Got HEAD???

Al:I was doing the thing were the pressure was getting to me which is a shooot,and the frustation and everything was starting to push me over the edge.

I started doing it on my own in the WWF,just stared doing it,I figured,what do I have to lose?And ah,Paul E. saw that,he had a different idea for that,more of a natural born caricture,more killers caricature when I first came to ECW but Paul E actualy let me find my own deal and continued to do the pychotic thing in the ring,and started talking to myself,but people were not really catching on to it,so after a match at the arena I went back,I found a styrofoam head back where they do the floats it had paint and everything on it and I thought,I thought well shit to be honest with you I got the idea basicly kind of joined together

We were kind of joking around Cactus and I ,we were out in Calf.,he used to have a styrofoam head,he would put his Mankind mask on it,and ah he called it Ellane,you know like it was his girl friend or something,right?And I thought,Ill take a HEAD to the ring and I'll behave like its a real person and I'll speak to it,maybe that will help get across that I'm a little fruity,but you know like crazy,and it will help get across because it will be more visual

At first Paul E was like "What are you doing that for?"I dont like your manager!"and really did'nt quite understand what it was doing and then all of a sudden it just clicked and he understood it And then Spike and Mikey found me my true friend here(holds up HEAD)who a fan had brought to Connecticut for Nu Jack to use the night before to use as a weapon,and I had just broke the face on the other one that I had,was like a styrofoam head with a plastic face on it,and broke it when I was beating it up,but I have no reson why,but I beat up on a girl and they cheer,and I beat up on a HEAD and they booed,and that was before we actualy started doing anything,and then I found this Mikey gave me this,and the next night I worked with agent 00ooops and he dislocated my shoulder,and I was out for a while with that,so you know,at that point it was pretty much on it's way,and with Paul E and Candedo who I owe alot to,set up the promo for the Nov. to Remember PPV,and it just kind of kilqed and took off from there!