heat report 5/11/03 Welcome to what Rosey calls"Moo's Day" Sunday Night Heat for 5/11/03 Your Webmaster Wayne-O!#$%^* Reporting Coach leads us into to Heat telling us this and that of what will be on the show in which he says.... Coach:A re-match Al of Raw three weeks ago (he's talking about Chris and the Hurricane.......Victoria's music hits.....Al says nothing) Coach:Well we kick it off with a little Diva's action my friend......still Al says nothing......I'm starting to think maybe Al is not there or taking a nap or something Coach:It's been a week of change to say the least..... Oh theres Al..... Al:To say the least.....how the mighty have fallen Coach.....it's a good thing you didn't give up your day job or should I say your Sunday job Coach:Oh I'm still a little sore but I appreciate all the sympathy from you Al:Well you know what your dad pasture Joe always says Coach:What? Al:The good Lord doesn't shut one door without opening a window and about right now you want to jump out of one.....hee hee Coach:Your really feeling good about the fact that I got Stunned last Monday night Al:I'm not really feeling good about anything and I'm sure you are not neither Coach:Well we kick things off and this is a special day it's Mothers day Al:Your Mom is the only person keeping your Dad from firing you too Coach:Happy Mothers Day Mom I know you are watching out there in Kansas.....and don't worry I'll get back at Al no problem Al:And happy Mothers day to you Mom I know you are watching in Ohio,the great State of Ohio the heart of it all Coach:Gods Country Al:That is right the state were more presidents were born and raised Coach:Well here we go.....Really?....is that a fact? Al:Yea Coach:I did not know that Al:And the tallest Man on the Moon but here are some who say we never went to the moon Editors note:Not sure if that is what Al said......hey Al.....SPEAK UP!!!!! Any way the match up is Victoria vs Jaqueline in which Al talks about Victoria and her trip back to the Macadamia Ranch......and about her flipping out from time to time.........match ends with Steven helping out so that Victoria wins.....gosh what a surprise that was..... Maven vs Steven when they come back.....they go to the stack of the night or whatever and show Morley getting fired again by Stone Cold Back to the ring and Steven and Victoria are still in the ring.......Maven's music hits and Al lays the Bologna down about how Maven is his boy......ect ect and what not....Jaqueline runs down and makes Steven fall off the top rope and Maven pins him.....next Stupid Girl by Cold???? They then go to Jerico's Hi-light Reel from Monday nigh.....yada.....yada Still to come Jerico vs Hurricane Oh but look it's a Nowinski vs Jobber match........Al will be going to the new Matrix movie so you better go get your ticket now......Nowinski blah blah in the ring Nowinski:(to the Jobber)...You get to wrestle a true WWE Super Star tonight Al:Why? did he sign up for a different match??? Nowinski kills said Jobber We then move on to an interview with the Hurricane...... Teri:Well I was to be interviewing someone about right now(she looks at her watch)...and that someone has not showed up so Whisspppppp! Teri:Oh! There stands the Hurricane Teri:Oh there you are I didn't think you were going to show up Hurricane:Well you see Citizen Teri dividing my time between fighting crime and wrestling keeps the Hurricane pretty busy but I told you I would show.....you doubt the word of the Hurricane???......What's up with that? Teri:I'm sorry I should have never doubted you but lets talk about the big Main Event you have tonight on Heat tell me how you are feeling about that Tonight I face a Tyrant,an Egomaniacal Conquerer I face.....Dr.Doom Teri:Dr.Doom?....no you face Jerico......hee hee Hurricane:Jerico?....damn....I have faced Jerico before and he continues his evil ways....so as long as evil endures so too shall the Hurricane......remember this citizan Teri...crime never sleeps.....and I have a job to do......now stand back (please to note here that the Hurricane to back Teri up puts his hand on her left boob...... Hurricane turns his head to find his hand on said boobie......Coach and Al are laughing like little school boys.....but every fake like Al makes some crack about Teri's star board engine Hurricane walks off They then go on to Raw and Stone Cold's bar bash Main Event match is Hurricane tapping out to the Walls of Jerico Al:No!.....there goes his date with Wonder Woman...... Now it is dark