Al Visits WWF Excess

Al on Excess 3/30/02

Coach:There was a nervousness and excitement around Raw Smack Down and to talk more about that,a man that was drafted for Smack Down Tough Enough Trainer and WWF Superstar,a man who is never at a loss for words please welcome Al Snow.

Al:Hey guys


Al: Hi sweetie.

Terri:I haven't seen you in forever!

Al:I know.

Terri:It's been a long time.

Al: I have been pining away for you.....just miss you.

Coach:You pine?


Coach:What's up Al?

Al:Ah,I'm here on Excess with you guys,I'm excited to be here,your probably hearing the enterance music and all that,and your going "what does everybody want" but I don't have it any more,but that's all right

Coach:Well everybody saw this past week on Raw,you and I were by each other most of the night on Raw in the back of the room....

Al:Arm and arm...


Al:Cuddling together...Spooning

Terri:That's sick

Well no,but what I wanted to get to.....

Al:In a manly way don't worry

Coach:Talk about the attitude in the room,nobody really know where they were going,Raw or Smack Down,and right now as we talk about it we are going to put up the Raw roster,and any surprises you see in the Raw roster?

Al:Well you know it was a very tense situation for us sitting in that room because nobody like you said where we were going to go so basically we were on pins and needles you didn't know,your fate your future was going decided by who Flair or Vince McMahon was going to pick and.....

Coach: Were you surprised at all that the Undertaker was picked number one and then the NWO....

Al:I was surprised that Flair took Undertaker,I mean I'm sure that was a strategec pick on his part to upset Vince's Apple cart so to speak,ah I was suprised again that he took the NWO....

Terri:Not alot of love there

Al:Who would want the NWO?...Their....their.....

Coach:I wonder how he is going to be able to control all these guys,we will find out this coming week on Raw.

Al:I'm sure with the amount of time Flair has been in the business his experience and background I'm sure he has a plan that he has laid out for.....

Terri:He does....

Al:For the Raw team....

Terri:He does,he's my Boss now....Al:(to terri) Let my wipe that off your nose....

Coach:Since the last time you have been on Excess,things have not changed

Al:Not at all....

Coach:It's not all about Terri.

Al:Ok fine

Coach:Speaking of Smack Down lets look at your team lets go ahead and look at the Smack Down roster

Al:My team,yup that's right....Hut!...Hut!

Coach:You guys are absolutely loaded

Al:We are....and yea...

Terri:Did you just say Al was loaded???

Al:I'd like a drink...

Coach:No I said the Smack Down brand is loaded....


Al:Look we got alot of talent it's going to be every interesting but the biggest thing I think about the brand extention is that the fans are the ones who are going to benefit the most this, be the whole air of competition between the two companies,whenever you have that the fans always benefit

Coach: You know when I look at your roster the best part I see is that Stacy and Torri Wilson are on the some show


Coach:They have had some classic matches

Al:Oh they have had terrific matches....I could just sit there by myself and watch them for hours and hours

Terri:Don't mind me guys....I'll just sit here and hang out here with you guys.....Stacy...

Al:Your even better because you are right here with us,your right here in person

Coach:Yea Terri you know that our favorite....

Terri:Let me tell you about some big hot guys.....put that back up and let me find my hot stud muffens that I want to talk about!

Coach:look how much power you have!,they put it right back up for you

Al:they put it right back up

Terri:Yea....Bam!,ok let me see who do I....Big Valboski.....there's Al Snow....I'll take you too

Coach:What about Al talked earlier about Chris Benoit coming back in a couple of months


Coach:He's on the Smack Down show,the Rock was the number one draft pick,so you guys got alot of competition on Smack Down as well as alot of competition on Raw.

Al:Right,but I think the competition between the two companies the two brands is what is where the fans are goin to benefit

Coach:Yea just a minute ago we saw the emotional separation of the Duddly Boyz,they were ot the only Tag team.....(Al plays like he is crying)....will you stop?

