Al's Indy Work 2003

Al's Indy Work 2003

In the Summer of 2003 Al signed an Announcer's contract with the WWE....this left Al free to take Indy Bookings....and who better to start with than Tough Enough Three loser and WWA Champion Jonah......

In July of 2003 Al works a Tag match with is a fan report from that show

Fan Report Pepperell Ma, June 28, 2003 WWA show

Erika was at the Pepperell, MA WWA Show on June 28th, and she reports:

I didnt get to see Al Snow before the show because I didnt show up early enough. But I did see and kinda talk to him at the intermission. He had to take pics in the ring with the fans, but I was sittin right behind where he was, so I kept yellin his name and sayin Hi and all that.

I made a collage of him and he signed it. When he reached over to grab it he smiled and was like where'd ya get this?, and I was like I made it!  And he said wow, thats really cool! He asked for my name and he wrote "To Erika. Al Snow".

Also during the intermission the ring announcer (i dont know his name) was singing and trying to promote his CD, he couldnt sing if his life depended on it. Al did take notice and he was danceing and  mimicking him. It was wicked funny.

Al Snow and Tough Enough 3 contestant Jonah Adelman had a main event match. They had a tag team match against the Pheonix Brothers. Al and Jonah came out last. The crowd LOVED them. T he match didnt start until like 3 minutes after they came out because Al and Jonah kept running around the ring and smacking and pinchin eachother it was pretty funny, you could tell they wanted to have a great time. Al fought first, against the taller brother. At one point Al like stopped fighting and Jonah gave him a massage. It was so funny!!

I really dont remember the match too well because I was so excited, so I'm sorry for the lack of detail in the match.

But Al did pin one of his oponents a few times, but they got a shoulder up, so it didnt count. When Jonah was in the ring hurt and on the mat along with his oponent, Al was on the outside beatin the other brother. He excused himself to the people in the front row because he smashed the guys head against the fence... twice! Oh man did that look painful! Another funny part was when the tall guy from the other team was like breaking his partner's arm. But he didnt know it was him... and Jonah and Al were like hh mm does he know what he's doin?! So they got outta the ring and walked to the other side to see if the guy would notice his only two opponents outside the ring. And oh let me tell ya, the guy didn't get it and he still went on breaking his partner's arm. But then he finally got it and noticed his partner was dying and he stopped.

Al was somewhat of a joker during the match. When Jonah first went into the ring to fight, Al was obviously at his corner and me and my friend yelled out "YO AL!" And he looked over and smiled so we could take a picture. That was wicked cool, everyone in the front row laughed and took the oppertunity to take the picture. It was a funny smile, one of those show your teeth smiles, like the AIM smiley face :D

Jonah and Al worked together and did a double clothesline a few times, and after that they were punching the guys in different corners, I think Al did 8 or 9 punches. Jonah got the winning pin, and the crowd went wild. Even though Jonah got the pin, everyone was still cheering, "HEAD!". Jonah was in the ring holding up his belt, while Al Snow was on the outside working his way into the ring. He had a wierd look on his face, and no one knew what it meant.

But then he got over whatever it was that he was thinking because he started cheering and celebrating just like Jonah was. BUT... that went on for about 15 seconds and the next thing I saw was Al Snow beating up Jonah! WHATS UP WIT DAT?!!

He did a series of moves that looked ever so painful. He did it like three times, the crowd was like DO ONE MORE! So he did. I dunno what the move is called, but I think it looked like one of those that you end up landing on your head.

So after Jonah's beating, Al Snow left the ring and went away, and I think Jonah did too. But then Al came back out from behind the curtain and beat Jonah some more, I think he did that move again, but I'm not sure because I got up to leave to downstairs where the wrestler s were.

But on my way out, I heard everyone cheering and I saw Jonah and  Al Snow in the ring. It really did end there.

Editors note:So what went down was that Al turned on Jonah which set up a Match for the WWA Championship on July 26th 2003

The WWA website had ths to say:"Many fans were shocked when Al Snow turned on his protegee, WWA Champion Jonah, at the last show. Many have been impressed with Jonah's almost meteoric rise to the top in such a short time...could Snow be jealous of his student? Or is there more of a story to this than meets the eye? And how did a match for the title get signed so quickly?"

Al defeated Jonah for the WWA Title by pinfall, which was preceded by a blow to the head from Al with a set of brass knuckles.

