Raw 6/16/03 Raw 6/16/03..... Well what do you know?.....Mick is having a show down with Evolution and is attacked by Flair,HHH,and Randy.....when out of the blue who should make a run in save but Al and Maven.....the 3 of them run off Evolution Later on we find Al and Mick talking in the Back Mick: Thanks for helping me out there Al Al:Man that was like old times...that Randy Orton is a snot nosed punk kid nd you were right telling him every thing you said in walks Maven Maven: Guys Guys Guys Al:Maven? Maven:I'm sick of Evolution.....and you know what?..... Al:What? Maven:Sitting on the side lines and doing nothing Al:You should be Maven:That is why I just left Stone Cold's office....and I got myself a match here tonight with Randy Orton Al:Alright! Maven:One on One Mick:That is where you are wrong man because it will not be one on one.....because you know where ever Randy Orton is there goes Ric Flair.....so you go out there and yu have that match.....but you are not going alone because I'm going to be in your corner Maven:Oh Yea Al:Wonderful idea Mick:Come on Maven:Lets go do this They all walk away For more info on said match please visit your Favorite Wrestling News Board This was your Webmaster reporting Now it is dark......don't forget to take your Atenolo