This is your Thuggen and Buggen Sunday Night Heat report for 6/8/03 Your Webmaster Wayne-O!#$^&* Reporting Val Venis had this to say Al:Shhhh......Shhh....stop.... Val:Hello Ladies Al:You got chills didn't you? Coach:I love when he says that Val:Ladies yes the rumors are all true the Big Bad Bowski(editors note:thats what the closed caption said) starting his own triple X Video production company Coach:I want to be a producer Val:Which simply means I will need new talent and right now I'm looking at an arena full of Hot Chicks Al:I want to be a stunt double! Val:It should make my night quit easy picking out my companys next triple X Platinum Chicks.....Ladies Auditions will be held tonght down at the Marriott Airport Hotel Val's match is aginst Rosey who at one point Val tries to pick up and Rosey lands on Val Al:That's how they make Peanut Butter Kids Val wins with the Money Shot.....ho hum.... Nowinski spots Teddy and Rodney back stage Nowinski:Hey what is up fellows?....maybe I should expain why I helped you out last week..... Teddy:Hold on player we don't need no help from you a white can belive that!....what's your game? Nowinski:Oh Theodore we are alot more alike then you think....just like you two I am a minority(editors note:please note here that the closed caption does not say says NORTH!!!!!!!.......and they print that two times for the word minority......the closed caption person need to be fired!!!!!) Teddy:The White boy has jokes now Nowinski:Let me explain myself....I'm a minority because I was educated at Harvard and just like you guys were educated on the street....which is just as good that make the three of us a minority together because we are smart and because I'm smart I know the Duddley's were going to cheat you last week just like the man has been trying to cheat you all your lives Teddy:Hold on player.....(to Rodney) do you think this player wants to back the Mack???...... Teddy:(to Nowinski) Let me say this to you player now I'm not like the man I'm equal opportunity and I belive in giving the man a say tonight you be Rodney Macks tag team hold on player....if you do good out there we might even think about it....but if you do anything out there that will let us down or anything to cause us to fail it will never be feel me?! Rodney:You might talk a good game Harvey.....but are you Bowdy? Nowinski:Bowdy? Teddy:I got this if you aint feeling it.....what it means if you are going to be Thuggen and Buggen with Rodney Mack then you need to be Bowdy can belive that.....we'll holler..... They walk off Nowinski:What's Bowdy? They hype Bad Blood and Spike Tv........maybe Spike Lee was watching uh? Burn of the night was the work with Kane and Stone Cold Second match Uncle Sox won over Elite Mike the jobber Knox with a drop kick A goodby to Freddie.....Wipe away your tears..... Rewind was Raws highlight Reel with Rock Buy JR's Book 3RD match was Lance beating Lance with a sharpshooter Al makes some kind of joke about Coach getting a hair cut Last match was Nowinski/Rodney Mack vs Dreamer/Spike(not Lee)'s a DQ when the Duddley's come to the ring and were about to give Rodney a 3D thru a table but Nowinski pulls Rodney out of the ring in the nick of time.... Al:Two Hips make an ass Now it is dark