Train with Al

To note also at this show and at the JAP show to come later wrestlers had a chance to get a little training from Al.......the WWA site had this to say about the event

An exciting opportunity to further your training under the direction of Tom Prichard.

An intense, six-hour session on Saturday, July 26th in Worcester, MA Please note the new date!

The World Wrestling Alliance has made special and exclusive arrangements with WWE Talent Coordinator, Tom Prichard to offer established workers an opportunity to raise the bar on their training level.

The Next Level will be an intensive, one-session, six-hour training camp involving skills for experienced workers.

This very special high-level training program is only being offered to established professionals and is limited in size to afford you the greatest opportunity for instruction with Dr. Tom Prichard and special guest instructor Al Snow.

Fans from WWA had this to say on their message board:

Date Posted: 07:57:47 06/13/03 Fri

Author: Loco

Subject: Al Snow in WWA!

Hey I think it's sooooooooooooooo good Als coming to WWA and I had heard rumors that he was gonna be at the last show that Sgt. Slaughter was at but he wasn't but that's okay although I would have loved for a show to be around my area because I don't think I'm gonna be able to attend either of the shows but I think it's great Als coming. Guess that just proves some of the rumors I heare are true! I said more of Jonahs friends would come and I said that a HUGE superstar would come. So hope now you guys begin to pay attention more to the columns because Loco does anything in his powers to get info for the fans!

Date Posted: 11:48:20 07/10/03 Thu

Author: The Amazing Andy

Subject: Al Snow vs. Jonah

Hello, I just would like to say a few things here on the WWA message board. First off, you guys are in fact one of the best indies feds out there. Not only to have connections with both the WWE, but also bringing in superstar wrestlers from the past. I'd really like to see Al Snow become the WWA World Champion. Just to have a guy under the WWE RAW roster, also holding the WWA title? That would be something, sure you have to build up your new stars and all but that would be something to see Al and have him continue to come back on more shows.


Al to work JAP

JAP website had this to say about Al's upcoming match with them




WWE Superstar Al Snow w/Head will make his Jersey All Pro Wrestling debut on Saturday night August 2, 2003 at the Center Circle in Rahway, NJ. That night Al Snow will take on the current Jersey All Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Mafia. Al Snow will also return to Jersey All Pro Wrestling when we return to the Center Circle in Rahway, NJ on September 27, 2003. Will Al Snow return to Jersey All Pro Wrestling as the new Heavyweight Champion on August 2nd or will Mafia prove to the wrestling world that he is tough enough to melt snow?

Jersey All Pro Wrestling is pleased and honored to announce that WWE Superstar Al Snow, head trainer for WWE's Tough Enough and considered one of the best teachers in professional wrestling, will hold a special clinic on August 2, 2003 in Rahway, New Jersey from 1pm to 5pm.

This will be an opportunity for current wrestlers and wrestling students to learn at the hands of the man who helped to mold Dan Severn, Maven, D'Lo Brown, Japanese star Bionic J, The Blue Meanie, and others into the stars they are today.

The clinic will be held at The Center Circle at 1255 Main Street in Rahway, New Jersey on August 2, 2003 from 1pm to 5pm.

The cost for the clinic is $100, and is open to all current wrestlers and wrestling students (sorry, fans are not allowed to attend).

This clinic will also be a great chance for talent to be scouted by Jersey All Pro Wrestling for consideration for future events with the company.

Later that evening, Jersey All Pro will present "Counterstrike" at 7:30pm. This will be a TV taping. Front row ringside tickets are already sold out! Reserved seats in the second and third row are available now for $15.

General Admission tickets are also available for $15.00. Free transportation will be available for fans from Manhattan, NY & Bayonne, NJ. Main Event

JAPW Heavyweight Title Match Mafia (Champion) vs. Al Snow JAPW No DQ Tag Team Title Match

Jersey All Pro Wrestling

"Mafia is going to have the most important and biggest match of his career so far. Mafia will take on WWE Superstar Al Snow. Is Mafia as good as everyone is claiming he is? This match alone can help Mafia prove to the world that he can go toe to toe with anyone or Mafia can crash and burn back down to the bottom. The pressure of being in the ring with a WWE Superstar like Al Snow has to be taking effect on Maff or is it?

JAP Counterstrike 8/2/03

Mike Zevon Reorting for JAP

Danny Maff –vs.- Al Snow – JAP World Heavyweight Championship

Maff comes out with La Familia.

