Crowned Prince of Harcore

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It all started with a Hardcore match against Roaddog in which Al lost the match outside in the snow, Roaddog unable to wrestle at the PPV St.Valentines day Massacre,so a match was set against Bob Holly for the Hardcore belt at the P.P.V.,Al wrestled Bob down to the banks of the Mississippi,but he cheated and wraped Al up in wire fencing to win the Hardcore belt

Bob then became "Hardcore Holly" .PPV Backlash against Holly,Al pined Holly after Al knocked him into a table,making HEAD the Hardcore champ,Holly kidnap HEAD telling Al he would not get HEAD back till he got a title shot

Al looking for some spiritual guidence finds it in a stuffed Deer head named Pierre

Al got HEAD back from Bob who tryed to make Al look stupid by saying that Al must have a match with HEAD and win,only then would Al be Hardcore champ,and Bob the ref,So Al had the match and beat HEAD but in the end it was Pierre the Deer head that pined HEAD to become Hardcore champ

Bob took poor Pierre and beat the stuffing out of him,Al was upset and tryed to get the WWF Dr to help poor Pierre but it was too late,Pierre had gone to Deer head heaven,Al angery at Holly told him he would wrestle Holly at the Over the Edge PPV in a title match,Al tossed Holly through a table to retain the Hardcore belt

Al wrestled many matches on the road against Holly and Blackman,it got to be that nobody would wrestle Al because they thought he was crazy,so Al made the Minis sign a contract to wrestle him,those evil minis used Salad Tongs on Al

Then that cross dresser Droz wrestled Al in an evening gown match,but once again Al was the winner.Prince Albert hammered a rail road spike into HEAD's head,Al felt HEAD's pain and needed someone any one to take away the pain

Al has match on Raw against Boss Man who Al asks to take away the Pain,but all Boss Man did was hand cuff Al to the ring in Hard time fashion

July 1999 Fully Loaded PPV,Al faced The Boss Man again,and with a headache Al asked Boss Man to stop the pain,Al worked Boss Man crying Hard Time,Al tossed hot coffee on atBoss Man didn't have the guts to take away the pain,but hand cuffed Al to a fence to win the Hardcore Belt...

As Al is seating back stage a Dog comes up to Al and it starts talking to Al,Al thinks this Dog,"Pepper",is going to help him win the Hardcore belt back from Bossman at SummerSlam....

Al tries to get Pepper to go to the ring with him but Pepper was too chicken,so off Al went to the ring,Al and the Bossman battled outside the arena and into a bar where with help from Roaddog and a night stick to the Bossmans back,Al pined Bossman to win back the Hardcore belt,later as Al is making his way back to the arena he finds Stevie Richards and the Blue Menie trying to jump start Pepper

On the very first Smackdown Bossman Shoooots to Al that he wants a title shot,Al takes Bossman up on the offer,not to smart on Al's part as Bossman beats Al to win the Hardcore Belt,not only that but Bossman kidnapes Pepper

Al all upset makes little posters of the missing Pepper,later Bossman shoooots to Al that he will give Pepper back to Al if Al will meet him in his Motel room,Al shows up and wants Pepper back,Bossman tells Al that that is what he is tring to do,Bossman asked Al to have a seat cuz he has made Al supper,Al didn't want Supper,he wanted the damn dog back,so anyway,Bossman sets a plate of food in front of Al to eat,looked like Beef and noodles,so Al takes a bite,little did Al know but he was eating Pepper,Bossman had deep fried the little dog

Al freaked and lost his mind,first he thought he was Avatar,then he thought he was Leif Cassidy,Bossman was shoooting in the ring that he could take on anybody,so who should come down the ramp but the Bulldog,he beats Bossman for the belt just like that,out comes Al dressed as Leif,Al take a note he has writen and shoves it into Bossmans mouth as he lay on the mat,Al then made his way up the ramp,the Bulldog just gives the Hardcore belt back to Al

Al wanted to get even so Al came up with an idea,why not get even with Bossman by scaring him with some mean evil looking doggies.So Al went out and got himself 6 big Rottweilers

