heat 10/12/03

Sunday Night Heat Report for October 12, 2003

Your Webmaster Wayne-O!@#%&* and Carol reporting

Carol:1st match: Test with Stacy Keibler vs Tommy Dreamer. Tommy dreamer gets defeated by Test when Stacy interferes.

Wayne-O!#%^*:I thought this was the best match of the night....too funny how Stacy tries to mess up Test all the time......she come within an eyelash of getting the kendo stick to the Noodle

Carol:Backstage, Terri interviews Val Venus who wants to find the "All American Stud" for the Venus camp.

Wayne-O!#$^*:Tis said to think that this Venus cam and what not seems to be taking over Stevie Night Heat.....seems Val is looking for Stud number one for hs movies......new wrestler maybe....who knows

Carol:Raw recap: Shane Mcmahon leading Kane to the parking lot with Kane getting into a limo crash.

Wayne-O!#$^&*:I fear Kane will be on Raw as Alive as can be

Carol:2nd match: Val Venus vs Eric Young: winner: Val Venus.

Hey this Eric Young dude wasn't bad.....kind of reminded me of Buddy Wayne

Carol:Rundown of the Rock's appearances on various talk shows.

Wayne-O:Look at the Rock......he'll have to learn how to say"I'll be Back!"

Carol:Raw recap of Goldberg and Mark Henry.

Wayne-O!#%^*:Who is writing this stuff????....as if Benoit vs A-Train wasn't bad enough.......say ugh!

Carol:3rd match: Dudley Boys vs La Resistance for the tag team belts. winner: Dudley boys who retained the tag teambelts

Wayne-O:The usual Dudley boy match.....but it was odd because it was Dudley boyz vs Rene Dupree and Rob Conway........I just though that was weird.....not much more to say

Now it is dark