HUGE pop for Al Snow. He really is an awesome man and it was great to see him getting the respect of the Indy fans.

Match was really good as was expected. Snow calls E.C. Negro – X-Pac and calls K.C. Blade – The Haiti Kid causing the DRS to go nuts.

Back to the match – Maff looks like an animal out there. Showing no remorse or respect to this veteran and the DRS can be included in that too.

Hanson finally gets fed up and forces the DRS to leave the ringside area.

Maff and Snow take it out of the ring and into the fans area and the place went nuts.

Everyone was chasing after them to see them beat each other up. The DRS run back out one at a time and Blade has the referee distracted giving Negro just enough time to hit Al Snow with a chair as Maff holds him.


Chair shot but Al Snow moves and Danny Maff goes down.

One BIG Snow Plow later and we have a NEW Jersey All Pro Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion – AL SNOW

Click to hear what the JPW hotline had to say

Al Works for USA Pro Wrestling

USA Pro Wrestling had this to say about their show with Al:

"USA Pro welcomes Al Snow to USA Pro Meltdown!! is proud to announce that Al Snow will be in the house on Friday Night, August 29 at USA Pro Meltdown! in Queens, NY. In his return to the Elk's Lodge, this WWE Superstar will be taking on Justin Credible. Wrapping up USA Pro Summer 2003 this is a can't-miss Live Event"

USA Pro Al and USA Pro Meltdown results 8/29/03

Al Snow d. Sandman as the card was changed

From what I have read Al and Sandman Both cut promos before the match..... Al being the heel reminded everyone ECW was dead and he had an important job with WWE.....which got instant heat.........ECW chants by the fans.... Al got the win after the Snowplow.

After the match Al snowplowed Ref Sean Hanson 3 times......

Seems Big from Tough Enough and Coach were at the show

This has been your Webmaster Wayne-O!#%^* reporting

Here is another report from the USA Pro Wrestling show which I kidnapped from the USA Pro message board.....these are the opinions of the writer"Cactus"

Coach and Big were both in attendance watching the show, drinking beers etc. Coach even got "We want Coach! We want Coach!" chants. There was even a "Darryl!Darryl!" chant that got a middle finger from the Snowman.

On entrance Al got a big pop and "Head" chants. Along with an eventual "EC-Dub!" and "Welcome back!" chant. Sandman was funny when he got on the mic and was like "Hey Al! Wasssupppp!!?"

He said his kids told him that they saw Al on MTV training people how to wrestle. "Well Al, we know you know how to wrestle, but do you remeber how to fight."

Al had come out with Head, and had her placed in the corner. He got on the mic and went on and on, and it was pissin' me off because I was hot, getting tired, and I wanted to watch wrestling not talking.

This match did not live up to expectations for me at all. In fact I thought it kind of sucked. No tables and barely and chairs or Kendo stick shots. Al DID NOT get hardcore, and even got "boring" chants during some mat holds. His response, "The more you chant, the less I'll do." His match with Mafia in JAPW was MUCH better.

Match ended when Al ducked a cane shot and nailed Sandman (or "Sandy" as he called him) with Head for the pin.

Afterwards Al exited, only to come running back to hit Referee Hanson with the "Snowplow." He then hit two more on Hanson. Sadly, USA Pro only had one referee so Hanson couldn't spend too much time selling it.

Al to Wrestle in Revolution Championship Wrestling has learned that at RCW: Absolution on 9/6/03 at the Flamingo (IV) Banquet Center, current WWE Raw Superstar and MTV Tough Enough trainer, Al Snow will be making a rare wrestling appearance. His opponent will be named at the August 31st RCW show, Nightmare At the Field of Dreams. RCW is very excited to welcome this respected mat veteran and current WWE Superstar into our locker room

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, September 2, 2003

Revolution Championship Wrestling (RCW) regrets to announce that Al Snow, who was scheduled to compete at RCW Absolution '03, will not appear at the event, which is scheduled to take place at 7 p.m. this Saturday, September 6, at the Flamingo Banquet Center in LaSalle, Illinois.

