,Test goes to the top rope but is crotched by Al,Al then super suplexed Test off the top rope,they both lay in the middle of the ring,Al rolls over and gets a two count,Al kicks and hits Test backing him into a corner where Al gives Test some knife edge chops,a ride is reversed and Al slides into first base,Al is then body slammed by Test who gets a two count

Al power slams Test(looked like a Snow Plow to me),for a two count.....Al gets up and points to HEAD in the corner,Trish gets on the apron and tries to stop Al,Test comes after Al but hits Trish and knocks her to the floor,Test turns and gets HEAD right in the noodle.....Al wins

William:What kind of Sportsmanship is this???,it's disgraceful...

JR: Have a spot of tea

We go from Kurt talking to RTC into William Regal joining the King and MC at ringside

MC: King,can Kurt stay out of anybody's business?,speaking of getting in somebodies business....

King: Finally your standing up,look he has learned some manners already,standing when you get here.....

MC: William Regal the goodwill ambassador.....

William: At last!,at last,how the devil are you?

MC: Ah,for the United Kingdom.

King: Have a seat!

William: Thank you.

King: Your Welcome.

MC: To us mates here in the United States,and Mr. Regal,thank you for joining us here at ringside,as we get set for for another European Title match.

William: I'm there to see that miserable little specimen Al Snow again!

King: Well you don't have to wait very long here he is

TO!....down the ramp comes Al,him and HEAD are wearing Fu-Man-Chu mustaches and rice hats,once again Al has a photo with him

MC: And I belive Mr.Snow is representing Hong Kong this week King!

William: Hong Kong is in Asia!!!!

MC: Hong Kong is in Asia,but Mr.Snow is thinking that Honk Kong used to be a British colony and Al Snow believes it still should be part of Britain which is part of Europe.

Al walks down the ramp tossing Fortune Cookies at the fans from out of a bag

William: Is he tossing Fortune Cookies to my friends here in Los Angles?,does he have no manners what so ever?????

King: Not only does he not have any manners but he doesn't have much brains ether!

MC: Wait till you see the picture he is carrying this week King!

William: This miserable Specimen is totally oblivious to the world around him.

King: And he has no sense of direction.

MC: Well he is the European Champion Al Snow,and King you are going to get a kick out of this picture!!!!

Al hands the photo to the King

King: Oh!,look!!!!,it's Hong Kong Phooey!,look there William,Hong Kong Phooey!

William: What on Earth is that?

King: Uh?,he's one of the most famous crime fighting Dogs in all the world.

William doesn't get it an looks around with a stupid look on his face

MC: He's a Cartoon character!

For you young sheep that don't know who Hong Kong Phooey was,here is the rundown:Hong Kong Phooey ran from 7 September 1974-4 September 1976 on ABC

Again from 4 February 1978-2 September 1978 on NBC,then again,8 September 1979-3 November 1979 on NBC,and 23 May 1981-5 September 1981 on NBC

Hong Kong Phooey was a Hanna-Barbera cartoon series about a crime fighting dog.Penrod Pooch,whose secret identity was that of Hong Kong Phooey.The voice of the lead character was supplied by Scatman Crothers(Mom and Dad could tell you who he was)....and may be seen on reruns somewhere on this Earth....see also"The Godzilla/Hong Kong Phooey Hour from November 1980 to may 1981

This is a match with The belt on the line...out and down the ramp come Trish and Albert

In the ring they tie up,Al gets Albert in a head lock,Al is sent for the ride and gets a big shoulder block from Albert on the way back,Al gives the fists to Albert as if to say"come on!!!!",Albert comes at Al,Al ducks a clothesline,Albert turns to get an Al boot to the chops,Al hits Albert in the face,bonk,bonk,bonk!

Albert reversed a ride and on the way back Al gets a shoulder to the chest that is so powerfull it knocks him out of the ring,Albert rolls out of the ring and picks up Al by the short hairs,Albert hits Al in the face,bonk,bonk!,Albert slams Al into the railing takes Al by the hair and whops him again,Teddy the Ref points for them to get the hell back in the damn ring

A ride is reversed by Al and Albert bangs into the railing and falls to the seat of his pants,Al walks up to Albert and gives him a black boot to the face,Al then beats Albert down like a dog

Al takes Albert by his bald noodle and rolls him back into the ring,Al spots that little bytch Trish and gives her the evil eye,Trish looks at Al with her mouth wide open(she must be a mouth breather like Bret Hart)

