SUNDAY night heat 6/21/03 Welcome to the Stevie Night Heat report for 6/22/03 Your Webmaster Wayne-O!@#%^* reporting The show starts off with a recap of Bad Blood Coach wanted to know what Al thought he and Maven were up to on Raw Al:I had to do something.....Mick was out numbered That was nice but after that we see Jacquline making her way to the ring in her Ref's shirt....which means she is guest Ref for Val Venis who gets on the mike and states the same thing he said last week.....but added that he could put Jacquline's name in that point we find out that Val's match is against Rosey..... Al:This is the only world they know because I'm here Val wins with a Money shot....... Al:All the women in the arena are very very happy! Al:He's going o give his towel to the bold guy? after which he gives his towel to a chubby girl in the front row The next match is Hurricane vs jobber first class Michael Shane..... Hurricane gives a mask to a kid in the front row Coach:That kid looks like you when you were a kid Al Al:No I had a Pinapple Editors note:I don't get the joke Al and Coach talk about doing there homework.... Shane comes close o breaking the Hurrican's neck with a bad Hot Shot Hurricane wins with a school boy type roll up They then recap the work with Booker T and Christian.....and the Raw match with Goldburg and Jerico Next match was Trish vs Molly.... Al thinks he's going to have a heart attack looking at Trish Al:You can see why it's not a man's world any more.....they run it......they run it......women don't want the secret out......the women of the world are trying to take the men out An idea here.....never watch a womens match with he sound down......Holy Cow Molly wins! Stevie and Victoria are back stage Victoria:Oh Stevie I love when you talk like that...say it again Stevie:Oh Baby it's going to be a whole new area for Heat.....just picture it......"STEVIE NIGHT HEAT!" In walks Goldust:(talking like a woman).....Oh Stevie I love when you talk to me like that Goldust:Did I hear you say you Stevie were going to take Heat to a whole new level? that what I heard? Stevie:Yea.... Goldust:In your Pink Panties? Stevie:Hey!....these are Hot Pink!.......I'll show you.....yea I'll show you need to calm your Whore.....Whore.....yea.....Whore......Hormones...yea.......have some control of him.....give him some love'n or something..... Goldust hiss's at them and walks off The blast of the Night was RVD/Kane ect......will Kane unmask on Raw???? Al:Everybody knows this is my show......I'll have to make sure Stevie gets the memo next time The Main Event is Stevie vs Goldust...... As Stevie and Victoria make their way to the ring you can read Stevie's lips that he is saying it's his show Al:You must have done something to make him upset bcause he's pointing at you Coach:Well it wouldn't be the first time As Goldust and Stevie face off in the ing Stevie is still jawing about how it's hs show Al:Stevie is a little wound up Goldust did this cool Monkey flip(guess you had to be there).... Goldust at one poin went rolling out of th ring and onto the floor......Stevie messed with the Ref as Victoria worked on Goldust Al:She's real hot... The main point to the match was when Victoria got in the ring and came face to face with Goldust who gives her a big old kiss on the lips......from behind Stevie rolls Goldust up for the pin Now it is Dark ....go to work