Al Visits Livewire

The show starts and after the 1st commercial break M.Cole talks about the Brawl For All and while it shows the match the crowd starts to chant something, and when the clip ends the camera pans over to show Al running in and he gets on a chair and starts to wave Head around. The crowd chants "Head". Al then runs over to M.Cole and confronts him.

Cole: Al?

Al: How you doing Todd? (Thinks Cole is Todd)

Cole: Hey Al.

Al: What in the name of Davey Crockett's sweat stained buckskins is going on here? (waves head around some more)

Cole: Al, what are you doing here? I'm trying to do a show.

Al: We're not leaving until we see Vince. We're going to interrupt every single WWF show that we have to.

Cole: Al?

Al: I'm going no where. Not until I get my meeting with Vince.

Cole: Vince isn't coming. Vince will not be here today.

Al: We're going no where. We were cruising the inter net, you know checking out some sites, (points to Head) You're a sick little monkey too, you know that? (waves Head around some more. Crowd is really into it)

Cole: Al, I've got a show to do here. Tell you what. I'll give you some time later on during the show, but I've got to talk about Shamrock and Severn.

Al: I'll come out whenever I want to.

Clips of Shamrock and Severn After the clip ends, Al and Head are sitting at a table with 2 cokes.

Al: (to Head) Sorry, but they don't serve alcohol here. Remember the last time you drank?

Cole: (Talks about the Lions Den match while Al runs around with Head behind him)


Shows clips of Hell in the Cell on RAW.

Cole: (Is now on the Live Wire stage in the restaurant)

Al: Runs on to the stage and smiles at the camera) Hey, Todd. What are you trying to do? Talk a lot and try and run me out of the show or something?

Cole: No. Right now I was just saying that RAW is being pre-empted for the upcoming Mondays and....

Al: Ha! Now you know what it's like to be written off!

Cole: I promise to give you your forum here.

Al: All I want is for Vince to give me a chance. Wave your magic wand, and put your fairy dust on me. I dare you to give me an opportunity. For once give me a chance.

Cole: (Talks about Summer Slam while Al runs around with Head again)

Al: (Sits on the bench on the Live Wire stage) Doc Hendrix: (runs on to the stage) Al: (Smiles at Doc)

Doc: (does his little face rub thing) Our winner of the Mead Five Star contest is 15 year old Bobby Patterson, and his favorite WWF superstar is....

Al: (Points at himself)

Doc: Ummmm... no. His favorite WWF superstar is none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Al: (Puts his face to the camera) Bobby, you and I are going to have ourselves a long conversation.

Doc and Cole talk about Summer Slam.

Al: (Sits on the bench and looks at Doc, and talks to Head. It's not to clear about what he says, but the words that are clear is the phrase "Hey, it's not nice to talk about his weight like that")


Cole: (Talks about Undertaker and Kane)

Al: (runs up to Cole) Hey, Todd, the clock is ticking. Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock.

Cole: What are you saying?

Al: Times running out Todd.

Cole: Ok, I'll give you 30 seconds.

Al: Look, Vinchinzo, you were not here today. No problem. I've got some time to kill. I figure I'll stay in the area, give Linda a call, and tell her that I'm coming over for Dinner. Wrestle up a batch of viddle, because I'm not leaving until..... (someone touches Head)

Al: Hey, don't touch that! They don't like to be touched! Ok!? Don't touch 'em!


The last 5 minuets of the show go on without him.