Al rolls back into the ring and gets an upper cut to the face by Albert,Albert smacks Al backwards into the south east corner of the ring,they slap each other in the face...slap,slap,slap,slap....Al is sent for the ride and thinks he's Ricky Henderson of the Mariner sliding into second against those damn Yankies(I didn't mean that if your a Yankies fan....and it doesn't matter where in Brooklyn I'm from....which I'm not...I'm just say'en)

Al gets up and is clotheslined by Albert,Al lays on the mat in pain,Albert takes Al and lays him between the ropes and sling shots Al,again Al rolls around in pain,Al is sent for the ride and blocks a clothesline,Al then clips Albert in the knee and Albert falls to the mat like a tree falling in the woods,Albert gets up and Al clips him with kicks to the back of his leg,Albert falls to the mat,Albert gets up and is wonderfully clotheslineed by Al

Al takes Albert by his baldness and slams him into the north west corner of the ring,Al slugs Albert in the guts,a ride is reversed by Albert and Al is smoshed into the south east corner of the ring,Albert comes a running into the corner after him,ha,ha,Al moves and all Albert gets is ring post,Al slids out of the ring(moves HEAD out of the corner) takes Albert by the feet and crotches him against the ring post

Oh God....on the far side of the ring that bytch Trish has goten on the apron,Teddy goes over to tell her to get the hell down....Al rolls back into the ring with HEAD,Al bows HEAD for all to see,Albert gets back in the ring,Al swings at him with HEAD,Albert ducks,Al turns to have a talk with Teddy about that damn Trish,Al makes a bee line for Trish's noodle with HEAD,Trish jumps off the apron just in time to miss getting HEAD

Al turns and gets an Albert wrestling boot to the guts,Albert holds Al wayyyyyyyy up in the air then drops him,Albert gets a two count,Trish can't belive it....William can't belive it,the King can't belive it

William: The man has such luck.

Albert sets Al up for a reversed body slam but Al kind of like powers out of it,Al starts whacking Albert in his bald noodle,Al then reversed that into kind of a Frankensteiner school boy roll up thingie bobber and gets the three count

William can't stands it,he can't stands it no more and runs into the ring and attacks Al.....thats all fine and good and adds to the heat....but William then kicked HEAD out of the ring....thats's on now.....nobody messes with HEAD.....NOBODY!!!!!!

This is a triple threat match between Al,Perry,and William

William comes down the ramp with no pop what so ever.....may even have been getting booed,out next came Perry and the little She Devil,Al came out next back to his usual theme music,he seemed to get a little pop

Al comes to ringside and sets HEAD on the steel steps,Regal rolls out of the ring and attacks Al,Al gives him a boot to the guts,takes William by the hair walks him over to the railing and beans William's head on it,they fall back and closer to the ring and Perry moonsaults over the top rope onto Al and onto his own noodle,William has rolled back into the ring,Perry rolls in after him,William gives him his old famous uppercuts,a ride is reversed by Perry,on the way back William ducks a clothesline,Perry ducks his head and gets a boot to the gut by Regal,William is about to make his move when outside the ring Al goes for Regal's boot,William turns around and gets suplexed by Perry

A fishermans suplex by Perry by Al breaks the two count,Al goes after Perry's noodle,they show the double screen as to when Perry moonsulted onto Al and hit his bald noodle on the floor at the same time,back in the ring and William is seen having a spot of tea....not really,he kicks Al in the guts,William then tries to lock Al up for a suplex and Al reversed it and turns William around so that Perry gives him a nice boot to the face knocking William and Al to the mat,Al goes for a fishermans suplex but Perry breaks it up,Perry helps Al up and starts hitting him in the noodle,Perry backs Al into the North East corner of the ring,Perry goes to swing at Al but Al ducks and swings Perry in the corner and starts a beating him up,a ride is reversed by Al who goes sliding into the Yankees first base(damn them anywho),Al gets up and ducks a Perry clothesline but does get one by William knocking Al to the mat,Perry comes running at Regal and gets the same thing,Al gets up but is punched out of the ring

Perry knocks Regal down with an elbow,Perry works on William in the North East corner of the ring,Perry tries to set up what looked like a ride but Regal stopped him and gave him a weak elbow,William then set Perry up and hit him with a move I have to say was pretty cool looking,which was a backwards arm bar power bomb thingie....very nice,William goes for the cover but Al breakes it up at two,Al walks Regal into a corner and beans Regal's head to the post,Al then hits Regal with a standing kick to the head and I'll be God Damned if Regal didn't sale it....shame,shame on him!

