Sunday night heat 11/23/03

sunday night heat 11/23 Welcome to this weeks Sunday Night Heat report-11/23/03.......Webmaster Wayne-O!#%^* Reporting

The show starts off with Stone Cold saying Bye Bye on Sundays Surviver Series PPV

Stone Cold:I love the shyt out of you guys

I wonder if he means me too and if he will think about me as he is out walking the woods in hunt of Deer

Al works Coach about his neck coller and that Stone Cold had beaten the crap out of Coach

First match from the Deon Warwick psychic hotline was Hurricane and the S.H.I.T. vs the Bobgenootchie Brothers Johnny and Joey........Hurricane and the S.H.I.T. cut the ring in half so that Johnny couldn't get the tag on little Joey......Johnny right away got a Camel Clutch going but it did him no good as Johnny Bobgenootchie was hit by a Shinning Wizard by Hurricane who was not the man in.......Rosey to the top rope into a flip and Johnny Bobgenootchie is toast

Second match was John Heidenreich vs Jarred Steele.......John puts Jarred in a Bear Hug maybe looking for Jarred's Subway Sandwich

Al:The look on Jarred's face said"Holy Crap"

As he is killed by John

Oh hey...I want to be the 5th member of Puddle of Mudd.....and I want my free Korn sticker.....Wow!!!!!!

Boot of the week was Molly vs Lita at Surviver Series and the work with Lita and Jeff on Raw.....Lita thinking she was going to get ask to get married but ended getting used by Jeff and fired but saved by Christian

Next was a recap of Kane and Shane's match at Surviver Series

Next match was Maven vs Masada in which Al and Coach fight half the match about who was the best Tough Enought trainer.......A flying DDT by Maven and Masda was toast

Back to Raw we went and the work with Goldburg and the 3 on 1 match and Kane coming out and killing everyone in sight

Rewind was RVD vs Flair and the run in by Orton

Main Event was Trish vs Gail Kim who not only goofed up a move from the top rope but also ripped her little wrestling pants and was hit by the Stratisfaction

Now it is dark