Al and Bossman then had a Pepper on a Poll match in which the remines of Pepper were in a doggie bag on a stick,Bossman was just about to win the match when out come the evil Rottweilers,well Bossman tossed the bag across the ring and Al got it,Al later made a nice little grave for Pepper and layed him to rest

Al comes up for an idea for a match to get even, a cell within a cell match with the big bad doggies around the ring for the Unforgiven PPV,Bossman takes Al up on it and it turns out to be the worst match at the PPV,the dogs didn't care and the Bossman made Al look bad

A 3 way dance for the Hardcore belt,Al vs Bossman vs Big Show,poor Al gets slammed into a table by Big Show,Bossman beaned Big Show with the night stick,rolled Big Show over to get the pin,Bossman wins the Hardcore belt

That was the end of Al and the Hardcore belt,it was later held by Crash Holly and Steve Blackman

Let's get hardcore! By Seth Mates/ Headlines

Another early Hardcore Champion was Al Snow, who would often take his matches through the backstage area and outside the arenas.'I try to be as creative as possible in hardcore matches, but a lot of the time it's a group effort,' Snow said. 'You see these hardcore matches and sometimes eight or nine people can get involved, and all of those people also have to be in on the creative process.

I like hardcore matches, they're fun and entertaining, but they really take a toll on your body.'One particularly memorable storyline took place following Summerslam 1999, when Snow and The Bossman were feuding for the title.

Snow had been carrying a little dog to the ring with him, named Pepper. The Bossman kidnapped the dog and cooked him up--feeding Al some 'Pepper Steak!' Of course, The Bossman didn't really kill any dogs, but it made for a hell of a storyline!'

It was a fantastic storyline, and I still have people coming up to me to this day, and asking me if I really did ring that dog's neck and cook him up', The Bossman said. "If you check out J.R's cookbook, you can get the original recipe on how to fix Pepper Steak. You need a live Chihuahua, and a bunch of baking (bacon?) grease!'


10/3/99 WWF Sunday night Heat Al d. Medion with a bowling ball to retain the Hardcore belt

9/26/99 WWF Unforgiven PPV Al d. Bossman in a Kennel from hell match

8/26/99 WWF Smackdown Bossman d. Al to win the Hardcore belt

8/21/99 WWF SummerSlam Al d. Bossman to become two time Hardcore Champ

7/25/99 WWF PPV Fully Loaded Bossman d. Al to win the hardcore belt

7/20/99 OVCW Louisville KY Al d. Prince Albert to retain hardcore belt

7/19/99 WWF Raw Al d. Bossman by DQ when Bossman cleans Al's clock with the night stick

7/18/99 WWF house show Bakersfield Calf Al d. Holly/Blackman in a triple threat match to retain Hardcore belt

7/17/99 WWF house show Anaheim Calf Al d. Holly/Blackman in a triple threat match to retain Hardcore belt

7/16/99 WWF house show Al d. Holly/Blackman in a triple threat match to retain Hardcore belt

7/11/99 WWF Sunday night Heat in a Hardcore match against Max Mini,Mini Nova,Battalion,and El Torrito,the match ends in a no contest when the Minis run away after attacking Al with Salad Tongs

7/10/99 WWF house show Evansville IN Al d. Holly/Blackman in a triple threat match to retain Harcore belt

7/9/99 WWF house show Philly PA Al d. Holly and Blackman in a Triple threat match to retain Hardcore belt

7/5/99 WWF Raw Al d. D-Lo to retain Hardore belt

7/4/99 WWF Sunday Night Heat Al vs Midian ends in a no contest when D-Lo enters the ring and hits Midian

7/3/99 WWF Shotgun Sat Night Al d. Brooklyn Brawler in a non title match

7/2/99 WWF house show Montreal Canada Al d. Blackman to retain hardcore belt

7/1/99 WWF house show Otawa Canada Al d. D-Lo Brown to retain Hardcore belt

6/30/99 WWF house show White Plains NY Al d. Steve Blackman

6/26/99 WWF house show MSG Al d. Holly/Blackman to retain Hardcore belt

6/19/99 WWF house show Houston Texas Al d. Holly and Blackman to retain Hardcore belt