Al power bombs Regal but only gets a two count as Perry once again breaks up the count,Perry kicks Al in the noodle and heads for the top rope,leg drop from the second rope and he goes for a cover,no go,Al breaks it up,the She Devil is seen at ringside falling out of her dress(you wish....)

Al moonsults off the top rope right onto the side of William's head....oh....och.....Al goes for a cover and Perry pulls Al off of Regal by his boot,Perry lays on Regal and he gets a two count,Al pulls Perry off Regal and he gets a two count,Al and Perry start pushing each other around,William goes for a double clothsline but the boys duck then suplex Regal over their heads,Regal gets up and is double clotheslined,Al kicks Regal in the back as he lays on the mat,From behind Perry locks up Al and hits him with a fishermans suplex,Perry gets a two count,William gets up and gets a Perry boot to the face,Al then gets a boot to the face and is sent for the ride,a clothesline on the way back and Al ducks,they meet in the center of the ring to double clothesline each other to the mat,Al makes his way to the corner and gets HEAD,Perry gets up and makes his way to Al,......BOOM!...Al hits Perry with HEAD,Al goes for the pin put is pulled off by Regal who puts Al in the Regal Stretch....e...i...e...i...o....Al taps out again....

European Title History Till Al lost it

Title Holder Defeated Title Reign Date City
British Bulldog Owen Hart 206 days 2/26/97 Berlin, GER
Shawn Michaels British Bulldog 82 days 9/20/97 Birmingham, UK
Hunter Hearst Helmsley Shawn Michaels 40 days 12/11/97 Lowell, MA
Owen Hart Triple H 56 days 1/20/98 Davis, CA
Triple H(2) Owen Hart 125 days 3/17/98 Phoenix, AZ
D'Lo Brown Triple H 63 days 7/20/98 Binghamton, NY
X-Pac D'Lo Brown 14 days 9/21/98 Sacramento, CA
D'Lo Brown (2) X-Pac 13 days 10/5/98 East Lansing, MI
X-Pac (2) D'Lo Brown 120 days 10/18/98 Chicago, IL
Shane McMahon X-Pac 126 days 2/15/99 Birmingham, AL
Mideon - 34 days 6/21/99 Memphis, TN
D'Lo Brown (3) Mideon 28 days 7/25/99 Buffalo, NY
Jeff Jarrett D'Lo Brown 1 day 8/22/99 Minneapolis, MN
Mark Henry Jeff Jarrett 34 days 8/23/99 Ames, IA
D'Lo Brown (4) Mark Henry 30 days 9/26/99 Charlotte, NC
British Bulldog (2) D'Lo Brown 47 days 10/26/99 Springfield, MA
Val Venis British Bulldog 58 days 12/12/99 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Kurt Angle Val Venis 54 days 2/8/00 Austin, TX
Chris Jericho Angle/Benoit 1 day 4/2/00 Anaheim, CA
Eddie Guerrero Chris Jericho 111 4/3/00 Los Angeles, CA
Perry Saturn Eddie Guerrero 39 7/23/00 Fully Loaded
Al Snow Perry Saturn title holder 8/31/00 Fayetteville NC

History of how Al retains the Title

10/16/2000 WWF Raw after retaining the belt for 45 days Al taps out to a Regal Key Lock submission hold

10/12/2000 Smack Down Al d. Albert to retain European title

10/9/2000 Al d. Test to retain the European title

10/8/2000 WWF House Show Al d. Saturn

10/7/2000 WWF House Show San Jose Califorina Al d. William Regal by DQ when Regal low blows Al-Al retains European title

10/5/2000 WWF Smack Down Al d. Xpac to retain European title

9/29/2000 WWF Smack Down an Al vs Xpac match for the European Title is a no contest when Austin gives them both a stunner

9/23/2000 WWF House Show NY NY Al d. Saturn to retain European Title

9/17/2000 WWF House Show Champaign IL Al d. Saturn

9/16/2000 WWF House show Moline IL Al d. Saturn

9/11/2000 WWF Raw Al d. Tazz

9/10/200 WWF House Show Reno Al d. Tazz

9/9/2000 WWF House Show Seattle Al d. Tazz

9/3/2000 WWF House Show Knoxville Tennessee Al d. Saturn to retain title

9/2/2000 WWF House Show Boston Mass Al retains title by d. Saturn