This is your Stevie Night Heat Report for 9/8/03........Webmaster Wayne-O!#$^&* reporting

It's a Snow Job this week as Boo and Flower are no where here is what went down without them

First match was Val d. Slater Vein.....they this Slater dude was pretty cool for a jobber......this was a 5 star match

We then find La Resistance and Rob Conway talking smack about the Dudley Boyz

Back to Raw we went and the work with Coach/King and Al....

Second match was Rob Conway d. Spike.....Rob used this real cool Cork Screw move .......this was a 7 star match......

Oh my God Kane is still alive after being set on fire in the dumpster only to come after Shane again and tries to jump start Shane's Gonads......Holy Cow a Steel Cage match set for Raw against RVD and Kane

Boot of the week was the womans match on Raw

Dreamer d. Jimmy Yang which was in my opinion was the match of the night......easy a 10 star match

Back we went again to Raw and the main event building up HHH and Goldburg

Slam of the week was the return of Mark Henry

Main Event was Rodney Mack/Mark Henry d. G-Unit/Jindrick