Al's Hobbies

Al's Hobbies and Such


Cowboy Ah Dick himself, Al Snow! Cowboy Ah Dick, or to say it properly, Cowboy Ah Deek, (you have to say it in a Pampero Firpo voice) is Al's nickname for himself. I was his sidekick, Tumbelweed Tom. If you ever see him yell,"Cowboy Ah Deek, how do you do?", and he'll answer, "I am eh fine!".-credit:Machine Gun Mike Kelly

FAVORITE MUSIC/VIDEO GAMES:Al is known to dance to the Oldies,he also carrie Video Games with him while on the road


Al prefers the Red Roof Inn while on the road

FAVORITE PERSON TO SHARE A ROOM WITH:On the road Al used to get pulled in two directions by Mick and the Meanie, but for very different reasons. The Meanie claims that after being trained by the chief of the J.O.B Squad and living with him for a year, he's most comfortable rooming with him. On the other hand, Mick says he and Al have a running competition to see who can play the better jokes on the other guy.

"It's a long-running practice and I'm way ahead on points. Once I'm out of the hotel room, I try to pretend I don't even know Al"


What does everybody want?! Try the Grand Slam Breakfast. The official restaurant of the J.O.B. Squad leader is...Denny's!

Blue Meanie:"Al and I are thinking of getting our own shirts that read 'Denny's World Tour '99,"

FAVORITE WAYS TO PASS THE TIME:Al is big time into Hockey and is often seen at Hockey games such as the Red Wings,the Cleveland Lumberjacks,Dayton Bombers,and the Cincinnati Mighty Ducks,Al's Hobby is Hockey Sweaters which he tries to find one of each town the WWF visits,Al has over 136 Hockey Sweaters,Edge has the same hobby and is right behind Al in the amount of Sweaters they have

Perhaps the most well-known connoisseur of free merchandise is Al Snow. Not only does Al often wear (free) Federation merchandise, but his collection of hockey jerseys has been well documented. He has to pay for some of them, but most he gets for free. Al also enjoys wearing law-enforcement shirts --

FBI and police departments -- and someone once gave him an actual New York City Police badge. During an interview with, Al wears a Submarine Base Bangor hat. He was given the hat last September when he toured the Naval facility in Washington State and re-enlisted a soldier there. Al said memories like that are part of the reason that he enjoys getting merchandise.

"Our favorite motto is, 'If it's free, it's me,'" says Snow. "Even if we don't like the T-shirt, if it's free we'll take it. We may never wear it, but damn it, we got a free shirt! And that's all that matters, that free shirt."

Al is also a big comic book reader. Al says he's picked up the habit over the last few years of reading the classics as well...

Al: "but I always go back to comic books."

Other times Al just sits and stares....

Al: "I'm a big people watcher," he said. "I'm fascinated by watching human behavior. It's almost like going to the monkey cage at the zoo.


When home Al hangs out with his family and has been seen by those living in Lima at the local Dairy Queen,and Toys R Us, the local park,and helping out the Salvation Army,Al has been seen many a times running down the street after his Grayhounds,and at one time was known to have a Snake

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