Mick speaks of Al in"Hard Knocks and Cheap Pops"

Mick speaks of Al in"Hard Knocks and Cheap Pops" the Video

Mick:I would like to start in a rather controversial fashion and talk about Al Snow,no,no,don't turn of the tape ,Al and I have a kind of special,calling it a friendship might be stetching it,we have a unique relationship,but there are times when I like Al as you might be able to tell in this unique and some what rare video footage(you see a clip from UPN's WWF Greatest Hits

Mick is reading from his book..

.Mick:The blow to my face resulted in one and a half teeth being knocked out a dislocated jaw and a hole beneath my lip that I could stick my tongue throw,Al I'm talking about the results of the most devastating type of match in the WWF history

Al is video taping Mick.....


Mick:The hell in the cell

Al: I know and I have been involved in some pretty devastating matches myself

Mick: Ha,ha,yea,pretty devastating for the fans to watch,ha,ha

Al:Very funny,let me ask you a question

Mick:Sure Al

Mick is sitting in some kind of electric chair,Al turns it on

Al:What happens when I turn this little nob

Mick: It hurts Al,thats not funny

Mick:Hell in a cell match isn't funny ether,lets take a look

Al keeps turning the button and says"ekkk,ekkk"

Mick:The fight kind of took an ugly turn with a hardcore match that Al was in(they show clips of Al taking chair shots in a match against Roaddog and one against Bob Holly,where as Al gets beaned in the head he starts laughing)

Mick:I'm going to use an insiders term and I don't like to do these to much but theres something known as selling,which is making a blow look like it hurts,now when a chair is delivered to your head,you usualy don't have to sell the blow because it really does hurt alot,you wouldn't be able to tell that from Al's reaction,because Al was basically laughing in the face of a chair shot

Mick:And he got alot of criticism and alot of jokes on my part,but Al was so sensitive about it that I promised him I would not joke about it in front of the boys,and I did,I did worse then joke about it in front of the boys at Mr.Sock's Birthday party

They show a chip of Mr.Socko's Birthday party in which Mick says

Click to hear what Mick said

Mick:Yea the Foley/Show relationship became somewhat ugly or uglyer,and ah...we stoped riding together,feelings were really hurt for real and,and for a while we stoped rooming together,and then I went about writing"Have a Nice Day",which by the way was a number one New York Times best seller....hee hee hee

Mick:Theres something like 72 Al Snow jokes in the book

they take us to Raw from 11/1/1999,Al and Mick are in the back reading from Mick's book

Mick:Al,what number are you up to there?

Al:Number 68....

Mick:Read it to me,go ahead

Al:He looked like a child that didn't want to sit on Santa's lap,or an adult that was forced to watch an Al Snow match

they both start laughing

Mick thats good,whats the next one?what number are we up to?

Al:Ah...number 69...

Mick:Ha,ha,you said 69

Al:Ok lets see here,I was in a stupor for the next 3 days,I looked like a cross between Popeye Doyle when he was strung out on Crack in Fench Connection2

Mick:Remember that?

Al:Yea,pretty bad.....and fans after watching an Al Snow match

They both laugh

Mick:Little things like that and in a way I was not trying to hurt Al,I was trying to make up with him,like this was my gift to Al,no Al refuses to admit it,it was actualy good for both of our careers,in the case of art imitating life Al became my best friend on air and we woud joke with each other in some very memorable sceens incuding a vacation in Las Vegas

They show clips from UPN'S Vegas Vacation

Click here to read UPN's Vegas Vacation

Mick:So things started to ease up a little between me and Al because he realized that lets face it,he might be able to ride my coat tails to a main event some day...if he was good,and ah,things opened up,and I think we had some very memorable verbal altercations,but like I said I still got a little more air time then Al did,I mean lets fact it there is really....no best of Al Snow tape,as we will see right here

