heat 11/30/03 This is your Sunday Night Heat report for 11/30/03.......Webmaster Wayne-O!@#%^&* Reporting

Seems that Al and the Coach will have something to do with the Video Game Awards on Spike Tv Thursday at 9:00.....make sure to watch

Another note that has to do with this site.....it seems that Tripod has had some kind of melt down and some people are not seeing the updates to the site.....if you are reading this and your friends are not let them know that Tripod states that all should be able to see updates to pages by 12/3/03.....I for one can't see the updates while using webtv but can see the updates on Rosey's computer.....go figure

First match was Rene Dupree along for the ride was Rob Conway vs Dreamer who go a big pop....you know whats up.....Conway gets in the way in which Dreamer is toast from a Fisherman Buster

Al thinks short people make for good ratings......I'v heard that somewhere before...

Boot of the week was Lita and Flower cage match from Raw

Second match was your friend Stevie Richards with Flower vs John Hideyourbike....at one point Stevie gives up and tries to make his get away up the ramp.....Hideyourbike goes after him and brings him back.......Stevie does the old work of working on John's arm.....Hideyourbike drops Stevie on his head for the pin......which I read Stevie was none too happy about

We then go to the Maury show where we try to guess if the people dressed like women are women or men....no wait that was another show.....this one was about Goldburg helping out the little girl.....

Back to Raw we go and Trish and Jericho kissing.....

(editors note"STOP THAT!!!!!!"

And back to Raw and the Shawn/Jericho vs Batista/Flair's bloody nose match......they set up a Shawn vs Batista match for Armagedden

Rewind was Matt leaving match on Raw

Next match was Devon vs Mark Jindrak which had an odd ending with everyone wondering if there was a three count or not.....it turned out Mark won

Back to Raw and the HHH vs Goldburg match and the Kane run in.......how many times can J.R. say"What is Kane doing here!!!!!!!!".......a 3 way dance is set up....Kane vs HHH vs Goldburg at Armagedden

Main event was Maven vs Rob Conway with Rene at ringside......Maven goes to top rope for the finish only to get stoped by Rene .......Rob wins with a Cork Screw neck breaker

Now it is dark