6/18/99 WWF house show Dallas Texas Al d Holly and Blackman to retain Hardcore belt

6/13/99 WWF house show Cleveland Ohio Al d. Holly and Blackman in a triple threat match to retain Hardcore belt

6/12/99 WWF house show Pittsburgh PA Al d. Holly and Backman in a triple threat match to retain Hardcore belt

6/12/99 WWF Shotgun Sat Night Al d. Prince Albert

6/11/99 WWF house show Detroit MI Al d. Holly and Blackman in a triple threat match

6/10/99 WWF house show Lowell Mass Al d. Holly and Blackman in a triple threat match to retain Hardcore belt

6/9/99 WWF house show Portland Maine Al d. Holly and Blackman in a triple threat match to retain Hardcore belt

6/7/99 WWF Raw Al d. Droz to retain hardcore belt

6/5/99 WWF house show Springfield MA Al d. Holly and Blackman in a triple threat match to retain Hardcore belt

5/24/99 WWF Raw in a non title match HHH d.Al

5/23/99 WWF PPV Over the Edge Al d. Holly to retain Hardcore belt

5/16/99 WWF house show Richmond VA Al d. Holly to retain Hardcore belt

5/15/99 WWF house show Baltimore MD Al d. Holly to retain belt

5/14/99 WWF house show Philadephia PA Al d. Holly

5/13/99 WWF house show Hershey PA Holly d. Al (Holly)thinking he has won the Hardcore belt,only to find it was a non title match,so Al retains belt

5/12/99 WWF house show Tallahassee FL Al d. Holly to retain Hardcore belt

5/9/99 WWF Sunday night Heat Deer HEAD d. HEAD when in a match to win the Hardcore belt from HEAD Al uses Deer HEAD to cover HEAD

5/2/99 WWF Heat Al vs Holly in a non title match ends in a no contest when Holly after knocking Al down walks away with HEAD wanting a title match

5/1/99 WWF house show Arrowhead Pond Anaheim Calf Al retains Hardcore Belt by d. Holly

4/25/99 WWF PPV Backlash Al d. Holly to win the Hardcore Belt

4/5/99 WWF Raw Al d.Holly in a non title match,Dr.Death stages a drive by at the end

4/2/99 WWF house show Sheffield England Holly d. Al to retain Hardcore belt

4/1/99 WWF house show Oberhausen Germany Holly d. Al to retain Harcore belt

3/28/99 WWF Wrestlemania Holly d. Al and Billy Gunn to win Hardcore title

3/21/99 WWF house show Rochester N.Y. Billy Gunn retains Hardcore belt by d. Al and Holly

3/21/99 WWF Sunday night Heat Billy Gun d. Al to retain Hardcore belt

3/20/99 WWF house show Austin Tex Billy Gunn retains headcore belt by d. Al/Holly

3/19/99 WWF house show New Orleans LA Billy Gunn d. Al/Holly to retain Hardcore belt

3/13/99 WWF house show Las Vegas Nevada Holly d. Al for the 5th time to retain Hardcore belt

3/12/99 WWF house show Arrowhead Pond Anaheim Calf Holly d. Al to retain Hardcore belt,Roaddog gets involved and they try to put each other into a table that was too hardcore to break,the table was just too damn hardcore

3/7/99 WWF house show Milwaukee Wisconsin Holly again retains Hardcore belt by d. Al

3/6/9 WWF house show Chicago ILL Holly retains his Hardcore belt by d. Al

2/14/99 WWF PPV St.Valentines day Massacre Bob Holly d. Al to win the hardcore belt 2/13

All Hail the New Hardcore Champ!

03/11/02 WWF Raw

Hello, Al Snow fans..this is Indigo, and yeah, I got to say that this all came as a total surprise to me tonight!

