Tribute to Shinobi

Al Snow as Shinobi

Al Wrestled as Shinobi out of Bodyslammers gym in which there was a half hour Dayton Access Telivision show called "GWA Today"and covered Ohio towns such as,Bellbrook,Nortridge,Centerville,and Oakwood,DA t.v. was the sister station

Your ring Announcer was Coach Curt from Motor City Wrestling,Your Color Commentator was Dangerous Dale,Your Ref's were Pee Wee Moore and his "brother" Steve,who was not really Pee Wee's brother but was a work,Steve's real last name was Bartholemew,better known to the Blue Meanie and the fans as Steve Shmagle,Al used the name Steve Moore for a couple of matches when he first arrived in the WWF when they needed a jobber

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Shinobi's Manager was The Gypsy(Dan Curtis) who Managed in and around Motor City Wrestling

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We all used to pile in Al's van to go work on Dan Severn's shows up in Michigan. These were super long trips and things can get pretty silly when all these people are in a van for an extended period of time.

Mr. Intensity Rik Matrix was there, as well as myself, Meanie, Al, Steve Moore, and a few others, not all sure who.

Matrix started making fun of Steve calling him Steve Shmegle...Shmegle came from the word smegma ....

(fromundacheese...don't know the scientific definition)

Matrix thought the actual word was shmegle, not smegma. He even had a little song for him...feel free to sing along...

"here he comes, here comes Steve Shmegle..."

So we had a lot of fun ribbing Steve about it on the trip.

I was doing Al's ring announcing at the time and at the next show at Bodyslammers, I told the boys I would introduce Steve

(who was still using Steve Moore as his ref name)

.... as Steve Shmegle. All I remember was cracking up as I introduced Steve, who has this weird look on his face when he realized we pulled the rib on him. And oddly enough, he continued to use that name as his ref name.

Everyone just knew him from then on out as Shmegle.

So that is a small elaboration on Steve Shmegle...I think we had way too much time on our hands

Credit Sean Bratton

A little Shinobi History from Jason Campbell:There was a work with Shinobi and the Patriot that were several shows long. BTW, the Patriot is Roger Ruffin who wrestled as Roughouse Randy Rogers.

Shinobi would blew the green mist in the Patriots eyes, that was the whole eye work.

When Severn was running GWA shows in Michigan (Al booked), they always had a battle royal first. Shinobi would blow this mist in Severn's eyes and I would help him to the back. They would then have their rematch at the end of the show.

These photos were taken Aug 20th 1994 in Cambridge Ont,by Phillis Lee

Thanks to Jason Campbell for the photos

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Shinobi (w/Cornette and Owen) vs. Shawn Michaels----2/29/96

Shinobi,Owen Hart and Jim Cornette comes out to the "Orient Express" theme music,Shawn makes it to the ring and Shinobi stands in the background as Shawn disrobes

JR:Cornette has spared no expense in hiring this Oriental Assassin....this martial arts wrestler

Shawn with his back to Shinobi plays up to the fans.....Shinobi has had about enough on that and attacks Shawn from behind.....Shawn stumbles into a corner....Shinobi chops Shawn.....Shawn ducks a second chop and hits Shinobi in the face...Shinobi turns away......from behind Shawn pulls Shinobi down to the mat by his long ponytail.......Shinobi gets up only to have Shawn yank him to the mat again by the ponytail......

Shinobi gets up only to be drop kicked out of the ring.....Jim checks on Shinobi to see if he is ok.....the camera pans back into the ring to Shawn who is making hand motions that he wants the belt......Shawn walks over to where Shinobi fall out of the ring but Shinobi is nowhere to be found.....the ref is counting to ten......Shawn walks across the ring and finds Shinobi there.....Shawn goes to pull Shinobi back into the ring by his ponytail but Shinobi hits Shan in the guys and rolls over Shawn's back and into the ring...

Shawn tries a clothesline put Shinobi ducks.......standing side headlock and Shawn is sent for the ride.....a leap frog over Shinobi on the way back...Shinobi hits the mat and Shawn hits the ropes which are pulled on by Owen and Shawn falls to the floor....Shawn get up and Shinobi jumps off the top rope onto Shawn.....Shinobi gives a evil look to a small fan in the front row.....Shinobi then rolls back into the ring

As Shawn is laying there Owen stars kicking him as he's down.....a chop to Shawn's back and Owen rolls Shawn back into the ring.....

Owen:Wooooow!.....Shawn Michaels Shinobi is going to end you're career,and we'll never have to worry about you again!

In the ring Shinobi kicks Shawn in the guts.....Shinobi picks Shawn up by the hair and body drops Shawn to the the ropes and Shinobi hits Shawn with like a spinning elbow drop.....Shinobi goes for a cover and gets a two count

Shawn tries to get up....Shinobi knocks him back to the mat.....Shinobi boots Shawn in the chest.....Shinobi then chocks Shawn to a three count.....Shinobi snapes Shawn to the mat again and a drop kick to the back and back into chocking Shawn trying to put Shawn to sleep....Shinobi helps Shawn up and lays him across the ropes......Ji plays no good outside the ring and pullls on Shawns head......

The go to break and as the come back there is a long camera shot of the ring...once inside the ring we get a good camera shot of Shinobi.....Shawn is laying on is back......Shinobi again picks Shawn up by his hair......a body slam by Shinobi.......Shinobi climbs to the top rope and jumps with a moonsault.....Shawn rolls out of the way.....

