heat 12/7/03 This is The Sunday Night Heat report for 12/7/03......Webmaster Wayne-O!#%^* reporting

Show starts off with a turn back to Raw and Uncle Eric stating that Raw is now The Eric Bishoff show which nobody can do anything about.....but he was wrong as Mick shows up to become the new Co-Manager of Raw

First match was a nice ladies match as Victoria/w Stevie took on Ivory....at one point Ivory's back of her suite came untied......Stevie got on the ropes and Ivory gave him a big kiss..as Ivory turns around she gets the widows Peck from Victoria......as Stevie and Victoria make their way up the ramp Flower is upset at her Boo for the kiss

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Match Two was Hurricane/the S.H.I.T. vs The Twin Flying Bobinganutch Brothers Chad and Greg....the Twins are toast when Hurricane goes flying off of the S.H.I.T.'s shoulders from the corner

Back we go to Raw and the work with Jericho and Christian trying to get into Trish and Lita's pants ......Trish hears them talking and cries......they also show the match between Jericho/Trish vs Rico/Miss Jackie

Boot of the week as John Hide-Your-Bike droping Stevie on his noodle

Next match was John Hide-Your-Bike vs Le Conquistador hailing from somewhere in Latin America......which wasn't true at all and Al spoted it first....Conquistador was in truth Phil Bobinganutch Brother of Chad and Greg Bobinganutch.....it's a kill the Jobber match with a Stevie run in at the end where Stevie gets even for the drop on his head by beating Hide-Your-Bike with a chair and a kick to the balls

Rewind was Mick fireing everyone on Raw......they then showed the Raw Main Event and Goldburg facing of with Kane....and the joke was on Uncle Eric as Mick just wanted to show Eric how he had been acting as Co Manager and nobody was fired.....Mick knocks Uncle Eric to the mat and pulls out Mr.Socko which Eric gets a mouth full

Main Event was Teddy calling out the lightest black man back stage which turned out to be Maven who lost the match when he jumped from the top rope only to have Henry catch him and slam him to the mat for the pin.....

Now it is Dark!