They show a chip that I have never seen before of Mick dressed as Santa

Santa Mick:(as the takes a gift out of his bag)...Oh man!(it's a tape case which on the front of it reads"The Best of Al Snow")...I can't wait to play this(Mick puts his hand into the case)....There's nothing in here!,it's...it's empty.....THERE IS NO BEST OF AL SNOW!.....ha,ha,ha, there isn't, there's no such thing as the best of Al Snow.....ha,ha,this is the marriest Christmas of all....ha,ha,ha,thank you Santa,the best of Al Snow....ha,ha,ha(Webmaster note:You have to laugh along with Mick on this shot because he is laughing so hard that it puts a smile on your face....did for me any way)

Mick:Unfortunately my hi-jinks with Al Snow were reaching it's apex my body was screaming at me to retire,actualy I thnk that was my Wife telling me to retire,but I had only one problem with that,and that was that after all these years the money was finally rolling in after years of ten dollar payoffs Mick Foley,he was getting rich and I didn't want it to end,so I called on the Rock to form a humorous team....the Rock and Sock Connection

They go on to show Mick and the Rock winner the tag belts ect up to when Mick gave Rock his book,to where Al finds Micks book in the garbage

Mick:It was none other then my buddy Al Snow who found it in an unfortunate place

Al finds the book in the Garbage

Al:Who Threw this away?,how could they throw away a treasure like this?,this is Mick's life work!

Mick:What transpired was memorable because truly angery Mankind that hadn't been seen since the days of Cactus Jack

They then show Mick getting pissed at the Rock for tossing the book

Mick:I mean I was devastaed,but you know who was there to pick up the pieces?....Al Snow,thats right,we became best friends,and tag team partners,and even though we sucked big time in the ring,we did get a chance to hang on to those belts one time,but unforunatlly the time I won the belt with Al against the Holly's,represented to me my worst in ring performance ever and it was right after that that I went to Vine McMahon with the idea of you know,hanging up the tights for good

Mick:In the mean it I found out it wasn't the Rock who tossed my book....it was Al Snow

Raw 12/6/1999

Al and Al are in the ring

Al:That book is a piece of garbage,and I am the one who threw it in the trash becuse that is where it belongs!,and I did it to show you just how real a friend the Rock was.....

Al turns to the fans


Mick:You throw my book out?,Al I......

Mick turns and Al beans him over the head with the mic...and it was on

Mick:Now Al and I actualy had a couple of good matches

They show a clip of Al and Mick fighting in the back...

They then go on to other things such as Mick's work with Hunter,up to goofyness with Edge and Christian

Mick sits taking to Edge and Christian......

Mick:I tell you what,I just had a flash back,our first on camera meeting was when Al Snow and I were hosting UPN's Greatest Hits...they show the clip.....

Mick:Man that Edge is some athlete

Al: The only reson your saying that is because he laughs at your stupid jokes

Mick: Yea I know,Edge! Hey Edgester,I got a new Al Snow joke for ya

Edge:(claping hands)Allright!

Mick:How many Al Snow matches fill out a best of Al Snow tape??

Edge:You got me.

Mick:None!,there is no such thing!!!(Edge laughs)

Al: I really really hate you,I hate you both

Mick then goes on talking about picking on Steph,and into being the Commish,and the Xmas book,to getting fired

At the end Mick talks about how he would like to be remembered

Mick:Lets take a look......

Al is in the back hitting the wall with his hand as he walks on..... Al:I got to be Blackman!....I got to be me!....no I got to be me!

Just then the sliding door to the concession stand rolls up and there is Mick


Al(mean sounding..grinding his teeth like)Hello Mick!

Mick:I just wanted to say all that stuff from our past,let by gone's be forgotten,the past is the past,as a matter of fact,I'm going to give you a title shot(Mick opens a can of pop)

Al: Really!,me against the Rock!?

Mick sprays the pop out of his mouth in shock all over Al

Al:What the HELL are you doing???


Mick:(back to the tape)Yes!,a spit and Al is hit with a combination of soft drink and Foley saliva.....hey can we rewind that??......they play it back in slow motion

Mick:Slow motion....here it is.....ha,ha,ha....hey one more look before we go,lets just take a look(they play it again)

Mick:Ha,Ha....now that is how I want to be remembered.....ha,ha.....have a nice day