Imposter Al


"The mother of a young WWF fan recently wrote to alert us about someone who was corresponding via email with her daughter, purporting to be Triple H and asking her to meet him for pizza before one of our live events.

We quickly thanked the mother for alerting us and asked her to have her daughter immediately stop corresponding with this person.

We told her that this was definitely not Triple H and that our Superstars do not correspond with fans in this manner.

Any parent -- or any fan, for that matter -- receiving suspicious email or other correspondence from anyone claiming to be one of our Superstars is asked to immediately notify us so that we can take the proper steps to stop it and alert the authorities.

In this case, the person claiming to be Triple H used the Web name of "banghbk69." We have asked local authorities to pursue the matter. "

World Wrestling Federation Cautions Fans on Superstar Imposters

In the weeks following our Web publication of a story about a young girl who had been contacted via email by someone claiming to be WWFE Superstar Triple H, we have received a number of similar complaints about other Superstar imposters, both online and making public appearances.

In addition to the Triple H imposter, we have been made aware of people emailing fans using screen names identifying themselves as Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon, Chris Jericho, Tori, Chyna, and many others. Some have gone so far as to suggest a meeting with an individual fan who responds to the email. The danger here is obvious.

One imposter has actually made appearances in the Cleveland area as Al Snow.

As a matter of policy, our Superstars do not correspond with fans by email or in chat rooms in this manner. Anyone who is contacted in this manner or who is aware of such contact is asked to ignore the writer and contact us immediately at the email address below. We will turn the information over to the proper authorities for review and follow-up. We cannot overemphasize the need to ignore such unsolicited and potentially dangerous email.

Appearances by our Superstars can only be arranged through the Talent Relations department for WWFE. Superstars do not directly make arrangements with third parties for personal appearances. If you do not book a Superstar through WWFE, you likely are being approached by an imposter. This also goes for third parties who offer to provide WWFE talent for fundraising events. These arrangements can be made only through WWFE.

Our thanks to all our fans who have taken the time to write and alert us about this disturbing matter.

Your comments, including new information on possible WWFE impersonators, should be forwarded to