Snow, who is currently under contract to World Wrestling Entertainment and is a trainer on WWE's Tough Enough television series, is unable to make his scheduled appearance due to an unexpected development on 9/1/03 episode of WWE RAW. Snow was involved in a storyline in which he helped announcer Jonathan Coachman defeat Jerry "The King" Lawler in a wrestling match, and that led RAW co-general manager "Stone Cold" Steve Austin to book a match between Coachman and RAW announcer Jim Ross for the WWE Unforgiven pay-per-view on Sunday, September 21. Snow has since been asked by WWE to devote the coming weeks to training Coachman for the pay-per-view match, which has required him to cancel his RCW appearance.

Snow contacted RCW officials late tonight to inform them about his unexpected assignment and to express his apologies to RCW's dedicated fans for being unable to make his debut for the company this Saturday. RCW officials plan to reschedule Snow for a future appearance, but they are focusing all of their current efforts on booking a prominent replacement for Snow at Absolution '03. Snow however has agreed to make an appearance in RCW at a slightly later date.

RCW is an independent professionaly wrestling company, founded in 2002 in LaSalle, Illinois. The company presents more than a dozen wrestling events each year in the Illinois Valley region.

USA Pro Wrestling 9/26/03 Al d. Sabu.....this match was to be Al vs D-Lo Brown but was changed......unknown are some thoughts by those who went to the show

Crowd went nuts for Head. Snow poked him out from behind the curtain before coming out, which got a nice response. A very loud ECW chant broke out before the match even began. The crowd that had remained (about 500 or so) was really into this one. They eventually fought into the crowd, leading them to the RF video table, which they proceeded to crash into a couple of times, knocking all the tapes all over the floor. Sabu did his signature chair jumping moves, which led to more ECW chants. Al Snow finally won this one by hitting Sabu in the head with Head, leading to the pin. After the match, Raven, Mikey and Wayne (the USA pro flock) ran in and beat up Snow. They took turns attacking Head. Raven grabbed the mic and said that he will take on Al Snow at the next event, which is billed as the last Elks Lodge event. Sabu then cleared the ring to end the show.-Declaration of Independents Message Board-Manny A

Last nights Sabu vs Al Snow match was one of if not the best match I have ever witnessed live and in person! I stood for the whole amazing Balls vs Raven match and stood for this match as Sabu and Al Snow did stuff that if they had the chance to do this match on WWE tv they would be the biggest stars in the world today! Overall i witnessed the best two matches ever in Sonjay Dutt vs Reefer and Sabu vs Al Snow that I can remember on possibley the best show I have ever seen also.-USA Pro Wrestling Message Board-Mike C

Sabu and Al Snow took sh_t to another level last night and EVERY single match was worth the price of admission including the Lord of the Ring match with had a good ending with j Busta and Justin Cage with sucky Hustler winning. Reefer and Sonjay Dutt was incredible as was Deranged winning the X-treme title from Xavier and the Knightlife segmant in blackface was a work of genius. USA Pro4LIFE!-USA Pro Wrestling Message Board-Hardcore Black Sabboth

The Whole show was simply great and Sabu vs Al Snow should be match of the year!-USA Pro Wrestling Message Board-Barnabas Collins

Jersey All Pro Wrestling 9/27/03 thoughts and Opinions

JAPW champion Al Snow pinned Raven after hitting him with the Head. The promotion handed out a few Styrofoam heads to the crowd before Snow's entrance. Raven asked for a Raven's rules match, and it ended up being a Falls Count Anywhere bout. They went outside the guard rail for a brawl and then did a few pin attempts on the floor. OK, but nothing out of the ordinary.-Declaration of Independents Message Board-Mike Johnson

Al Snow vs Raven was neat cuz of their status. I would've never thought a few years ago i'd be in the front row watching these two battle it out. i felt bad for raven though, he actually seems like the depressed character he always played on tv and he clearly put on some weight.-JAPW Message Board-Sean

Jersey Championship Wrestling 9/28/03 Al vs Homicide

The announcers welcome JCW TV and 2003 J-Cup winner, Jay Lethal to the audience. Jay talks about winning the J-cup, what an honor it was, and beating Homicide in the finals. Lord McDougal says Homicide should've won. (I agree lol, Homicide kicked out at 2 damn it lol)Homicide then comes out, and tells Jay Lethal that he never won.

Homicide then slaps Jay Lethal. Out comes Al Snow, who must've been watching from the back, as he ran out immediately after the slap. Al Snow comes out, and Homicide bails. Al calls Homicide a wuss for slapping like a girl. He said he's gonna teach Homicide a lesson. Al calls out the commissioner.

