heat 12/21/03 This be your Sunday Night Heat report for 12/21/03......your Webmaster Wayne-O!!!!! Babaghanoush reporting

We head on back to Raw where we find Coach trying to get an interview with Goldburg but it ain't a happening so like a monron Coach goes into Goldburg's locker room and gets the crap beat out of him and we see Goldburg doing about a dozen spears to get a 30 day deactivated......that mean if his battery goes dead nobody can jump start him???.......I don't know....you tell me

Al and Coach welcome us to the show....well lookie here.......Coach has his arm in a sling and Al is no longer Skunk Boy

First match was Flower vs Ivory to see who is next in line to go after the Women's title.......no sign of Stevie as he has a match later in the night....as they started the match Molly is seen up the ramp having a look see at the match...Flower gets out a of a move be a crack which start Al and Coach on a crack of the ass joke fest.....anyway Flower wins with a Widows Peak.....Molly makes her way to the ring and as Flower turns her back Flower gets beaned in the noddle with the Womens title

Then there was an add for the New Lord of the Rings movie stating that it opens this Wednesday when in fact it opened last Wednesday....who knows it's so long maybe it stated last Wednesday and ends this Wednesday

Second match was Hurricane/The S.H.I.T. vs Lucy the Sheeps kids Bob and Berry Babaghanoush.....who this time really were twins wearing white trunks and no hair.....Bob Babaghanoush is toast when Hurricane jumps off of the S.H.I.T.'s shoulders for the roll up

Body Slam of the week was Jericho's turn on Christian and Christian's turn on Jericho......and Trish calling Jericho an A-Hole

We then go back in time to the afternoon of the same day and we find Flower bending over back stage then walking away....the camera pans over to Test who was watchng her

Test:Oh yes.....walk away baby.....walk away.....you can run but you can't hide......hmmmm......somebody has been hitting the gym.....you know ever since I let Stac go I have been looking for a replacement......maybe Victoria is just the ticket......hell I don't even care if she doesn't want me......what am I saying......she wants me....she's only human I'm Test

From behind comes Stevie

Stevie:Whats that?

Test:What do you want?

Stevie:Do I get this right?.....you let Stacy go???

Test:Yea I gave her the boot

Stevie:You have a girl that is with you that doesn't even want to be with you

Test:She wants me

Stevie:My Flower


Stevie:Wants to be with me.....you think......no Test.....you think you can take my Flower from me?

Test:Yes I can baby.....she wants me.....shes only human

Stevie:Why don't you give it a try then?

Stevie walks off

So the next match was Boo vs Test.......funny how Boo stops Test in mid walk and rolls him up for the win.....I replayed that about 10 times it was so funny

Back to Raw we went to find Mick the Legend crying and getting spit in the face and walking off into the sunset.....

Main Event was Cage/Jindrak vs Storm/Val......Cage and Jindrak win with a little help from the ropes

Now it is dark