I was only kinda half-watching as Goldust enters to his usual drama-rama..and I go back to my dusting. But then, what did I hear through my near-toxic cloud of Lemon Pledge? The opening of Al's classic entrance theme! Thankfully, I had a tape in, and only missed a slight bit of his entrance..No HEAD, but a hefty pop accompanies him (in blue tights) down the ramp.

Al gets to the front of the ring, and Goldust lobs a golden trashcan down at him, and Al ducks it. Goldust gets out of the ring, to be pummeled by Al and Al kicks him and pummels him some MORE, and then tosses him back in the ring.

He gets in the ring, only to be treated to a bash in the head with a golden trashcan LID..

Goldust grabs him by the hair, and throws him in the corner. G-Dust slaps him down in the corner, then whips him into the far corner. G-Dust then pulls his feet up onto the ropes until he is doing a split practically, and then smacks him again...G-Dust then tries a low-blow, but Al raises up and he misses.

Al then grabs the golden fire extinguisher, and blasts G-Dust a good one, then grabs up another golden trashcan and positions it while G-dust staggers around, apparently blinded..

Al then hits G-Dust with a brainbuster, brain-first (well, sorta) onto the can---for the 1!--2!--3!!! AND THE HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP IS BACK WHERE IT BELONGS, BABY!

A coupla nice shots of Al celebrating, holding his head, and raising the belt aloft as the crowd erupts!

As he makes his way victorious up the ramp, there is a quick shot of a 'Michigan Loves Snow! (Al, that is)' sign....All hail the Crown Prince of Hardcore! And we are out!

Smackdown 3/14/02


Al comes out first, sporting the Hardcore title, he throws his imfamous bowling bag & some weapons into the ring. The Big Show comes out next, looking big as ever.

Al slides through the ropes & catches the Show with a baseball slide, then nails him in the gut with a broomstick and snaps the broom over his back, the big guy no-sells this and blocks Al's punch, then nails him with one of his own.

The Show does a BIG gorilla press to our cult hero...ooohhh, and drops him face first on a garbage can...that's gotta hurt...He then whips Al into the stairs, then smooshes his head on the lower part of the staircase before trying to smoosh it even more with the other part of the stairs. Fortunately, he misses.

Al scores with a kick to the knee, then hits the big guy with three Stop sign shots to the head, and gets a two count. The Big Show shoves Al away and throws him into the ring post, then *FWAP* nails him with a chop to the chest.

In the ring for the first time, Show tries a kick but misses, Al scores with a low blow., Big Show is down in the corner.

Al picks up his bowling ball, plays to the crowd for a second...the wind up...the pitch...OOOOHHH, 7-10 split! A DDT later and Al gets another two count. Al then hits the Show in the head twice with a trash can.

The Show apparently gets tired of this and chokeslams Al. One, two...Goldust breaks up the count, and gets a two of his own. Show clotheslines Goldust and in comes Maven, Goldust attacks with a gold can lid but Show clotheslines him out of the ring.

Maven then does a nice dropkick to the Big Show, and just like the Undertaker, Show goes a-flyin' over the ropes. Maven then looks at Al, and covers him, one, two, three, Maven is the new Hardcore champion.

Here's hoping Al gets this one back on that ungrateful little son-of-a-b!+(#.


WWF Main Event Hulk vs The Genius,before the match Hulk has an interview with Mean Gene in which Mean Gene asks the Hulkster

Mean Gene:Wait a minute now Hulk,what if the Genius's athletic achievements are as good as his poetic prowess?

Hulk:Poetic prowess???,try this one on Mean Gene,Roses are red,Violets are blue,Hulksters a wrestler....Genius what are you???????

This match is for the WWF title,the match it's self is rather funny if you have ever seen it,in which as they went on Mr.Perfect came to ring side and took the belt as Hulk has the Genius tied up in a corner,Hulk sees Perfect and points at him

Perfect:(pointing up at the Hulk) That is not a perfect champion,and this is not a perfect belt

Perfect takes his gum out of his mouth and sticks it on the belt

Perfect:And until it's around my waist it's.....