Out walks Fred "The Elephant Boy." Al tells Fred to make the match between Homicide and Al.

Um... it was already announced a month ago, on every internet site, and on the fliers that JCW had Homicide/Al Snow booked. What was the point of Fred making the match? Also, if you're gonna use Howard Stern wackpackers, they are better off using Beetlejuice, as he's funnier than Fred. Anyway, Homicide and Al Snow leave the ring.

Al Snow w/Head d. Homicide

I was wondering why this match took place so early, but after figuring out that Al had to go to Raw for Monday, and had to catch a flight, it was obvious. This match looked like both men were burnt out, after both wrestled in USA Pro on Friday and in JAP on Saturday.

Both had big matches as Al wrestled Sabu and Raven, and Homicide wrestled CM Punk and Terry Funk. Even so, these guys wrestled a great submission style matchup, even though I guess I was expecting more.

Al didn't seem as charged up as he was in his other matches, maybe he was burnt out. Al Snow got the win after hitting Homicide with Head. Just a weird unexpected finish.

Sean "The MiC" McCaffrey for

JCW SHOW 9/28/03

The entire event was filled with action last Sunday afternoon as it was my first time at a JCW show. I enjoyed watching the Striker vs Ace Darling match as it was filled with action. Their was even a "white boy challenge" chant that I started for a gauntlet match that was great. Also enjoyed the Slyk Wagner Brown and April Hunter tagteam match that took place as well as the Christopher Street Connection causing having in the ring with their "gay tactics". That was great!

The match of the night had to be Al Snow vs Homicide. Al came out with head to a huge ovation from the crowd. Great technical and funny moments in this match. Al ended the match with hitting homicide over the head with head!!

Make sure to catch JCW next time they are in the area! Great action packed show for a good price. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?


Jeffz Pix World

Everett Wrestling Halloween Havoc show 10/4/03-Steve Albert reporting

Slow start, Gangrel and Luna out first to a mixed reaction. Scott Dickenson your ref.

Snow out with carrying Head over his head, fan chants of 'you never should have left ECW.'

Head placed under turnbuckle and the bell rings.

Al bounced up and down to the "Al Snow" chants.

Both men take turns climbing the turn buckles looking for cheap crowd approval, Snow finds it. Gangrel tells the fans to shut up after not finding it and leaves the ring for more up-close taunting.

Three and a half minutes into the match and we have our first contact, collar and elbow tie-up, doe-see-doe (sp?) along the ropes, that goes nowhere.

Another CAETU, Gangrel into the ropes, mid-ring shoulder bumping shoulder sends Gangrel down and out to regroup. After about a minute he's back in and we get another rope-to-rope bouncy bouncy into a hiptoss.

A little bit of back and forth and 8 minutes into the match Snow points to the Casket.

They end up outside where Al goes after Luna, chasey chasey clothesline boom Gangrel on the offensive, back into the ring.

Gangrel continues by kicking Al when he's down, Al's head into the turnbuckle, irish whip, Al's back into the corner and we're going into the bleachers after a quick detour at the commentator's table. Ring barricades are down.

Top of the bleachers, punch punch. It's a good 12 feet up and half the audience runs to the back of the bleachers for a better view.

Walk back down the bleachers, crew still working on getting the barricades back up.

Luna distracts the ref, Gangrel has Snow's head under the ring, (no blood seen).

Gangrel puts Snow in the casket but can't shut the lid, Snow regains the offensive, Gangrel throws Snow back intot the ring and Gangrel's in the corner to receive ten punches.

Center of the ring for lock up and head butts, Snowblow at 12 ½ minutes in. Roll in to casket, Luna on Snow's back, Head shot to her, Head shot to Gangrel who falls back into the casket. Nut shot with Head, lid closed, match over. Aprrox 14:30

Pictures By Steve

Everett Wrestling Halloween Havoc 10/4/03 second report

The second to last match was a lumberjack match where they had to rush the finish because the show started late. Towards the end of it Al came out in a mask with a supersoaker to let them know it was time to wrap things up.This was a lumberjack match which seen neither man leave the ring.

Main event Al beat Gangrel with Luna in a casket match

National Championship Wrestling 11/1/03

MAIN EVENT:Al Snow d.Romeo Valentino. Snow gave Valentino Head. He pinned him with the snowplow.

