Mick and Al host UPN Greatest Hits

UPN and the WWF Greatest Hits

Well they had listed this as being hosted by Mick and Ivory so when I started watching I was surprised to find that It was not Mick and Ivory but Mick and Al,at the request of UPN they had ask to have the show hosted by Mick and Al after the great response they received after Mick and Al hosted "The Strip"show from a couple of weeks before

Because of this I missed the opening shoot of the show,so this begins with the second break at which time I had my VCR ready

Mick is reading from his book...Mick:The blow to my face resulted in one and a half teeth being knocked out a dislocated jaw and a hole beneath my lip that I could stick my tongue throw,Al I'm talking about the results of the most devastating type of match in the WWF history

Al is video taping Mick.....


Mick:The hell in the cell

Al: I know and I have been involved in some pretty devastating matches myself

Mick: Ha,ha,yea,pretty devastating for the fans to watch,ha,ha

Al:Very funny,let me ask you a question

Mick:Sure Al

Mick is sitting in some kind of electric chair,Al turns it on

Al:What happens when I turn this little nob

Mick: It hurts Al,thats not funny

Mick:Hell in a cell match isn't funny ether,lets take a look

Al keeps turning the button and says"ekkk,ekkk"

Break three Mick and Al are what looks like a commissary

Mick:Ha,ha,now thats funny stuff

Al: Hey excuse me you seem to have something on your nose

Mick(rubbing his nose) Is it off???

Al:No it's something brown from being stuck up the Rocks butt

Mick:Hey Al,(Mick picks up a bag of rolls) Know you're roll and shut your mouth,what a coincidences these bad boys where waiting right here for me

Al: You are such a suck up

Mick:You would such up to the Rock too if he let you

Good point

Mick: Ha,ha,it is a good point,how about a cup of beer big guy?

Al:If you are going to make me watch one of you matches I think I need all the beer I can get

Mick: Oh yea!,how many championship belts have you had there??

Al: I have had two!

Mick: Which ones?

Al: Tag Team belt and the Hardcore belt

Mick: And ahh,who did you hang on to the Tag team belts with??

Al: You!

Exactly,and how many times have you held the WWF championship??

Al: None

Mick: How many????

Al: None

Mick: How many???

Al: NONE!!!

Mick: But Al there is something we both have in common we have both never held on to the Peoples championship!

Break 4 Mick and Al are standing talking on the ramp

Mick:Schwarzenagger has some classic lines

Al:I got one(talks like Arnold)It's not a tumor

Mick: Thats good Al but listen(talking like Arnold)Cross the enemy see them driven before you and ignore the limitation of the woman!

Al: What the hell is that from??

Mick: Conan

Al: O'Brian???

Mick:No!,not Conan O'Brain you jerk,the barbarian

Al: Oh the Samoan guy you used to manage

Mick: No!,not he Samoan guy I used to manage BACK IN 93!, hey lets talk about the most devastating super stars ever assembled

Al: I know, Joey,Rodney and Petie

Mick: Those guys are a bunch of pussys

Al: Hee,hee,you called them pussys

Mick:No I want to talk abut a force that strikes fear into the heart of man!

Al: Oh!, Steve Blackmans promos!

Mick: I said a group Al,Blackman has one done two promos,that makes that a pear

Al: Oh and speaking of a pear(camera pans down Mick),the shape of your bodys in

Mick: Shut up Al hold on to my best selling book that I wrote myself,and let me spell it out for you,does this make any sence to you??(Mick starts doing the D-X chop)

Al: Whats wrong with you??,you having a seizure??,do I need to hold your tongue down??

Mick: I'm not having a seizure,I'm talking about D-X!

Break five Mick and Al are sitting at the commentary table

Al: This is so cool,we are behind the scenes at UPN Smackdow

Mick: I'm going to pretend to be one of the announcers,Oh my goodness this is a sloberknocker,look a Mrs Folys baby boy.....

Al: Ease up you egomaniac,your going to get us kicked out again,what are you going to do for the millennium??

Mick:Al it's going to be great,what I'm going to do is have a big party at the Foly house

Al: I didn't see no invite

Mick:It must be in the mail,spike the punch bowl with Viagra,sit back with my video camera and video tape the entire filthy evening!

