Heat 9/21/03 Coach:I tonight at Unforgiven so much at stake for so many people

Al: I couldn't have said it better myself Coach....you are right there is allot at stake for a allot of people.....you know what I'm talking about.....

Coach: Yea I know what you are talking about

They high 5 knuckle each other

They then go on to talk about the matches for Unforgiven.....they get to their match and Coach says....

Coach:It's time for you and me to start a little action because it's the last time tonight that you are going to see JR and the King do anything on Raw

Al: On yea the end Side Show Circus attraction since 1996 Monday begins the area of the Snowman and the Coach.....dig it...

They flash back of how this Unforgiven match came about

Fade back in and Coach is wearing his white hat and Al again is dressed like a King

Coach:(Making fun by sounding like JR)....You know....you know King that battle right there that you just saw is going to be a Slobberknocker you....you know that

Al:(sounding like the King).....Well you know all I need are some Puppies......because I'm an old pervert

Coach:I don't want to hear you say Puppies any more .....wait a second..after Monday night we are out of a job

Al: No...maybe we could go be greeters at Wallmart or something

Coach:Well we have to job for somebody we have to do something but we have to continue here on Sunday Night Heat......where are Coach and Al Snow?....I I can't find them because fans keep coming in......oh my God.......and things are going to start early on Sunday Night Heat as Maven takes on Stevie Richards

Al:Yea..Victoria has got some Puppies I can't wait to see those......

Much later in the show the Kings music is keys up and out walk JR and the King to do color for the Heat match

Coach:You know what Al....they can cheer all they want and folks at home you better set your VCR's that is the last time you are going to see those two nut jobs ever come out for any show even on Raw

Al: I have a good idea Monday when we start Raw why don't we start a new trend

Coach:Ok what do you want to do?

Al: I'll be a Viking and you can be a Pimp

Coach:Maybe we can

They go one to talk about the PPV again

Fade back in......



JR: Why don't you shut the hell up!......show some respect here

Coach:For who???

JR:We got a show to do....Al Snow and the sheriff of Rock Ridge up there

King:Just cut their mikes off.....are they gone?.....thank goodness

Maven then goes on to beat Boo/Flower

Now it is dark