Got my pictures with BET, Deeds,Adam,Flash, and Al Snow. Fun stuff, although poor Al didn't seem like he wanted to be there.-Chris-The Brutality Zone Message Board

Valentino vs Snow Both worked real hard in this one-Snow certainly seemed like he wanted to give everybody there money's worth.And we all got HEAD, so it was great.

Notes- Someone else mentioned that Al seemed like he didn't want to be there.I totally disagree. He was very personable,signed autographs,took pictures,joked with me and my friends and even did the OOMM BOP dance with Lovebug and Marshal.Real nice guy-Rich-The Brutality Zone Message Board

Jersey All Pro Wrestling 11/8/03

Jerry Lawler pinned Al to win the JAPW championship in 20:20 in a match featuring Mick Foley as the special referee.

Al, was had always worked as a face in JAPW, worked heel with Jonathan Coachman as his manager.

Foley came out to easily the biggest reaction of anyone on the show in his typical sweats and red and black flannel shirt and said he was going to call it down the middle.

He told Al to "give me a reason" and told Coachman he didn't need a reason to "knock your d-ck in the dirt."

Al and Lawler pulled out every WWE finisher you could think of, from the Pedigree to the People's Elbow to the stone cold stunner.

Foley and Lawler double clotheslined Al out of the ring after the pin. Coachman attacked them and was knocked to the mat.


Jersey All Pro Wrestling-11/8/03

Jerry The King Lawler pinnned Al to win the JAPW championship in about 20 minutes........ with Mick Foley as the special referee.

Mick came out to the biggest pop of the night his typical sweats and red and black flannel shirt.

In a funny series of spots, Al used nearly every WWE finisher you could think of, including HHH's Pedigree, Rock's "People's Elbow", and the stone cold stunner.

Mick and The King double clotheslined Al out of the ring after the pin........ Coach attacked them and was knocked to the mat......

USA Pro Wrestling 11/30/03

Raven w/ The Flock defeated Al Snow w/ HEAD to retain the USA Pro Wrestling Championship in a 45 minute classic!

Al Snow vs. Raven in my opinion is a close second, it was a long match but the end made it worthwhile. I just Hope Raven is okay after the match Bam Bam tossed a piece of that table that was ringside into the ring and it hit Raven dead on, he looked to be having a hard time getting up and walking on his own. Bam Bam seemed to be a bit "gone" the entire night. Hopefully Raven will be good to go for this weeks TNA show.-Scotty Styles USA Pro Wrestling Message board

For the USA Pro Heavyweight Championship

Raven d. Al Snow

This match was 45 minutes long. I'll let you decide if that is good or bad. I was pretty wiped out, but I was expecting a 13 hour show, so I guess a 5 hour + show wasn't that bad. More on that at the end. The flock kept interfering, which seems to be a trend in these main event matches. Both wrestlers kicked out of each others finishers. Raven eventually got the pin, to retain his championship.Sean"The Mic"McCaffrey-Declaration of Independents

The main event saw Raven w/ the Flock defeating Al Snow to retain the USA Pro belt. This one went 45 minutes and had some good stuff. I was so tired at this point, I actually wanted it to end.

People were booing after every kick out but I don't think it was for the reason they intended. But both guys looked good. I wish I could see a tape of it some time when I haven't sat through 5 hours beforehand. Oops, did I say sit? I mean stand. After the match, Raven got beat down by the Triple Threat. Douglas grabbed the mic and went off yet again.

The show ended with an NOW type garbage throwing melee into the ring at the Tripe Threat guys and Raven, who had to lay there while stuff was flying in there like crazy. That it, show's over.-MA Viper-Declaration of Independents

Main Event: WWE Superstar Al Snow defeated Irresistible Jason Styles, managed by the bumbling Sheik Hassan, via "Head over the head" pinfall.

An incredibly entertaining match from beginning to end, that featured referee Ronnie Washington body slamming Jason Styles, Al Snow acting as an impromptu ref, and counting 1-2-3 on Styles, with Washington covering, BOTH wrestlers ganging up on the annoying Sheik, to the crowd's delight, and several other hilarious bits.

At one point, the charismatic Jason Styles looked to be beside himself with frustration after being slammed by a referee, pummeled by Al Snow, and elbow dropped by his own manager! The crowd was behind Al Snow 100%, and hated Styles 100% Both Styles and Snow did agree that they hated the Sheik even more than each other!

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