Al:I'm sorry,Tore me right in two

Coach:Will you stop....they were not the only Tag team to be separated this week,right now let look at the emotional last call party for the APA

Al plays up that he is crying

Al:Oh God it was so.....

Part Two

Terri:That reminds me of the last show of Cheers,you know,all the memories that have been created at that table behind that APA door ....and now it's all over...

Al:Yea but you know it's an opportunity for all for of these men to really go into a new direction and to expand themselfs and take their career to maybe new hights

Terri:This is true

Al:Also it could be a great opportunity to jump off a cliff.....that's the chance you take

Coach:It's an opportunity for alot of WWF Superstars,a new begining for everybody,a new begining and a new Raw brand and this Monday night right here on TNN,we will change gears right here when we come back we are going to talk about Tough Enough Two,alot of questions for you after this last Thursdays show,this is Excess Al Snow the special guest star if you didn't already know


Coach:And we will be right back

Fade Out

Part Three

Coach:Welcome back everybody,Al Snow is our special guest star tonight on Al did it bother you that Maven was picked ahead of you in the draft because Mr. McMahon picked Maven because he was the Hardcore champion,backfired on him


Coach:No longer the Hardcore champion but still never the less picked ahead of you

Al:Alot of people ask me that,does it bother you that Maven pined you for the Hardcore title,does it bother you that you know Maven was picked ahead of you in the draft,and I have to truthfully say that it doesn't,it doesn't bother me because....

Terri:Your a big man Al Snow

Al know...I but really it doesn't bother me because you know when I take somebody on to train them I am basically training my replacement and,and Maven and all the kids in Tough Enough are going to be a form of my legacy in this

Terri:which means you have done a great job.

Al:Damn right,and I'm happy for the fact that Maven was picked ahead of me and I'm happy of the fact that Maven did what I trained him to do and was to take advantage of an opportunity and pin me.....and lets face it,we all know my win loss record,and ah I'm not going to have a legacy like a alot of these guys do like Stone Cold or the Undertaker,or Triple H,but with Tough Enough these kids will be......

Terri:You will live on!

Al:That's right


Al: I have a form of immortality with Maven success and Nidia's and who ever comes out of Tough Enough two and(Al knocks on his sounds hollow)...knock on wood Tough Enough 103

Terri:You know Maven was the first ever Tough Enough winner,and now at this point we are looking at these new kids,I can't get enough,it's like every week what are they going to do next whats going to happen next

Coach:Well Al we will get your thoughts on that in a minute

Al:Oh I got alot of thoughts

Coach:But first we are going to go back a this past Thursday nights show if anybody missed it,and I know they didn't


Coach:Of Tough Enough.....

Al:Because if you did I'll stop at your house.....

Coach:Lets take a look

Fade to Tough Enough Re-cap

Part four


Terri:That was the word I was going to use you took the word right out of my mouth man

Al:I know,alot of people were surprise,between Danny,Alica and Jessie

Terri:I couldn't belive that I though it was going to be the girls,I just know it was going to be one of the girls getting cut,and Danny gets the boot,I want to know something Al Snow,your in there you got all the inside scoop,I saw the trainers and big talk about each person and when it comes down to it who makes to call on who gets cut?

Al:Well it's like a consortium,we sit down and we get everybodys opinions and viewpoints because somebody might see something I mght not see,Bob Holly might see something,Ivory might see something,Big might see something,we really take in everyones opinion,in the end it's up to Big and I and we finaly narrow it all down and make a decision at that time based on what we have seen up to that point

Coach:You know what I missed on this weeks show....was optimum fitness training I know they didn't have it......

Al:Those kids have it every day

Coach:They jumped into the Pacific ocean so they got two days off

Al:Right they got Two days off but then they had to go right back and then Rafieal who is an evil man,got to love him makes them pay for those two days they had off

Coach:You must admit this is getting pretty interesting Al we never know,and I like the way that they are getting cut this year because you never know,when you walk up to them their hearts have to be going thru their skins

Al:Oh mine is too I,I absolutely,it's a necessary evil,I hated walking up and down that line

Terri:You were standing in front of Alicia like forever,I was like...ok what are you going to do there Al???