Al: You are such a pervert,but you could sell the fotage on the Spice canel

Mick:It's kind of like GTV isn't it!

Al: Hee,yea!

break six they are back at the top of the ramp

Mick: Hey Al,you are not GTV are you???

Al: Right!,like I'm going to be respocible for myself mining copper

Mick: Really Al,we have seen alot of great moments in the past year we both agree on the finest moment,whould have been the ladder match


Mick: Between Edge and Christan and the Hardy boys

Al: Without a doubt

Mick:Man that Edge is some athlete

Al: The only reson your saying that is because he laughs at your stupid jokes

Mick: Yea I know,Edge! Hey Edgester,I got a new Al Snow joke for ya

Edge:(claping hands)Allright! Mick:How many Al Snow matches fill out a best of Al Snow tape??

Edge:You got me.

Mick:None!,there is no such thing!!!(Edge laughs)

Al: I really really hate you,I hate you both

Break Seven Mick and Al are sitting in the arena

Mick(holds Socko up which is on his hand) That Mr.Socko is phenomenal so are the sells of this bad boy available around the country,I sure would let to thank whoever invented Mr.Socko

Al: Your welcome

Mick:Oh so you invented MrSocko!

Al: I did,it says so right here in your book that just happens to be sitting here,available in book stores all around the United States

Mick; Thanks for your plug Al because here at the WWF we usualy don't to that type of thing

Al: Well don't get an Attitude

Mick: Speaking of Attitude,that is one fine WWF Attitude shirt you are wearing

Al: Why thank you be carefull because if you don't I may have to belt you(Al holds up a plastic belt)

Mick(holding up a belt of his own) I may have to belt you

Al:you belt me I may have to give you the finger(Al holds up a foam finger)Mick:(holding a foam D-X)You give me the finger you will turn into a x-wrestler,why don't you just put a lid on it Al(Mick and Al put on WWF hats)

Mick:Gratuitus Pugs from us at the WWF and all of this is avalable nation wide except for Al's dolls which have been baned around the globe

Al:Thats not funnie

Mick: I think it is,look I'll make it up to you I'll get you something to eat

Al: Ok I'll pay for it but you pay for the gratuity

Mick:No I don't belive in being gratiitous and nether do your friends at the WWF(both Mick and Al give the thumbs up)

Break Eight Al and Mick are in the WWF recording studio

Mick: that was some devastating footage there

Al: Yea! man,Roger,Roger

Mick: Whats your Victor,Victor??,a little airplane joke,speaking of airplanes Al look around here with all these buttons it kind of feels like we are driving our own little airlpane

Al: It looks kind of cool,I wonder what one of these things does(Al wants to play with the buttons,Mick stops him)

Dougie the Sound guy:Hey don't touch that!

Mick:Hey,you don't talk to Al Snow like that.

Al: Yea back off

Mick:I talk to Al Snow that way,DON'T TOUCH THAT AL,Ha,ha,

Al;Oh shut up

Mick:On a serious note Al it's time for reflection,we are at the end of the show


Mick: You are in the twilight of what could be said as a medioker career

Al:Bite me

Mick; Any thoughts on what you are going to do after your not with Sports entertainment?

Al:Well,you know I have put alot of thought into this,I guess I well have to give up on the Wal-Mart job,but on a serious note I thought I would be a video producer and how would you like to see a little of my footage??

Mick: It's not footage of you wrestling is it???,that would be a miserable way to end the show

Al:Shut up!,footage of me wrestling would be a great way,but I have something better

Mick:What is it??

Al:Sneak preview of the Stone Cold video

Mick:Oh hell yea!

Al:Roll it Dougie

Mick:Hey let me touch that


screen fades to snow.....the end

On an after note:Tuesday's (November 30th's) presentation of the "WWF's Greatest Hits" special drew in a 3.0 rating. The show, which was broadcasted nationally (in most places) via UPN, was hosted by Mankind and Al Snow. The 1-hour-long program featured various clips, including past clips of the Austin/McMahon feud, The Rock's rise to the top, DX, the birth of Mr. Socko, past Hell in a Cell matches with Undertaker vs. Mankind ("King of the Ring" '98) and Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels ("In Your House - Badd Blood" '97), parts of the Hardy Boyz / Edge & Christian ladder match from "No Mercy" and clips of The Rock and The Big Show.