Al Indie work 2006

1PW Know Your Enemy 5/26/06

Al and Meanie cut a promo on the vid screen beforehand with Al making fun of the fact that Meanie has had a lung removed (?).

They carried this into the match, with Tracey Smothers offering up to ten pounds for Al to turn on Meanie because Meanie was "lungless" and therefore not in any shape to wrestle. Crowd chanted "Take the money", so Al did.

Meanie and Al then went to have a singles match but ended up working together to attack Smothers and Hamrick.

Mid-match, they decided to have a dance contest. Tracey went first, then Al, then Hamrick (who faked like he was going to dance but then just flipped the crowd the bird) and finally Meanie.

Meanie got pinned for the finish but I can't remember how, probably some kind of shenanigans.

Afterwards Meanie sold like he'd had a heart attack and then Al grabbed Head and posed in the ring, bowing down to the fans and doing the whole "we're not worthy" thing. Kinda looked like a goodbye, but I could be wrong.-Jimmylazers-F4W Forum

Southern Comfort def Blue Meanie and Al Snow - Again, both teams got decent pops when coming out, Tracy cut one of his brilliant promos, warning everyone that if we chanted Tracy Sucks, everyone would die. This match must have gone well over 30 minutes long, very little wrestling in the match but lots of comedy including Smothers offering Snow £10 to turn on Meanie (crowd were chanting, take the money), 2 dance-off's and lots and lots of crowd insults.

-Htfcacc2005 F4W Forum

1PW 5/27/06

Al and The Blue Meanie Def. Generation Next (Austin Aries and Roderick Strong) and the current NOAH Tag Champs Mohammed Yone and Takeshi Morishima.

Morishima was eliminated first by a roll-up from a blind tag by Austin Aries, thus knocking out the champs.

Al eventually picked up the win with a SnowPlow to Aries.

Good match, Al was good, and Gen Next and Yone/Morishima were excellent.

-Core-Chrisjericho Forum

The two tag-title semi-finals were hilarious, AJ Styles CANNOT dance, but surprisingly Christopher Daniels is pretty good. Daniels does a brilliant Tracy Smothers impression.

The triple threat tag match was fairly poor, the crowd were dead from the previous two matches unless Al was in the ring. Some nice comedy spots again, particularly with Meanie and Yone but having 3 comedy matches in a row was a bit much. Aries and Strong didn't need to be in this match at Forum

1PW Friday Jan 6 2006

Not prepared to see their comrade take any further punishment Southern Comfort once again interjected themselves into the battle.

This resulted in Job Squad members Al Snow and The Blue Meanie rushing to the aid of Tanaka and clearing the ring of Corino and Southern Comfort.

  Southern Comfort vs The Job Squad

Disappointed by the finish of the Corino/Tanaka match being marred with outside interference 1PW fans demanded that all six men engage in a six-man tag team match. After some strong words from both teams this suggestion was agreed to and the match was on.

As the contest started it was only a matter of moments before the hated rivals Tracey Smothers and The Blue Meanie were squaring off with one another.

Still fuming from losing the dance off with The Meanie and "A Cruel Twist of Fate" Smothers challenged The Meanie's team to a dance off then and there. With both teams strutting their moves with some truly bizarre dance steps, which included the surreal site of a dancing Tanaka, fans nominated that the team of Tanaka, Snow and Meanie were the victors. Enraged by this news Corino and Southern Comfort jumped their opponents.

  The contest developed into a tag team match up as originally scheduled when Tanaka chased a cowardly Corino out of the building, leaving Southern Comfort and The Job Squad to wage war in the ring. Snow and Meanie had clearly developed their skills as a tag team and took it on themselves to execute a number of famous double team finishing manoeuvres including "The Hart Attack", the "3D" and the "Doomsday Device" to Southern Comfort. Al Snow then executed the Snow Plow, although the subsequent pinfall attempt was broken up.

Snow then attempted a moonsault on Chris Hamrick, a manoeuvre which unfortunately for the Snowman was missed. Frustrated that victory had not yet been obtained Snow introduced Head to the match, much to the delight of 1PW fans. Smothers however, countered this by using a chain to strike Al in the head, which went undetected by the referee. Southern Comfort were then able to score the win over an unconscious Snow.

 Distraught at the fact he had been robbed of another 1PW victory by Smothers. The Blue Meanie challenged Southern Comfort to a match the following night at No Turning back where the losing team would be forced to bear the humiliation of wearing dresses. Smothers accepted this stipulation on behalf of his team and vowed to defeat The Meanie for the third consecutive time. Still reeling from the chain shot The Blue Meanie then revived Al Snow using a bottle of ice-cold water.

Saturday Fan Slam

- Al Snow "revealing" that the European champion gimmick came "during a special phone call with Vince, while he was doing Linda" and that he "loved carrying as much crap as possible without the aid of a wagon"

- Samoa Joe described his warm-up routine for matches. It was the "Al Snow" routine, of going to a school yard, kicking small children for several hours, then mugging old ladies. Yes, this Q&A was not politically correct.

- Al Snow again: he was asked if he enjoyed being the butt of jokes in Mick Foley's books. Al said that he didn't mind, because without the Al Snow jokes, "Mick's books would have been like Mick's penis: a short story"

Saturday Night Match

Next up was the regular comedy match between the JOB Squad (Al Snow/Blue Meanie) and Southern Comfort (Tracy Smothers/Chris Hamrick).

The pre-match stipulation said that the losers would have to wear a dress - and when the referee wasn't holding up a tent, you got the idea that the Blue Meanie's team wasn't going to be in drag.

Losing team wears a Dress Southern Comfort vs The JOB Squad

No sooner had Southern Comfort entered the ring before Snow and The Meanie hurtled down the aisle to jump both men from behind. Still enraged by the previous 1PW matches that the team had cost them Snow and Meanie were consumed with the desire for revenge by humiliating their opponents by forcing them to wear dresses as was the stipulation for the losing team.

Having perfected their double team combinations Snow and The Meanie hit Southern Comfort with a plethora of moves which sent Southern Comfort reeling.

Desperate to shift the tide Smothers made the mistake of attempting a bodyslam on Meanie. Unable to lift his much heavier foe Meanie reversed the move and delivered a fierce bodyslam of his own to Smothers.

Realising that The Job Squad had the momentum Southern Comfort employed their trademark cheap tactics to save themselves from an early defeat. Using classic tag team wrestling strategy they were able to position Al Snow in their half of the ring, baiting The Meanie into the ring to assist his partner in order to distract the referee to illegally double teamed Snow.

These tactics continued, however, Snow was able to roll up Smothers for a pinfall, which may have been registered had Hamrick not distracted the referee. As the illegal double teaming continued Snow saw a brief hope of tagging out of the match when Hamrick missed a bronco buster in the corner. Southern Comfort managed to keep Snow in the ring though, preventing the fresh man from entering the fray.

Snow eventually made the much anticipated tag to his partner and Meanie entered the ring unloading with rights and lefts on both Hamrick and Smothers. The Job Squad had seemingly found their way back into the contest when a double sleeper was applied to Southern Comfort. This move was reversed but Snow and Meanie were able to escape executing jaw jackers on their opponents.

Frustrated with the direction of the contest Al Snow sort assistance from Head using the mannequin to nail both Hamrick and Smothers. This gave the job squad the chance they were looking for and after hitting a sit down DDT double team combination on Hamrick the Squad took the victory.

As per the stipulation Hamrick and Smothers were forced to wear dresses immediately after the contest. Visibly humiliated the team vowed never again to return to Doncaster or 1PW much to the delight of the 1,700 1PW fans in attendance.

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