McMahon: Nobody home with that Moonsault!

They both lay on the at.....Jim outside the ring is hammering on the mat for Shinobi to get up

The fans chant...."We want Shawn"....or "We like Shawn"'s hard to tell

Ah oh......Shawn back flips off the mat...that is not a good sign...Shinobi puts up his hands as if to tell Shawn to back off.....Shawn goes crazy with chops to the noodle of Shinobi......Shawn slams Shinobi into a corner......Shinobi is sent for a ride and is clotheslinded on the way back....Shawn is up and boots Shinobi.....a body slam by Shawn.....Shawn goes to the top rope.....a leap and an elbow drop onto Shinobi......

The fans go nuts.....Shawn undoes his ponytail....Shawn walks over to Shinobi on to get tossed out of the ring.....Owen walks over and holds Shawn up as Shinobi springs over the ropes but Shawn moves out of the way and Shinobi lands on Owen.......Shawn walks back over and slams Owen and Shinobi's heads together.......Shawn rolls Shinobi into the ring and rolls in after him......Shawn hits his hand on his knee making it known that it's time for????....

But wait......Jim is messing with the Ref....Owen rolls into the ring and holds on to Shawn from behind.....Shinobi makes a run at Shawn but Shawn gets away and Shinobi clotheslines Owen.......Shinobi can't belive what just happened and watches Owen roll out of the ring......Shinobi turns to get Sweet Chin Music...

Just for fun Owen attacks Shawnand he is pinned.....Jim also tries to attack Shawn and he too is pinned

Even as Shinobi it was Pin me Pay me for Al

Rest in Peace Owen......we miss you

WWF Superstars Report #26 25th of feb 96

Comments from Jim Cornette and "Shinobi" (more accurately, Snow does his best impression of a Karate Fighter while Cornette goes on). "He knows 57 different ways to paralyze a man";


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Shinobi returns to Raw 4/12/04

Coach's music hits the arena and the fans boo......behind him walks Shinobi......J.R. and The King play stupid and say this is a Dangerous five star Ninja from the Orient......they walk down to the ring Shinobi slides in gets up and truns to the ramp and waits.......Coach gets on the Mike......

Coach:So It seems Tajiri is upset with the Coach which I know comes to a shock to not ony myself but to all of you people as when you think about it it's like can you stay mad at the Coach?....but it seems Tajiri is so upset that he has asked for a match with me at Backlash.......but I'm not going to take that match just like

Fans chant:You Suck.....You Suck!!!!

Coach:You see Tajiri must first show that he is good enough to get into the ring at Backlash with the what we are going to do tonight because it was cleared by Mr.Bishoff I have with me a Dangerous Five Star Ninja from the Orient....if some how Tajiri can beat his man then and only then will Coach ok the match one on one with Tajiri at Backlash......however just like the Cubs ever winning the World Series that just ain't going to happen.....

The Fans boo

Coach:That just ain't going to happen....

Tajiri's music hits and down the ramp he comes........Coach gets beind Shinobi and rubs his shoulders........Tajiri gets in the ring as the Coach leaves the ring but stays at ringside.........they tie up in the middle of the ring Tajiri reverse arm bars Shinobi......Shinobi does a couple of flip rolls on the mat then kicks Tajiri in the back of the leg to knock Tajiri to the mat .......they tie up again in the center of the armbar by Shnobi.......Tajiri does a couple of flip rolls a reverses into an armbar on arm drag by Tajiri.......Shinobi lands in a corner and Tajiri points at him.....they tie up again in the center of the ring Shinobi chops Tajiri in the noodle then kicks Tajiri to a corner.......Tajiri goes for the ride and Shinobi missed him on the way back they exchange kicks to the noodle........Tajiri is sent for a ride and springs off the ropes and knocks Shinobi down.......Shinobi ends up in a corner.....Tajiri climbs the ropes and tries to take Shinobi's ask off.....Shinobi will have none of that and pushed Tajiri away and gives him another kick to the head.......Shinobi kicked Tajiri as he is down in the corner.......

Coach(outside the ring):It's never going to's never going to happen!!!

Back in the ring and Tajiri get hung up on the bottom rope.....Tajiri goes for the ride and tries for a reverse back slide and they turn around and around until the Ref get poked in the eye and turns his back on whats going on......a hard chop by Shinobi and Tajiri ends up against the ropes......Shinobi goes in after him and Tajiri goes for the Tarantula......Coach walks up and sucker punches Tajiri to the back of the head.....Tajiri falls out of the ring...Coach picks him up by the seat of his pants and rolls him back into the ring.........Shinobi goes for the cover....the Ref walks up and Shinobi gets a two count

The Fans chant:Ass Hole.....Ass Hole!!!

Coach outside the ring tells Shinobi to get him up.....Shinobi chops Tajiri on the chest as he lays on the mat......a rolling elbow drop by Shinobi.........Shinobi makes a sign as if the say "That is it"....

Shinobi helps Tajiri up.......Shinobi goes for the Snow's reversed by Tajiri who heal kicks Shinobi in the back of the head.....Shinobi sits up and gets kicked right in the face........1.....2......3........

Pin me Pay me Shinobi is Toast

Coach outside the ring is upset........Tajiri signs to the fans that he will pull off the mask.....the mask comes off and sure as snot it's Al