Excerpts from Halloween Hijinx

"After some of the really unnecessary criticism against 'Christmas Chaos!', I went out of my way to make sure this book was not controversial," Foley said. "I think it's going to be wonderful. You can never know what sales are going to be, but it's a very nice story with the trademark Foley dorky humor, standard Al Snow jokes and a good shot at Test."-Mick Foley

Al Excerpts from Mick Foley's Childers Book Halloween Hijinx

There are two Excerpts about Al in the book

"Those words from Lou were awful true,there was nothing left to know.For besides his love of candy and making fun of poor Al Snow."

"A leather vest and Stone Cold wig were handed next to Where;Sadly,Lars then realized the wolf couldn't trade his hair.For a moment,Halloween seemed doomed,but Lars smiled and yelled,I'll try acting really dumb so I'll look just like Al Snow."