Al:I know it's cruel but it's nessesary I have to do it

Terri:Now do any of you trainers hang out with the kids outside of training them or is it all business??

Al:I would go with them to Optimum fitness every day to lend them my support because I sure as hell wasn't going to do it,you know and stand there a cheer them no but that was about it,you know we had opportunties here and there to interact with them outside of the training,but primarily it was there at Tracks and that was it.

Coach:Yea,Terri take it from me it's not good if you hang out with the Tough Enough crew outside of you know....

Al:Yea it is...

Terri:Why have you tried it or something?


Terri:I'm thinking you have

Al:Speaking from experience.

Coach:It's not a good idea.


Coach:But it's time to take another quick break

Al:Say it isn't so.....

Coach:Well you're not going anywhere

Al:What do you mean I'm not going anywhere???

Coach:A special from the Volt this week

Al:I am buckled up and ready to stay there the whole time

Coach:Easy!....this is Excess on the new TNN

Part Five

Coach:Terri....I am the Coach,Al


Coach:Now Al every week our favorite segment from the fans is from the Volt we get e-mails from around the world, around the globe requesting matches

Al:Around the planet


Al:North ot South of the Equator?


Al:All seven Continents

Coach:We wanted to wait till you were on the show


Coach:To play play this one,so Terri if you would please...

Terri:Ironically enough this weeks request is from Brooke of Lima Ohio

Al:Oh....I have a fan there?

Terri:You do.....

The Letter:The Inseption of the Harcore division a few years back was the greatest idea ever an all time favorite match was Al Snow vs Hardcore Holly from St Valentines day Massacre,could you please play that match on from the Valt?

Coach:Al I'm sure you have a million thoughts running thru you head

Al:No most of the time I don't but......

Coach:But before you say anything about this match Harcore match,lets take a look at Al Snow vs Hardcore Holly.....the Hardcore Title is on the line.....from the Volt

they fade to the match

Part Six

Terri:Into the Mississippi river?

Al:Yes,and it was cold and alot deeper then I thought it would be....I almost drowned

Terri:Really?....colder than this studio?

Al:Well your looking like a human Popcicle

Terri:I feel like one

Al:He was....I'm not kidding you he was trying to drown me.....if that tire hadn't been there I might be dead

Terri:You're not playing are you?

Al:No I'm not

Coach:Well Al nobody does Hardcore like you do,but now the Hardcore....

Al:I'm the Crown Prince of Hardcore

Coach:Right but the Hardcore title is with Raven


Coach:Who is going to be on Raw

Al:And I don't know how I'm going to get my belt back,because truthfully that is my belt.....since Mick retired that's my belt.....and I don't know how I'm going to do it

Coach:Well thanks for coming by

Al:I'm not leaving

Coach:Yes you are....

Al:No I'm me when we come back from the break this is where I will be

Coach:You can see him every week....

Al:And you can see me after the break....

Coach:On Tough Enough on MTV.....we will be ready for Raw next week.....Al WILL be gone when we get back

Al:I'll be right here

Fade to black

Part Seven

Coach:Al Snow is still here

Terri:You know,Al Snow pretty much gives everybody the boot every week right

Coach:Yes he does

Terri:This is my show.our show,so Coach I'm concerned about you,I'm going to keep an eye on you,sit down,Al


Terri:Your personality is not what we are looking for,I'm're cut

Coach laughing....

Al:(crying)I got cut from being a host Excess(he starts walking off stage)

Terri:I feel Tough Enough now

Al stops and comes back on stage

Al:(still crying) You know what?....fine I'm taking my table with me too if I have to leave everything is going,I always wanted to be on Excess.....Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Terri:He doesn't have to be a baby about it,I thought he was like Hardcore and stuff

Coach:I thought that was pretty funny on your part

Terri:That's the only way I could get him out of here

Coach:Yea right