From behind Hulk attacks Prefect,Genuis comes up from behind and drop kicks Hulk into the ring post,Perfect stands at ring side laughing.....

The match goes on until Hulk tossed Genuis out of the ring,Perfect helps him up,Hulk jumped out of the ring and moved Perfect out of the way and rolled Genius back into the ring,as Hulk tries to make his way back into the ring Perfect beans the Hulk in the head with the belt

Genuis wins by way of a count out,Perfect gets in the ring and helps Genius on with his rope....Hulk is upset and rolls in the ring to get at him but they spy him and take off out of the ring Championship belt in hand....

Perfect then has an interview

Jesse asks Perfect what he thinks he was doing out there with the Hulkster

Perfect:You people will just have to wait,I'm not going to talk about this untill after my match tonight,then I will make everything perfectly clear

Jesse:That's fair

Perfect:That's perfect

Jesse:What about the match tonight,why the Roster at this time with this match

Perfect:So I can add another win to my record so even a fool like Jack Tunney will see that I am the number one contender for the WWF title,so Hulk will know that nobody is Perfect but Mr.Perfect,do I make myself clear???


Perfect goes on to have his match against the Red Roaster and as you would guess beat him with the Perfectplex....I used to love that move

Much later in the show after the Rockers win their match we find Perfect again in the back on his knees hammering away at the championship belt,Genius is walking back and forth and back and forth behind him mummbling...

Gene:I can't belive what I'm seeing,in all my years of covering the WWF,It is one thing for Hulk to lose by a count out to the Genuis,it's another thing for you to destroy the very meaning of Hulkamaina!!!!

Perfect stops hammering on the belt....

Perfect:This has never been a Perfect belt,and Hulk you are not a perfect champion,I will go to every arena if I have to and destroy every belt until you give me a title shot,the Perfect way

Genuis goes on about how happy he is that he helped destroy Hulkamaina

Perfect:(holding up the belt that is now broken to pieces)...These are the pieces that are left of Hulkamaina,and you remember this Hulk,I am Mr.Perfect,I should get a title shot,and until you give me a title shot Hulk,I will destroy every belt even if you have 100 made,I am Mr.Prefect and this will only be perfect when it's around my waist

Nov 2nd 1998 Raw is War Vince gives a beat up belt to Mick telling him that it is the new hardcore belt.....some say that belt is the one Perfect destroyed that day!.





2nd November 1998



Houston, Texas

30th November 1998

Big Boss-Man



15th December 1998

Road Dogg

Big Boss-Man

Spokane, WA

14th February 1999 - In Your House

Bob Holly

Al Snow

Memphis, Tennessee

The belt was declared vacant after Road Dogg was injured and so could not defend the title. Bob Holly beat Al Snow at the In Your House PPV to fill the vacancy.

15th March 1999

Billy Gunn

Bob Holly

San Jose, California

28th March 1999 - Wrestlemania 15

Bob Holly

Billy Gunn


Bob Holly beat Billy Gunn and Al Snow in a Triple Threat match for the title.

25th April 1999 -Backlash

Al Snow

Bob Holly

Providence, RI

25th July 1999 - Fully Loaded

Big Boss-Man

Al Snow

Buffalo, New York

22nd August 1999 - Summerslam

Al Snow

Big Boss-Man

Minneapolis, Minnesota

23rd August 1999

Big Boss-Man

Al Snow

Kansas City

7th September 1999

British Bulldog

Big Boss-Man

Albany, New York

7th September 1999

Al Snow

British Bulldog

Albany, New York

British Bulldog handed the title over to Al Snow straight after he won it from the Big Boss-Man.

12th October 1999

Big Boss-Man

Al Snow

Birmingham, Alabama

Big Boss-Man pinned Big Show in a triple threat match also including champion Al Snow.

17th January 2000


Big Boss-Man

New Haven, Connecticut

Please note that the list above does not relate to Al winning the Hardcore belt in 2002

The Harcore Belt was put to bed in September of 2002 by Eric Bishoff